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  1. Hey TPR! Since riding coasters often means traveling by airplane, I would love to know how you find out great airfare deals! I often search on kayak.com and compare their deals to the one of the airlines! Furthermore I found a great travel agency here in my region which is called ABC Travel! Since I live right next to Ramstein where the biggest American Air Base in Europe is located, this travel agency offers really good deals! Watch out for their website, maybe it helps you to find a good deal the next time you travel! Now it's your turn! Post about your airfare researches!
  2. The amazing thing about Eurosat and Europa in general is that the soundtrack always fits to the season! (Xmas Halloween or summer season soundtracks!)
  3. What about some cheese fondue at Europa Park? You don't even have to leave the park to get some amazing food!
  4. Wing rider coasters are fun as long as the vests are not trying to kill you! IMO
  5. Can you please make Give Kids the world come to Europe? We should have this events as well.
  6. As long as they keep Expedition GeForce then everyone should be happy right? -Craig True that! The day they start retheming Expedition GeForce will be the day when I put a grudge on Plopsa
  7. I think I would be scared but I would feel safe with TPR! During a holiday with my family in Turkey two guys grabbed me when we visited a market and ,y father had to run after them. they told him my blond hair (I was 7 years old) was looking like the hair of a king and they wanted to show me their friends! No fun at all!
  8. ^Could be that they ''retheme'' it! Honestly said it would be nice if they kept the old theming! It's such a traditional ride in that park and I would love to see Plopsa keeping at least some old parts of the park.
  9. I think it is an up charge ride as well! Would fit into their water park!
  10. Nice trip report! Thanks for sharing! China is definitely on my list to visit! Seems to be a very interesting country!
  11. ^Alright, I uploaded it on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D59aJB6FCkY
  12. I received my TPR package today! It is WONDERFUL! Don't know how to thank you guys! I made an unwrapping video, but it's too large to upload it However, THANK YOU Robb & Elissa! You guys are amazing! I mean, it was super expensive (60 Dollars!) and I appreciate it a lot! Thank you! TPR CARE PACKAGE!
  13. And once again: German post service SUCKS! They could have dropped my package on their way to Australia!
  14. These results really don't surprise me! Glad to see Outlaw Run is on the top three! I'm sad that Hades360 is not the very last, but I think many people haven't ridden it this year.
  15. It's only a rumor that they WILL sell it next season. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding!
  16. Sorry guys, I was told some wrong things though! it's only speculation that the park will sell the mouse next season. This season, it will be there and ready to open its gates! Marcel *I'm not a big Plopsa fan at all* Strobel
  17. This coaster looks really scary! It's a miracle that you guys always manage to ride coasters that are actually not rideable! It shows how much effort you put into these tours!
  18. Such a great update, Andy! It's really nice that you put so much effort in. your trip reports! Thank you! I wish we could go back in time!
  19. These TPR Bags of Crap look totally AMAZING! It's so wonderful how TPR makes us happy! IMO the joy about these bags show our passion for coasters and that we don't need things that cost a lot to make us happy! It's the small gifts that create happiness! You guys rock!
  20. ^Same here Shawn! Still waiting for the go of my work&travel program…makes it hard to plan anything...
  21. ^It says you get free access to both Warner Madrid and Parque de atracciones, so I think you get more than one free entry. I assume that the GP does not know about the benefits of a season pass. They come there once or twice and that's it, so they don't care about it. Look at my Holiday Park season pass. It's 49 Euros with so many benefits, but most people buy a one day admission for 27,99
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