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  1. According to Cedar Point's policies, the disabled guest and only up to three other people can enter through the alternate entrance, the rest of their party has to wait in the regular queue, AND if they all want to ride together the disabled guest and their companions have to wait until the rest of the party is on the platform before entering at all. Also, the policy states that disabled guests' parties are given a specific return time to board in every circumstance. I would also assume that the disabled guest isn't allowed to ride three times in a row with different party members accompanying
  2. Not surprised by this announcement, but the media release could have been a little more exciting. I mean, "FIREBIRD, the only floorless roller coaster in Maryland," really isn't saying much, because Maryland is such a small ass state and there really are no competing amusement parks in MD! But it is what it is and I am sure it will be touted as a completely new roller coaster until the end of next season. I bet some of the GP will be upset when they go to SFA next year expecting a new coaster and realize its the same coaster with different trains.
  3. Looks like a great addition to SFMM. Hopefully, I can get out to southern CA next year and ride it.
  4. Sorry if this was already posted. Received this in an email from SFA a few minutes ago. Biggest Announcement, Biggest Sale of the Year on August 30 Mark your calendar -- Thursday, August​ 30 is going to be the biggest, most important day of your year! That is when Six Flags America is going to announce an incredible, UNBELIEVABLE new attraction for the 2019 season. To celebrate, we'll also be hosting the Labor Day Flash Sale -- our biggest, best sale of the year on 2019 Season Passes, Memberships, and Season Dining Passes. We will never have a bigger sale on 2019 Passes!
  5. The Virginia German Beer Festival (Bier Fest) kicks off at Busch Gardens this Friday, August 17 with over 50 different breweries, local brewery talks, and a variety of German and other snacks including shepherd's pie, scotch eggs, and a variety of German sausages, pretzels, etc. A 10 beer sampler (4oz pours) is $24 including tax. I may head down on Friday after dropping my daughter off at college. Sample a few beers, ride a coaster, sample a few more beers, ride another coaster...
  6. Planning a trip to CP the Monday August 27 & Tuesday August 28, just want to get an idea how crowded the park will be and should I plan on FL+ or wait and see. I have a Platinum Pass and plan on getting there for early entry. Also, I got a rate of $77 per night at Breakers Express. How good/bad is it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Attended the Magic Kingdom After Hours event last night (July 21). Had a great time! I purchased my ticket a few days before the event and was able to schedule 3 fast pass rides before my arrival. They let us into the park starting at 6:35pm. Saw cast members selling the After Hours tickets in park for $132+ tax and a couple of guests actually buying them. It turned out to be a beautiful evening without any rain. Really enjoyed the fireworks and not having to rush off immediately after to catch a few rides before the park closed! Park was probably a little more crowded than the pictu
  8. Not sure how a complete ban on cell phones would be enforced except in cases where it is visible to park employees before entering the ride. Are they going to require everyone go through a metal detector before entering the queue? Is somebody going to stop me and require I empty my pockets to prove that the bulge is my wallet and not a cell phone? They would have to have a security guard or someone with a little authority at the entrance to enforce this as the last time I was at KD the lone park employee stationed at the entrance was ineffective in forcing riders to use a locker for their ba
  9. Thanks for the timely trip report, Robb. I am heading to Orlando this Saturday for a conference and posted a question about the after hours event a few weeks ago. Your report confirms that it is worth the $126.74 ($119 + Fl tax) for a few hours of almost exclusive park time at Magic Kingdom. This will certainly help ease the pain of a boring 4 day government accountants conference that starts Sunday afternoon.
  10. I will be attending a conference in Orlando next month. Noticed that Magic Kingdom After Hours is offered the Saturday before my conference (July 21). So the park will be open to everyone that pays $119 (plus passholders) from 10:00pm - 1:00am. Has anyone attended Magic Kingdom After Hours this summer? Is it worth it? How are the crowds in comparison to a summer weekday?
  11. Yes it is possible. Richmond Transit runs an express bus from downtown Richmond to KD. Route 102. $5.00 fare. Takes about 45 minutes. You can catch a bus a 9:15 in the morning and be there for park opening (subject to I-95 traffic of course) and stay until the park closes and catch a bus back as late as 11:30pm. ridegrtc.com/media/routes/Rte._102_March_2017_.pdf
  12. It was also on NBC Nightly News last night. Good timing for SFA as ACE's Coaster Con was occurring @ SFA yesterday with nearly 600 attendees at the park.
  13. Near drowning yesterday at Six Flags America's Hurricane Bay wave pool. The 14 year old is in critical condition. www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/teen-taken-to-hospital-for-near-drowning-at-six-flags-america
  14. New Groupon for BGW & WC: $50 gets you unlimited admission to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA for up to 3 Days within 7 consecutive calendar days from first visit . Valid through Labor Day weekend! No blackout dates. You can purchase up to 10 per person! Pretty good deal, considering a 1-day ticket is $70 and the same 3-day ticket is $90 on BGW's website currently.
  15. If they are going next weekend, they should check out the Food & Wine Festival. Check out Chuck's review posted above, there are a lot of great food samples from all over the world for a very reasonable price. Otherwise it depends on what type of food they like. The corned beef sandwich and sausage sampler platter in Das Festhaus are both very good. Also, they should grab a pretzel at the stand across from Verbolten, as they are worth a special visit. If they like BBQ, there's Trappers Smokehouse, which my wife really likes. If they prefer Italian, San Marcos Marketplace offers a goo
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