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  1. It's going in the location where the London Film Museum was, I may have got that name wrong but it's similar. County Hall will contain Merlin's SeaLife London Aquarium, London Dungeons, Shrek, London Eye Cinema & Ticket Office. Also in there will be the McDonalds and the Arcade. Makes sense and with DreamWorks now hinting at Shrek 5 it makes even more sense. Merlin already do combo tickets and with all the above within a 3 minute walk of each other and do able in a day they'll really cash in. On another note, it's one more thing for me to use my Merlin Annual Pass on! R
  2. Legoland Windsor - 30 minutes Thorpe Park - 35 minutes Chessington World of Adventures - 50 minutes
  3. Alton Towers is a much larger site and very spread out it takes a good 25 minutes to walk from one side to the other through some beautiful landscaped gardens. The range of rides are more varied too with rides for the whole family. Thorpe Park is small and very concentrated, probably only takes 5 minutes to walk round. Thorpe Park is described as the "Thrill Capital of the UK" and is aimed more at a teen/young adult market. Apart from the Smiler the biggest rides in the UK are at Thorpe. Some very good and unique flat rides too, such as Slammer the only remaining SkySwat! I love bo
  4. In Crawley you're only 45 minutes or so at the most away from Thorpe Park. Which is an excellent park and if it's busy as it usually is on a weekend it's a good idea to get FastTrack Alton Towers would take probably 5 hours from Crawley.
  5. Yup it got stuck at the top of lift 2 again. But the new reversing system seems to be much more efficient than most euro fighters as they just reset and send again! This not great quality video shows it pretty well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlRscrwg_WU
  6. Sorry for double post: Picture from TowersTimes Facebook Whoops!
  7. Right, some bad news today. According to both TowersStreet and TowersTimes, Alton Towers have just evacuated the X-Sector part of the park and the Smiler will not be opening today due to technical issues. Both are reporting that a train has stalled on the batwing and valleyed during testing this morning. They've probably closed x-sector so they can get the crane in to remove the train, not a very good sign.
  8. Oh yeah!! 24th May can't come quickly enough. My 5 year old daughter seems to be obsessed with it, obviously gets it from me. Was most upset to find out she needs to grow another 30cm before riding!
  9. ^^ Actually think this makes it more likely to be official. They've generously dismissed fan made stuff. Pretty cunning to release it and allow people to find it and those people ask Alton Towers about it. Then Alton have an excuse! They can say and have, "look at this video someone has found, what do you think?"
  10. Anyone remember this video from a while back? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUFWBN9xSIQ Well lets have a comparison: Thanks to Cheese on TS
  11. ^Just watched this after seeing a link elsewhere. The twitter feeds are very well done! My favourite tweet has to be from Trisha of the book at Amazon!! Brilliant!! Jon
  12. Pics courtesy of Official Alton Towers Twitter And relax, track construction is complete!
  13. Ooh, my photo appeared above!!! The May 2013 opening date still appears everywhere else in the park. The banners were removed due to high winds turning them into sails and pulling the construction fences down. Large amounts of electrical work have been done, in fact I saw platform dispatch button being taken out of the Gerst shipping container/office and taken into the station building today. The whole thing looks mad! Not really shown in the pics is that there also appears to be fins on the first lift hill too. Maybe a silent anti-rollback system? Which would make sense cons
  14. There is still a blue square, yes - but on other images posted on other websites, there are pictures which clearly show that there is just an inversion in that position. Towerstimes have removed all news articles that they originally released about the washing machine element. But they have also put their rep on the line by claiming that there IS something record breaking. E.g a secret element. Lets say you're right and there is just a straight Peice of track there, then how is this a worlds first? How is it record breaking? There are 8 inversions outside, to break that record WI
  15. Further to this the council has given planning permission for the resort side of things. Planned to open in 2014/2015 depending on which report or press release you read!
  16. Hi, I'm jmgpannal73 and been playing on and off for a while. Only just noticed this list was here and am adding people to my friends list in case you get a request! Jon
  17. The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley for me! Still love the ride though!
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