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  1. According to Cedar Point's policies, the disabled guest and only up to three other people can enter through the alternate entrance, the rest of their party has to wait in the regular queue, AND if they all want to ride together the disabled guest and their companions have to wait until the rest of the party is on the platform before entering at all. Also, the policy states that disabled guests' parties are given a specific return time to board in every circumstance. I would also assume that the disabled guest isn't allowed to ride three times in a row with different party members accompanying them, either. https://www.cedarpoint.com/help/accessibility Now, whether this stuff is actually strictly enforced or not, that's anyone's guess. I noticed this during my visit to CP last week. A lot of families of 4 or 6 with perfectly able bodied and well behaved tweens had these passes as well and had no noticeable disabilities (maybe autism). These families (I only noticed two physically disabled rides (one with a cane, the other with crutches and a boot for his foot over a couple days) used them a lot on SV and TTD (when it was open) and several rows were blocked off for these disabled park visitors to ride. On Monday night when exiting the park after riding TTD past closing I noticed the four guys (one with a cane) that had used the disability pass on TTD for several rides earlier all shaking hands with the guy who had the cane and saying things like, "it was great meeting you...thanks again," then the guy with the cane went to his car in one of the disabled spots near the front and the other three continued to their car. Not sure if there was anything to this, but it reminded me of the WDW disability escort scandal a few years ago. Anyway, CP was extremely crowded during my visits Mon & Tues last week. With MF and TTD down most of the day, the lines for SV and Maverick were 90 minutes + at times and were consistently over an hour. Both SV and Mav had 30 minutes + with FL+ on Monday. With numerous schools closed due to the heat, CP anticipated the crowds and were charging $98/$78 for FL+/FL on Tuesday. It was so hot in the park on Tuesday, that I visited CP Shores. I am normally not a water park kind of guy, but enjoyed the opportunity to cool off. I spent most of my time in the lazy river and wave pool. I was disappointed that I only got one ride on MF Sunday night, with it being down Mon and Tues. I even stopped by Wednesday morning before heading home, just in case MF became operational but of course it didn't open until later Wednesday afternoon. Really enjoyed my rides on SV, I lost count of how many times I rode it between Sunday night and Wednesday morning. I found the very back seat to be a little more intense than the front, but overall I found SV gives great rides no matter where I sat. SV is definitely at the top of my list of favorite coasters. I found Valravin to be a typical dive coaster, enjoyable, but still prefer Griffon @ BGW. TTD is always a great ride when it is operating, and I think my eyelids have finally healed from my front seat ride Tuesday night. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to CP, even though I only got one ride on MF. Hopefully, I will get back to CP before it closes for the season, so I can use the exit passes I acquired during my visit.
  2. Not surprised by this announcement, but the media release could have been a little more exciting. I mean, "FIREBIRD, the only floorless roller coaster in Maryland," really isn't saying much, because Maryland is such a small ass state and there really are no competing amusement parks in MD! But it is what it is and I am sure it will be touted as a completely new roller coaster until the end of next season. I bet some of the GP will be upset when they go to SFA next year expecting a new coaster and realize its the same coaster with different trains.
  3. Looks like a great addition to SFMM. Hopefully, I can get out to southern CA next year and ride it.
  4. Sorry if this was already posted. Received this in an email from SFA a few minutes ago. Biggest Announcement, Biggest Sale of the Year on August 30 Mark your calendar -- Thursday, August​ 30 is going to be the biggest, most important day of your year! That is when Six Flags America is going to announce an incredible, UNBELIEVABLE new attraction for the 2019 season. To celebrate, we'll also be hosting the Labor Day Flash Sale -- our biggest, best sale of the year on 2019 Season Passes, Memberships, and Season Dining Passes. We will never have a bigger sale on 2019 Passes!
  5. The Virginia German Beer Festival (Bier Fest) kicks off at Busch Gardens this Friday, August 17 with over 50 different breweries, local brewery talks, and a variety of German and other snacks including shepherd's pie, scotch eggs, and a variety of German sausages, pretzels, etc. A 10 beer sampler (4oz pours) is $24 including tax. I may head down on Friday after dropping my daughter off at college. Sample a few beers, ride a coaster, sample a few more beers, ride another coaster...
