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  1. To me this ride looks like Yukon Striker and Baron (Efteling) had a baby.
  2. So glad Six Flags is back to building a few major attractions each year and not putting cheap rides into every park. The ride looks fun, especially the drop, roll, and airtime hill! But why doesn't cliffhanger have the drop off the cliff lol
  3. I saw they plan to retrack Hellcat...maybe not for this season but definitely next. If they can full retrack it, and remove those trims on the drop, the ride has a lot of potential. The layout is actually really good, the roughness and then trims just killed it.
  4. That was a lot of fun! Thank you TPR and William for being excellent hosts and must do this again soon. -Jake "I was just there to beat Adam" Garbles
  5. Fantastic pictures and story telling as always Andy! Learned a lot from your report. Im sad this park was closed due to weather (while Energylandia stayed open) so I missed out on it. But Lech Coaster definitely looks worth the trip back. And while Tornado does the underground barrel roll through the station, this one looks a little more effective and visually pleasing! They are just European cousins
  6. In other good news, an operator has been selected to run the park. While SFM is a nice park, Six Flags did not win and I'm happy to see a competitor in the region. Hope they can restore the woodie, the park, and be successful! The winner is Mota-Engil México. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/metropoli/la-sedema-anuncia-la-empresa-ganadora-para-nuevo-proyecto-en-la-feria-de-chapultepec&prev=search&pto=aue
  7. Ah, so you are the one person in the world that gets to define what a wood coaster is! While I'm fine with all of the RMCs being classified as hybrids, is is a true statement that topper track and I-box rides feel quite different from each other. Topper track definitely feels more like a woodie vs. a perfectly smooth steel I-box. But at the end of the day, like Bill said, who cares?!? The track could be made out of anything as long as it is fun.
  8. So it's basically an I-box coaster now...the only topper track between the launch and brake run will be the first 2 wave turns? The 45 degree airtime hill is right after the 2nd wave turn thing lol. Why even bother? Make it all I-box and be done with it.
  9. Definitely agree with you Bill, seems like nudging it forward would have easily cleared the course. Taking people out of those cars at that exposed height seems risky. But according to a reddit user on the ride, they removed a few riders then pushed it backwards onto the launch track. Guess nothing was broken then, just balanced on top...
  10. The Jet Star at Lagoon...can't ride by yourself. Luckily I knew the policy, and asked a nice group of 3 if I could ride with them. With only 4 of us we had enough space to not be touching, so that worked out. Pro-covid of course.
  11. Wow, that is a great report. They have way more slides than I thought. The water coaster of course looks excellent, it's rare to find out that massive and long (that's what she said). It is very temping to check it out and ride all day with no lines. I just need to lose weight first
  12. I really want to go back to this park next time im in Tokyo! The two new expansions since my first visit look awesome and make it worth the second trip out there. I really want to work remote and get on a video call from the ferris wheel.
  13. Hey everyone! These are my guinea pigs Jet & Turbo. Don’t think I’ve posted them here before. 2020 has made for quality pet time!
  14. Well, that's what happens if your name is Jizzman... I've seen friends on FB riding it this week, so safe to say it is open. However, there is just something about this place that makes me feel uneasy about visiting, and I think i'll hold off until this pandemic dies down a little bit.
  15. Looks really good on the computer! Love the modern look but with the same forum layout/sections we all know and love. Makes the transition easy for the user. Love the new features you shared, especially for mobile. That should make visiting the forum on my phone a lot more enjoyable. And the reactions will be fun Edit -> The notifications are sweet, like being able to log in and see who replied/reacted to my posts.
  16. So it's official, RMC is RMCing a RMC coaster. Hopefully they get it right this time, whatever it takes. Might as well do it during the pandemic so after this mess the coaster runs more reliably for normal guest levels.
  17. ^I was at the park Saturday. They told us the sky ride is closed because it takes 8 people to run and they are short on staff. However, every ride, shop, and food stall in the entire park seemed to be open so I don't know what that was about lol. The rides in the front of the park opened right at 10 (Monster, Phoenix, Tornado, flats) except the Underground at 11. Everything on Dragon Island and back (ie Outlaw) opened at 11. They also asked us to see our SF pass, photo ID, and active pass in the Six Flags app since the physical pass is basically nothing. Signed the form and comp tickets in hand seconds later. Monster was great! Epic hangtime. That wait got up to 45 mins. Most other things were around 15-30 minutes with staggered seating by groups. The woodies were not as good as I remembered, kinda rough and no airtime. Underground is more like a quick paced ride, I thought it would do more. Shout out to the insane number of bars around the park though
  18. Yes, they should release POVs to please needy enthusiasts instead of releasing them closer to the ride's opening day to attract guests. Some coasters (New Texas Giant) we didn't even get a POV until years AFTER it opened. While that was silly, so would be releasing POVs months before a ride is open. You want the hype to be closer to when people can actually give you their dollars to experience it.
  19. I plan to go check it out. If they don't enforce masks or people don't follow distancing procedures i'll probably bail quickly.
  20. "We recommend we bring your own" Oh Fun Spot. I hope they corrected that.
  21. Frontier City is now available for reservations. Did a trial run (didn't actually reserve it) but here is what it looks like...pretty easy system.
  22. Somebody send them RMC's phone number. Looks like a nice long skinny plot of land for a Raptor This coaster is definitely not a loss, I don't remember a single thing about riding it in 2010.
  23. I agree, if reservations are required for park admission or certain rides due to capacity then the passholders should get some sort of priority whether it's access for a first set of time or percentage of each day's offerings.
  24. Texas began Phase 1 of "reopening" on May 1st and apparently, according to Joyland, amusement parks can open if Phase 1 is successful and we move to Phase 2 in mid May. They announced a May 22nd target for opening. Haven't seen anything else from Texas parks yet, but curious to grab my mask and check some of them out!
  25. Interesting how all of the SEAS parks differ, apparently I get a free animal presentation and 7 free tickets? Shoot, who am I going to convince to go with me to SWSA???
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