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  1. On the mighty canadian minebuster this year, I caught a hat, I was in the second row at the time so it was obviously someone in the first row. Turns he was also from Ottawa (My Hometown) and that it was his birthday...weird
  2. Pleasant -Maverick at CP : Nobody told me that it was such a nice coaster with insane airtime and intensity -Phoenix at Knoebels : When I first saw it, it lookes like another coaster, turned out to be my favourite woodie! (Need to ride El Toro though) -Anaconda at KD : Really good considering I absolutely hate arrow megaloopers Unpleasant -Dominator at KD : OW! Really rough for a B&M Coaster -Loch Ness Monster : Heard it was the best arrow, found it boring and fairly painful
  3. Wicked was designed by an employee but was built by Zierer Will this be the same or will they lagoon engineers actually install the coaster too?
  4. Haven't been on anything too far south so here it goes 10. Twister (Knoebels) 9. Behemoth 8.Top Thrill Dragster 7. Leviathan 6. Phoenix 5. Alpengeist 4. Maverick 3. Millenium Force 2. Apollo's Chariot 1. I-305
  5. For steel coasters, i'm fine with going on an SLC...i'll even ride it 2-3 times a day depending on the coaster lineup. Maybe 5'4" is the perfect height for SLC's? Boomerang's - Fun ride and I don't mind a little shake. CW's is better than LR's and DL's For wooden ones, its just rough coasters that I seemed to like for some reason Mean Streak - Bad Ass Layout and drops (please don't ban me) and only a little shake after the re tracking Predator - Not bad, ok airtime and even less shake than mean streak Mighty Canadian Minebuster - Very very underrated ride, like Hurler and Magnum XL-200
  6. It can't be THAT horrible right? If i'm desperate im sure I can just go to guest services and everything will be regulated. The PR's or managers have to be sophisticated enough to understand the problem. Thanks guys! This help is much appreciated!!
  7. Getting into the park shouldn't be the big problem, its more the parking and all the gold pass benefits. In the picture, it looks like a regular season pass, not a gold one. Obviously I would want to have the gold benefits to get the early entry to get some credits without waiting and parking which would be 20$ a day for 4 days which isin't horrible, but easily avoidable.
  8. So I read the fine print, and everything's (!!!) french! I can't believe it, im sure its the same thing as every american season pass but just in french, its the "code de conduite" which translated word by word means code of conduct...im not sure if that means anything in english but it's just the season pass rules
  9. Hey guys, 3 quick questions/concerns about a LaRonde Gold Season Pass, here's a picture : 1) Does this look like the gold season pass at the american parks? LaRonde seems to lack of details on their website/facebook/twitter but on the facebook page of the american parks they show a gold season pass that actually has the gold colour unlike mine which is red. Also, it says "or" which is gold in french but i'm worried about that because many park employees in the american parks (SFA, SFGAdv and SFNE are on my 2013 schedule) might not understand that. 2) How does the parking work with a gold season pass? At LaRonde, with the 4 season passes you get 1 season parking pass like SFGAdv, for the american parks will we need to show both the parking and the season pass? I don't mind if we have to bring both, I just hope that because we got the season parking pass we can still use it at other parks. 3) Do the gold season pass benefits (Early Entry, ERT, Discounts) work at all six flags parks and is there a season pass benefit schedule somewhere? Thanks in advance for a reply!
  10. Pretty sure it was Behemoth in 2008, back when I didn't know much about roller coasters. It wasn't even my favorite at the time, I preferred Ride Of Steel at DL
  11. 8 (La Ronde) 1 (Leviathan) 13 (KD) 6 (BGW) 2 (Knoebels) 1 (Dorney) 30 new credits for 2012, pretty good considering I only have about 105 credits so far...
  12. So would it be worth going to Indiana Beach? It's either that or Holiday World but HW's just annoying because i could go from SFGA to Kings Island And stop at Indiana Beach for a Credit Run (Without speeding ) I've already spent 2 days at Cedar Point, I won't be "credit running" i'll just go on the best 2-3 times each.
