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  1. the accident is due technical problem on bus break system,not fog or treacherous nature... note that universal studio ssingapore also can be reach by 1 monorail and 1 road to sentosa island...
  2. Photos taken on 19th-21st August This is a sort of panorama taken from the escalators connecting Genting proper and First World. Site's busy; workers, trucks, excavators, jackhammers everywhere! Basically it looks like they want to flatten the whole area including Magic Mountain (where Corkscrew, Dinosaurland, Space Shot, etc were) save the 3 mounds of greenery. Also, they've taken up the road ringing the theme park that led from Theme Park Hotel to First World. Theme Park Hotel has also been closed. On the right (1st picture, under the giant Energizer/Coca-Cola, you can see that they're building some sort of structure. Lots of workers building that thing, even at night they work on it with bright spotlights. On the left (3rd picture), you can see that a big chunk of First World Plaza is being taken down, including Sky Venture. It looks like they're protecting Arena of Stars jealously, for unknown reasons. you can see by the plastering of the entrances. More startling is that there is no longer access to it. Green patches and other scenes at the site. all photo belong to my friend ,credit to Zijian Van Der Yow
  3. from my conclusion , i think red = sea port theme , for night at museum ride, titanic ride blue = western theme, for rango ride white = ice theme; for ice age rides black = futuristic theme for alien vs preditor rides yellow = Carnival theme, rio movie rides green = main entrance plaza
  4. -GENTING HIGHLANDS: Making way for the new Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park scheduled for 2016, the Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closing its doors from Sunday for two years.- While the Outdoor Theme Park is closed, all rides and attractions at the First World Indoor Theme Park will remain open. To commemorate the occasion and to also celebrate the National Day, there will be activities such as cheerleading and dance performances from 10pm. Entrance is free from 7pm to midnight on Sunday. Pay per ride is also available from 7pm for customers to enjoy the rides one more time before its closure. As the Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closed, there will not be any fireworks display that evening.
  5. LEGOLAND Water Park - Coming Soon! credit to cheekiemonkies The next phase in the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort project will see splashing fun being added in the form of the LEGOLAND Water Park. Billed as the LARGEST LEGOLAND Water Park in the world, the interactive and fully LEGO-themed Water Park will offer more than 20 unique slides, as well as over 70 LEGO models among its many attractions and is specially catered to 2-12 year old children. And speaking about attractions, just take a look at the number of water rides and attractions in store. Some of the Water Park's highlights include the hugely popular Build-A-Raft River and Joker Soaker. The Build-A-Raft River allows kids to customize their own raft with soft LEGO bricks before floating down a lazy river - I can already foresee this being a huge hit with the monkies. The Joker Soaker is a fun interactive platform in the wade poll where kids can play with water cannons as a LEGO jester model 'tells' jokes while 350 gallons of water cascade down on them. The LEGO Slide Racers allow up to SIX people to race down a slide and see who earns the bragging rights at the bottom. Given my weight, I should be a shoo-in for first place I reckon. Another unique feature of the Water Park is that it is the only one of all the LEGOLAND Water Parks in the world to have 2 entrances - one being the main entrance and the other being connected to the existing LEGOLAND Malaysia theme park. What this means is that it can be enjoyed separately or in combination with the Theme Park
  6. Wish List: 20th Century Fox theme park http://sg.news.yahoo.com/wish-list-20th-century-fox-theme-park-063800273.html In 2016, Malaysia will have its very own movie based theme park and this exciting venture between major American film studio 20th Century Fox and Genting Malaysia Berhad has already delivered its first lineup of rides and attractions for the RM400 million park. They are; "Ice Age", "Life Of Pi", "Alien", Predator" and "Night At The Museum". So, with 25 movie attractions planned altogether and five already spoken for, there are 20 more slots available and the possibilities are endless! After a grueling session of picking a handful of 20th Century Fox movies which would make for a good theme park addition, we present to you, Cinema Online's 20th Century Fox theme park wish list! Let's see if any of them eventually makes the cut for the studio's first ever theme park. Hopefully the big wigs are listening and we'll get to experience some of these rides for real! The Simpsons The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Orlando opened in 2008, and it fast became the park's most popular ride. Come on, 20 plus years and still going strong on TV? Who doesn't love "The Simpsons"? Imagine a fully costume suited Homer Simpson running after Bart shouting his famous catchphrase, "Why you little..!" How cool will it be to have all the other characters on board as well? We're thinking a Krusty the Clown arcade or even Apu's Kwik-E-Mart! Family Guy If the residents of Springfield don't tickle your fancy, then what about that other obnoxious family in "Family Guy". Apart from regular character appearances by Peter Griffin and his bumbling family at the park, it will be exciting if there was a ride based on little Stewie's plan to doom the world, eh? Planet Of The Apes Having released seven "Planet Of The Apes" films and with another ape film; "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" set for release in 2014, wouldn't