  6. Planning a trip to CP the Monday August 27 & Tuesday August 28, just want to get an idea how crowded the park will be and should I plan on FL+ or wait and see. I have a Platinum Pass and plan on getting there for early entry. Also, I got a rate of $77 per night at Breakers Express. How good/bad is it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Attended the Magic Kingdom After Hours event last night (July 21). Had a great time! I purchased my ticket a few days before the event and was able to schedule 3 fast pass rides before my arrival. They let us into the park starting at 6:35pm. Saw cast members selling the After Hours tickets in park for $132+ tax and a couple of guests actually buying them. It turned out to be a beautiful evening without any rain. Really enjoyed the fireworks and not having to rush off immediately after to catch a few rides before the park closed! Park was probably a little more crowded than the pictures in Robb's earlier post from July 14 showed. All rides were a walk on except, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (20 min, down from 95 minutes at 9:40), Tomorrowland Speedway (20 min), Astro Orbitor (15 min) and Peter Pan (15 min). The only one of those I actually rode was SDMT and the wait was about 15 minutes. My final count was: Splash Mountain x 2 Big Thunder Mountain X 4 (you could re-ride if no one was in your row) Space Mountain X 6 (like the fact you could go up the ramp for a re-ride instead of walking out the exit and back around) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train X 3 Pirates of the Caribbean X 1 Flying Dumbo X 1 Some of the longest lines were for the free drinks, ice cream and frozen fruit bars and popcorn. Some of the snack stations ran out of bottled water later in the evening. Saw one guest on the ferry after closing who took advantage of the free drinks and had a Disney bag stuffed with a dozen or so bottled waters and cokes. Never understand people like that! All in all it was a great time and I felt it was totally worth the price of admission. Would do it again without hesitation if offered next time I am in Orlando.
  8. Not sure how a complete ban on cell phones would be enforced except in cases where it is visible to park employees before entering the ride. Are they going to require everyone go through a metal detector before entering the queue? Is somebody going to stop me and require I empty my pockets to prove that the bulge is my wallet and not a cell phone? They would have to have a security guard or someone with a little authority at the entrance to enforce this as the last time I was at KD the lone park employee stationed at the entrance was ineffective in forcing riders to use a locker for their backpacks. The fencing and area surrounding the entrance was littered with at least 50 back packs that riders left there instead.
  9. Thanks for the timely trip report, Robb. I am heading to Orlando this Saturday for a conference and posted a question about the after hours event a few weeks ago. Your report confirms that it is worth the $126.74 ($119 + Fl tax) for a few hours of almost exclusive park time at Magic Kingdom. This will certainly help ease the pain of a boring 4 day government accountants conference that starts Sunday afternoon.
  10. I will be attending a conference in Orlando next month. Noticed that Magic Kingdom After Hours is offered the Saturday before my conference (July 21). So the park will be open to everyone that pays $119 (plus passholders) from 10:00pm - 1:00am. Has anyone attended Magic Kingdom After Hours this summer? Is it worth it? How are the crowds in comparison to a summer weekday?
  11. Yes it is possible. Richmond Transit runs an express bus from downtown Richmond to KD. Route 102. $5.00 fare. Takes about 45 minutes. You can catch a bus a 9:15 in the morning and be there for park opening (subject to I-95 traffic of course) and stay until the park closes and catch a bus back as late as 11:30pm. ridegrtc.com/media/routes/Rte._102_March_2017_.pdf
  12. It was also on NBC Nightly News last night. Good timing for SFA as ACE's Coaster Con was occurring @ SFA yesterday with nearly 600 attendees at the park.
  13. Near drowning yesterday at Six Flags America's Hurricane Bay wave pool. The 14 year old is in critical condition. www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/teen-taken-to-hospital-for-near-drowning-at-six-flags-america
  14. New Groupon for BGW & WC: $50 gets you unlimited admission to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA for up to 3 Days within 7 consecutive calendar days from first visit . Valid through Labor Day weekend! No blackout dates. You can purchase up to 10 per person! Pretty good deal, considering a 1-day ticket is $70 and the same 3-day ticket is $90 on BGW's website currently.
  15. If they are going next weekend, they should check out the Food & Wine Festival. Check out Chuck's review posted above, there are a lot of great food samples from all over the world for a very reasonable price. Otherwise it depends on what type of food they like. The corned beef sandwich and sausage sampler platter in Das Festhaus are both very good. Also, they should grab a pretzel at the stand across from Verbolten, as they are worth a special visit. If they like BBQ, there's Trappers Smokehouse, which my wife really likes. If they prefer Italian, San Marcos Marketplace offers a good variety, although the food quality there is sometimes hit or miss. Overall the food at BGW is much better than your standard amusement park fare, but I would stay away from pizza, turkey legs and chicken nuggets when there is so many other better food options.
