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  1. I never got a chance to ride it, but im not disappointed at all. I'd rather not get to ride if the experience was like going through hell and back. Anyways, I also think it's about time this thing left, it was a complete eyesore (so is every other ride that just sits without operating). Now, if they replace it with another wooden coaster, will it be called Son-Of-Son-Of-Beast???
  2. You're right about the first drop being the worst, however I'll gladly accept any improvement to the ride. Hopefully the park will like the improvement and opt for topper track on the entire ride. But thats just me dreaming
  3. This is a little late but Screamscape rumors say that Oceans of Fun might be getting a new waterslide to replace Diamond Head, and that Timberwolf might test out some RMC topper track.
  4. Happiness is.... having a beast of a coaster at your home park
  5. With the amount of power this ride requires I'm not really surprised that it hasn't happened before.
  6. YES. Fantastic ride, judging by that video. Too bad I have absolutely no plans to be in Florida anytime soon.
  7. Ah, I forgot about Battlestar. I'm pretty sure my assumption was based on my recent ride on Ninja @ SFStl... Anyways this park keeps looking better and better every year. I can see this place becoming a big thrill destination in the next 5 or so years with the way they keep expanding.
  8. Yeah, Cyclone Sam's is really strange. But everyone seems to love it. It can be VERY disorienting and if you have long arms you might be able to touch the roof of the building.
  9. Hasn't this really been like the worst kept secret ever? Seriously, I think we all know what it is... The Sandusky newspaper even published it! Here, let me remind you all... http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/belaboring-point/cedar-point/blog-cedar-points-wing-coaster-answers-enthusiasts-prayer I still believe the SDC 2013 not-coaster-project is the best kept secret ever
  10. Simply amazing. My jaw dropped when I saw the rest of that element. Every time there is a new picture posted I am more and more impressed. Cant wait for more
  11. The longest I've really ever had to wait was a little under 1.5 hours for Maverick and Millennium Force last year. Not really that bad I guess.
  12. This is great news, however I don't want to get my hopes up just yet until I actually see it start to be built.
  13. With the way Rocky Mountain has been innovating roller coaster technology, I wouldn't be surprised if they try a launched wooden coaster in the next couple years. Edit: ^Looks like you beat me to that statement lol
  14. Wow. This is a little surprising. Yeah, it looked like it would invert, but I still had my doubts about it, considering how much this ride had already stretched the limits of its capabilities. I am definitely taking a trip to Branson next summer!
  15. For me, the ones that really come to mind are Wildfire's view of the Ozark Mountains and Millennium Force's view of the lake. Great views from both of them.
  16. Wow. This is Incredible. I really wish i was able to do scenery like that. Amazing job!
  17. Did anyone else get that the name of the Mini Mouse coaster was also a reference to Disney? Amazing TR as always.
  18. Wow. That is incredible. I've never seen a marble with that much action in it.
  19. Yeah, I agree with the park. Most roller coasters in America require riders to be able to brace themselves with both arms and legs, and that could be difficult without the use of hands. Rider requirements are also posted at the entrance to every ride. If they're ignored that's not really the park's fault.
  20. 44 rides on an SLC is truly impressive, especially the fact that it was all done in one day. Hopefully I'll be able to participate next year. Good job, everyone!
  21. I really hope that it's the Timberwolf exit/Thunderhawk corner, that's the least travelled area of the park and badly needs something new.
  22. That haunt should go over EXTREMELY well with the teenagers, considering how many of them are ready for a zombie apocalypse to occur.
  23. I really hope Worlds of Fun gets it, they need at least something for the older demographic. I really enjoyed Windseeker when I rode it at Cedar Point, and having it be the tallest ride in the park will help bring in more guests IMO.
  24. Bet you'll never guess this one...... Prowler (WOF) yesterday rcdb.com/4296.htm?p=23314
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