it be great to have a section dedicated to the franchise? Especially since Genting Highlands has all the trees and foggy ambience to add to it? Malaysia is after all native to the extant Orangutans, so why not make a "Planet Of The Apes" themed museum or an educational ride to raise social awareness towards the preservation of our fellow apes? If the combo of 'educational' and 'theme park' sounds just wrong to you, then what about a laser tag arena instead? Star Wars As the pioneer of popular Sci-Fi movies, there is an undying fan base for "Star Wars" all over the world. Imagine a "Star Wars" land in a galaxy far far away, where Jedis and Siths roam about, engaging in lightsaber battle shows. Climb aboard the Millennium Falcon in a 3D Dark Ride experience similar to the "Transformers: The Ride" at Universal Studios Singapore. There is currently a "Star Wars" section dedicated to Legoland in Johor Malaysia and in Walt Disney World, Florida. Yes, we know that the "Star Wars" franchise now belongs to Disney, but there is always a possibility of a joint venture, fingers crossed! Die Hard/Assassin's Creed In this third person stealth game, we're all for a "Die Hard" or upcoming film, "Assassins's Creed" action game. You can either be Officer John McClane or Desmond Miles as you complete a mission. Imagine a simulated reality gaming experience with motion detectors (similar to playing Nintendo Wii) emphasised with a life-size screen and virtual weapon allowing you to seek and destroy the baddies. Depending on the movie this action attraction goes with, imagine your 'mission' being aided by narration provided by the respective film's leads, Bruce Willis or Michael Fassbender! The Maze Runner If you have read the trilogy by James Dashner, then you know the upcoming Dystopian flick; "The Maze Runner" is the next big "Hunger Games". Only in this case, it's easier to transfer to a theme park experience as the first book is mainly set in maze, where grisly things await those who want to escape its sinister bends and corners. This could be another laser tag experience set in a high walled maze, or, it could work as one of those interactive 3D Dark Rides. Either way, it's going to be heart stopping! Wolverine/X-Men How would you like to meet the "X-Men"; Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, Magneto and the rest while visiting the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning as part of your mutant initiation programme? Learn what it's like to try out different super powers in different rooms at the X-Mansion, and before the end of the tour, be sure to catch a glimpse of as many "X-Men" as you can! Titanic The tragedy of "Titanic" did so well on screen as seen in the 1997 feature that it had to have a 3D re-release in 2012. As a theme park attraction, there could be a replica of the RMS Titanic (not to scale of course) and in the ship itself, visitors could experience a 4D Motion Master which will help reenact the sinking of the ship in front of a large screen, whilst spraying ice cold water to enhance the brevity of the disaster. The Day After Tomorrow/Independence Day 1 & 2 Since Fox has dabbled with two of Roland Emmerich's disaster flicks with another following close, why not let visitors experience what it is like to be on an actual disaster movie set? A city scape with explosions and tidal waves set in a controlled main sound stage environment would be great. If you've been to Stephen Spielberg's Lights! Camera! Action! attraction, then you know how brilliant is it to see movie special effects taking place right before your very eyes! Moulin Rouge Be prepared to be razzled and dazzled in this live musical show at the Moulin Rouge theatre. Inspired by the movie "Moulin Rouge" this could be a 15-minute show set at regular intervals at the park, featuring live vocalists and dancers to bring the grandeur of the Baz Luhrmann's film and contemporary hits to fans of all ages! Monkeybone This quirkly dark yet fun movie could definitely be a hit for all ages if it was turned into an attraction. This cult film prominently features Down Town, a colourful carnival like place where cartoonist Brandon Fraser's mind goes to as he is guided by his comic's naughty monkey character, Monkeybone, when he slips into coma. What other movies do you think would make for a great theme park attraction? Who knows, 20th Century Fox might just take your suggestion into consideration!
  7. just to asking..if fox making theme park, what movie should be on this set? and how the ride should be..love to hear some opinion alien vs predetors and duel coaster? night at museum as 4d theater?
  8. blue will be future hotel,red is actual size of existing theme park and yellow is what i think should be used maximally for upgrading
  9. Fox's First Ever Theme Park Just the Beginning, Studio Consumer Products Chief Says http://www.thewrap.com/movies/article/foxs-first-ever-theme-park-just-beginning-studio-consumer-products-chief-says-106261 Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming theme park in Malaysia is the first of a global expansion into that business, the studio's head of consumer products told TheWrap Friday. Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products, said that the theme park, its first-ever full scale resort, "is really the beginning of a global roll out to key territories of larger scale resorts."....... :ohno:-from this interview,we can conclude that avatar,xmen and starwars will not make appearance in this park.. anana:-we can see the first ever ride from the movie of life of pi,night at museum,rio and iceage
  10. Miniland is all geared up for its new role as gateway to a parallel universe! From tomorrow, feast your eyes on this first-of-its-kind LEGO Death Star model display, measuring 6 metres in height and made from than 750,000 LEGO bricks! With 10,000 special glow-in-the dark tiles used on the LEGO model as well, fans are ensured of a fantastic night view!