  16. Was at Busch Gardens yesterday for a few hours yesterday. All rides were a walk-on except InvadR which had a 15-20 minute wait and Verbolten which was only running 2 trains and had a 20 minute wait. Griffon, AC, Alpengeist were all running two trains and rerides were permitted (depending on the OP), if no one was waiting for your row. As part of the 40th Anniversary of LNM they added (or restored) the lighting effects and sound effects in the tunnel. There are now several strobe lights in the tunnel and a loud roar right before you exit the tunnel. There are also some sound effects as you enter that kind of remind me of Verbolten. Anyway, the effects are a nice touch. So here's the scoop on the 40¢ beers. The beers are 7 ounce pours and they will be alternating between Coors Lite, Bud Lite, and Rolling Rock. Yesterday it was Coors Lite. You can only get one beer at a time. The 40¢ beers are only available in Das Festhaus at the last food service lane to the left, and there is no other food or drinks available in this lane, just the cheap beer. They stamp your right hand and then your left hand and give you a receipt which you must provide to the ladies pouring the beer. No season pass or membership discounts apply.
  17. Busch Gardens is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Lochness Monster this year. Starting on Wednesday June 6 in honor of the LNM's 40th Anniversary celebration BGW is offering a $40 thrill ticket (available online only) through June 10, valid for admission through July 1. Other specials throughout the park include: • .40 cent beers in Das Festhaus June 6 - August 12 (limit 2 per visit) • $0.40 popcorn available near the ride entrance in Scotland • Loch Ness Monster cupcakes • Special donuts available in England • Double-looping interlocking pretzel available in Oktoberfest • Loch Ness Monster melon baller frozen drink in Italy • 40% discount on all Loch Ness Monster products around the park • Loch Ness Monster ride photos for $4.40
  18. Off topic, but hey its beer and it used to be part of visiting The Old Country, aka BGW. The good news, brewery tours are coming back to Anheuser Busch in Williamsburg, on select weekends this summer! The bad news is the tours are not free, they cost $25. Tours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the first weekend of June, July, August, and September. News story here: wtkr.com/2018/05/04/anheuser-busch-williamsburg-brewery-opens-for-limited-pop-up-tours-this-summer/ Book here: www.budweisertours.com/locations/williamsburg.html#id=beermaster-tour-williamsburg
  19. Traffic to BGW on Friday will not be too bad as long as you leave early in the morning. Not sure where you are staying in DC, but as long as you hit I-95 South in Virginia before 10:00am you should be fine. Do you have to stay with your partner Friday night? I would get a cheap hotel near Kings Dominion Friday night and be there when the park opens Saturday morning. There are coupons and discounts out there for $36 admission. There was a $33 Groupon, but I think that ended. Go to Twisted Timbers first, then Volcano, than I-305. You could be done and on the road by 1:00pm, meet your partner and hit SFA (if you have to) by 3:00pm. Traffic either direction on I-95 Saturday will suck big time. If you have to be in DC Friday night, I would not return to KD on Sunday! Honestly, I would skip SFA on Saturday and just relax after doing the museums. Nothing is new at SFA, so unless you really have to go, I would skip it. If you haven't been to HP in a while, I would do that on Sunday. HP will be fairly crowded on Sunday, but the lines should be manageable. Kneobels is great, but it will be crowded opening weekend, especially with the BOGO deal. On a normal weekend, it is possible to do Knoebels in the morning and then hit HP in the late afternoon, but both parks may be too crowded for that to be feasible that weekend. Let us know what you decide and how it goes.
  20. The Groupon Deal for BGW is back. $45 which is valid for one-day visit that can be used between March 24 – October 28, 2018. The deal is good for up to 10 tickets! Not sure how long the deal will last!
  21. While the original event on Thursday was supposed to start at 6:00am and continue to around noon, the event on Friday has been condensed and runs from 10:00am until 1:00pm. So those early morning news casts from Richmond and DC with the live shots of TT won't be happening on Friday!
  22. Well, KD has postponed Media Day for Twisted Timbers until Friday March 23 due to the weather forecast for the next couple of days.
  23. You might want to double check as SFA's calendar on its website does not show operating hours for Friday April 6. Kind of unusual as they are open 10:30 - 7:00p on Thursday April 5 and 10:30 - 8:00pm on Saturday April 7. That being said, getting to KD via the Beltway over the Wilson Bridge and on down I-95 on Fridays is terrible and will start backing up before Noon and won't let up until close to 8:00pm. The Friday after Spring Break will be even worse, so plan accordingly!
  24. Check out this site for some of the latest discounts. https://www.williamsburgfamilies.com/check-latest-busch-gardens-discounts/ There is currently one for $25 off a single day admission, there are also deals for Active Duty Military, Retired Military and First Responders. In the past, Groupon has had a BGW single day admission deal for around $45 that popped up later in the Spring and again in the Fall.
  25. Great report(s). Thanks for sharing them and your family pictures with us. Really enjoyed reading!
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