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  1. Hey guys,


    I had an awesome evening at SeaWorld San Diego last night for the team member preview of explorer's reef! The place looks great. I frequently forgot that we were still in SWSD.


    There was a variety of entertainment, some great food, and a first look at the summer's new fireworks show (they got rid of the Into the Blue music!)


    I have plenty more pictures, so let me know if you want to see more.


    Schedule of events


    Bubble man entertainment that will be around the park this summer


    They brought back the band for this year!


    Much nicer entrance. Wave lights up occasionally.



    On your way out


    Just one of the many exhibit photos I took. There's a lot to see and experience right up front!

  2. Manta @ SWSD. I've witnessed a walk-o-shame every time I've been. Even last weekend, I saw one that really surprised me (and I'm sure they didn't see it coming either).


    Manta is already notorious for its weight discrimination, but what can they do?! Would it really be better if they started screening more people at the entrance just because they "appear large"? They apparently have an extra train designed with the heavyset in mind, but that has yet to be implemented... (plus, how does something like that work? Would you board like the handicapped entrance for Space Mountain?)


    That said, the seats are realllllllly snug and cozy for the "average person"....which is good only for the "average person"

  3. I was 11 when we went to Cedar Point for the first time. Skipping over every other ride in the park, my dad drug me straight to Corkscrew and said "we're riding this, you and me, right now". I felt sick. I didn't want my first coaster to go upside-down. Turns out, after some convincing, I got on the ride and LOVED it!!! Then I rode every ride that I could in the park. Now I've been there every year since and Corkscrew is another outdated Arrow.


    Roller Coaster Tycoon also helped fuel my early obsession

  4. Tagging: Two days. The ride had been open two days, and every single a$$hole is San Diego seems to have scratched their name into the wooden railing path leading up to the station. It was scratched everywhere with people's names and I <3 U and other random junk. It's so insulting to the park. I was appalled. I know they can't do much about it, it's just so sad that it is occurring in the first place.


    That's so frustrating! If I ever saw someone doing that, I'd slap them. Respect the ride


    And yeah, they gotta put up a make-shift fence or something for the aquarium, because line-jumping is just uncalled-for.


    Can't wait to ride again! I hear it's changed so much over the weekend. (also, I want to ride at Night )

  5. Well, I liked the coaster, and it looks really fun! But... Isn't it kinda boring in the end??? Well, guess i'm gonna have to ride it to know...


    I actually really like the 2nd helix at the end


    Also, someone mentioned the screens being washed with light. I noticed that too, even with the room closed off before the launch, it seems like the projections weren't 100%. Maybe that's something they're still working on though. (did anybody notice that you hardly get to see any of the movie when you're in the front row? still, worth it)


    I really want to go back.... like right now... but I'm going to wait until the long weekend is over. Crowd forecasts are off the charts!

  6. I am so excited to finally update you guys! THIS RIDE IS FREAKING AMAZING! Even the video doesn't do it justice.


    - the Manta area isn't finished yet. There is a lot of landscaping, decorating, lighting, and work on the queue to be done before everything comes together.


    - the rocking back and forth of the car at the launch is pretty neat! It gives you a better view of the screen, and gives you a feeling of anticipation, like "ready.......set.........go!"


    - there is a negative G hill halfway through that is wicked. all the launches and banks feel much faster due to the close quarters. Manta really is an exciting ride


    I'm going to leave a lot of stuff out, else it wouldn't be fair to the TPR guys who are fortunate enough to go this week. But in short, come out to San Diego and Ride the Ray, Feel the Rush!. I look forward to the week's updates!


    Queue isn't finished yet, so there's just a long line


    construction near touch-ray pool


    neat ray-themed station


    1st row is definitely worth the wait!


    Manta in action!


    hello little guy. if it weren't for you, Manta would never exist!

  7. 1. I'd love to see a "custom view" as mentioned before.


    2. Custom car designs. You should be able to specify weight, # and type of wheels, friction coefficient, drag coefficient, etc... but even something like having freedom to design the exterior, but leave the guts (interior) to the guy who knows best (Kinda like RC cars)


    3. More import options for 3D models and scenery (other than .3ds. unless there are other options out there already...)

  8. Its funny a lot of people who don't know anything about coasters on Facebook are talking crap on Manta over this video, saying its small and has no loops. This just makes me angry, loops are overrated (pretzel loop excluded). I'll take 2 launches any day over a bunch of loops, they actually give you a good feeling

    so true


    but hey, if they don't like Manta, they don't have to ride Manta! Makes the queue shorter for us

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