  13. Thanks guys! Holiday World seems like the place to go for wood coasters instead of Mt. Olympus... Anyways, here's my order : Day 1 : 11hrs to Michigan's Adventure Day 2 : Michigan's Adventure the 4hrs to SFGAm Day 3 : SFGAm then 3hrs to Indiana Beach (Not entering the park yet) Day 4 : Indiana Beach, 3hrs to Holiday World, 3hrs to Kings Island Day 5 : Kings Island, 4hrs to Cedar Point Day 6 : Cedar Point (Fast Lane) Day 7 : 10hrs with Waldameer Stop Pretty tight schedule but I'm glad I can do this in a week. If you think something's wrong, tell me! Help help's.
  14. Hey guys, I'm planning a Midwest trip to get to all the major parks and a couple smaller parks. Don't say anything more west then about Chicago (That means no SDC, SFSTL, WoF and Valleyfair). Here are the parks im considering... Cedar Point Michigan's Adventure Mt. Olympus SFGAm Kings Island Waldameer (On The Way or From Cedar Point) Can I please get a proper order of parks? I live in Ottawa, Canada and have friends in Toronto if I should split up a drive a stop at Canada's Wonderland (Although nothing will be new, I go annually) Thanks A Lot Guys! CanadaCoasterKid
  15. Hopefully this can turn around 4-D theatres!! Kings Dominion's looks terrible and has the pay-per-view dinosaurs Same for Canada's Wonderland La Ronde...? I walked around it last weekend and the building was there but there were gates around it...? Too bad that the old pickle chase is gone, I've seen it in 4 languages! (English, French, German, Italian )
  16. Im gonna split my list into 2 parts : Short-term Goals and Long-Term Goals because all of the coasters in my short-term should be checked off before 2016 but the long term goals will take a while, anyways here's the list : Short Term Kingda Ka/Nitro Bizarro (SFNE) Gatekeeper Any B&M Flyer Voyage Long Term Goliath (And all of SFMM) Expedition GeForce Steel Dragon (Only for the credit ) Nemesis & Katun (IMO Alpie takes best invert for me)
  17. Well, the subject explains itself. I'm really interested in things like these and I'd also like to know how you got the credit. Sorry if there are already any of these in the forums, i just thought this would be a really interesting discussion topic. My personal rarest credit is Anaconda at Zoo Granby mainly because it's in the middle of nowhere. On coaster-count.com 12 people have ridden it (Including Big Mike ). On rcdb it says it by L&T Systems and it sounds like a cheap Chinese knock-off brand. I got it during my Grade 5 field trip to the zoo.
  18. I used both La Ronde's Flash Pass and Wonderland's Fast Lane and they both work great. If you have a season pass i'd recommend that you use that at La Ronde because "Les Quebecois" don't understand Europe very well (even Canada for that matter ) and for you it would be a lot easier if you have one. If you don't, it should be fine they're just really strict when it comes to I.D. but for wonderland (and all Cedar Fair parks) i don't remember having to show any I.D., maybe because i'm too young for a driver's liscence but i'm not sure. If it's too long read this : Use Season Pass as I.D. at La Ronde if you have one and it dosn't matter at Canada's Wonderland
  19. The 4 Disney Florida Parks - March La Ronde - June Canada's Wonderland - July Knoebels - August Kings Dominion - August Busch Gardens - August (These 3 parks in august we're done in 3 days) Dorney Park - September La Ronde - Tomorrow Really good year considering i'm in a crappy location for amusement parks.
  20. Good ol' Twister at Knoebels http://themeparkreview.com/forum/download/file.php?mode=view&id=527876&sid=d2b583e27fc7adf421471dc07f5cad1c Oh just wondering, Its it pronounced "noebels" or "khe-noebels" if that makes any sense
  21. Hey guys, I know nobody's posted anything on this in over a month but here's the deal, im going to KD and BGW soon (not ECB ) and i want to know 2 things : 1) Would this be a proper strap around your wrist? The camera's screwed in and the straps are locked so I think it's fine, but im not really sure 2) Who do I ask exactly to gain permission for filming pov's? Could I just ask the ride op or someone else? Thanks a lot in advance, CanadaCoasterKid Here's the GoPro around my wrist. Any suggestions?
  22. Wish i could go i have a wedding to go to on the 5th and its a 12 hour drive away
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