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  1. I would love to go there to have my whole face chewed and eaten off by a zombie. Then I could be wonderfully disfigured for the rest of my life.
  2. My top rated wasserrutsches. #1 Is the 13m tall lang Röhrenrutsche at Freibadbereich Splashdown in Manassas Virginia. It is a fat pipe that has starts with a jump into a right hander that throws up on the sides nicely. After that a straight section that leads onto another right hander turn that gently swings up the side into another straight section. So far this pipe seems fairly normal but after you pass a left hander into a sharp jump then you throw up back and forth into the sides while you pass through a straight section into a 180 degrees left handler. You keep highly swinging up as the train takes two more jumps and more right and left handlers until you rush out in a clumsy plump outlet at the tank. This rutsche has a smooth running train since the seams are almost nonexistent at all. A great pipe for slipping really hard and fast. #2 Is the black hole rutsche at the Schwimmbad Massanutten in Virginia. This turborutschen starts 13m up at a tower along with four other rutschens. You slip the pitch dark train into the pipe and loose the bearing in this plant. The rutschen has a left hander helix that rushes a straight acceleration section into the best part of the plant. Here a winding that increases tightness so that you press into the pipe very firmly and feel high G forces. You then shoot to a splash through lane where you slow down. This 83 m long plant has rough seams so it marks on the back from the painful seams.
  3. On Tuesday of last week I was at a roadside carnival and rode the roundup ride all by myself.
  4. What is the lyrics of this song in this video? Is it send me to the lie, or send me to the light?
  5. But it is quicker then using thousands of tiny transport segments to hide the ties. One guy used all station segments on his hybrid coaster over on No Limits Exchange to hide the ties.
  6. On my RMC coaster I let the coaster go up the lift that is made of station segments to hide the ties. I E stop it while it is part way up the lift and the whole train rolls back into the station and stops. But when I release the E stop ALL of the lap bars fly up and the train completes the circuit as normal. The lift does not stop the train at all even with the lap bars up. So all the riders get ejected from the train when it pulls any ejector airtime.
  7. A small compact pinfari coaster perfect for the carnival. Small but packs a punch.
  8. Here is the first drop. I found a RMC coaster environment to display it in.
  9. All the portions outside of the bottomless pit will have a black tunnel enclosing them.
  10. I am working on this Rocky Mountain Coaster Co. coaster. It has three overbank turns like the new remolded Texas Giant hybrid coaster. I took this picture in a GCI environment to make the coaster look presentable. I will not be using that environment.
  11. I want L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway Company scenic railways and Frederick Ingersoll side friction wooden coaster track styles. I really want to be able to make the giant safety coasters from the 1920s.
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