  11. Resorts World Genting and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products Announce Plans for First Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park http://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/resorts-world-genting-twentieth-century-045900963.html UALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--(BUSINESSWIRE)-- Resorts World Genting, the world’s largest destination resort operator, announces today a licensing partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to develop the first international Twentieth Century Fox theme park. Opening in 2016, the new theme park at Resorts World Genting will fully immerse visitors in an entertainment experience featuring some of FOX’s most recognized and powerful film brands including ICE AGE, RIO, ALIEN and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. Dato Lee Choong Yan, president and chief operating officer of Genting Malaysia Berhad and Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products participated in a signing event solidifying the partnership between Genting Malaysia Berhad and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. The alliance was witnessed by Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, chairman and chief executive officer of Genting Malaysia Berhad. “For the first time, audiences will soon be transported into the worlds of their favorite Twentieth Century Fox properties,” said Godsick. “Brought to life by our partner Resorts World Genting, this theme park marks the launch of our global location based entertainment strategy.” “Twentieth Century Fox is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of entertainment content in the world,” said Tan Sri Lim. “The FOX brand is popular throughout the world because the studio has earned a reputation for quality, creativity and longevity. We’re honored to partner with Twentieth Century Fox to realize the vision of a world class integrated resort.” The Twentieth Century Fox theme park at Resorts World Genting will feature rides and attractions based on a wide array of FOX properties including action, adventure, animation, family and sci-fi genres. Highlights from the park will include: More than 25 acres of land, featuring more than 25 rides and attractions from media based rides, thrill rides, dark rides, to children’s rides and water rides Rides and attractions based on Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster titles like ICE AGE, RIO, LIFE OF PI, ALIEN, PREDATOR and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (additional film build outs to be announced) The Dream Parade, featuring a one-of-a-kind, animatronics parade based on all characters and titles represented at the theme park Retail merchandise and themed food and beverage outlets Resort World Genting is investing more than r RM400 million to develop the Twentieth Century Fox theme park. New jobs will be created, including cast members who will be trained to operate the rides and attractions, while representing the characters and stories from various FOX properties. The ultimate focus and goal: delivering a world-class customer experience. The Genting Theme Park was opened in 1978 as Genting Amusement and Recreation Park. Today after 35 years, the outdoor theme park receives millions of visitors annually from Malaysia and all over the world. With the Twentieth Century Fox theme park targeting families and adults alike, the Resort anticipates a strong growth in visitors from both Malaysia and international arrivals, in addition from neighboring countries. The Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closed beginning September 1st 2013 to facilitate the construction of the Twentieth Century Fox theme park. The projected soft opening is scheduled to take place in 2016 and will herald a new milestone of exceptional achievement for Resorts World Genting.
  12. Closure won’t hurt Genting PETALING JAYA: Genting Malaysia Bhd, while keeping mum on the refurbishment plans for its casino resort, should be cushioned from any major financial losses incurred from closing the outdoor theme park. This was because entertainment revenue contributed only marginally to the group. It had been reported that the outdoor theme park would be closed for two years from Sept 1 to undergo a facelift. Two of its rides have been closed from July 1. Group chairman and chief executive Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay is expected to detail the “major transformation” next Friday. Hong Leong Investment Bank analyst Grace Chew said in a note that the impact of the expected theme park closure would be minimal, as the bulk of Resorts World Genting’s revenue derived from its gaming activities, while only about 5% stemmed from entertainment. “Upon completion of the facelift in Genting Malaysia’s outdoor theme park, we believe there is potential that the group may charge its theme park tickets at higher prices. Current tickets are priced at RM54, RM30 and RM16 for adults or teens, children and senior citizens, respectively.” Chew added that the potential loss from entertainment revenue could be offset by the higher-than-expected net wins obtained from the racino in Resorts World New York, where weekly average net wins stood at US$432 (RM1,379) per video lottery terminal per day, a 14.6% premium to Chew’s forecast net wins of US$377. RHB Investment Bank gaming analyst Kong Heng Siong said the “major transformation” would likely be part of the RM3bil capex programme announced last month. “The exact details are not available at the moment, but Genting would most likely talk about shutting down the outdoor theme park to undergo some major facelift,” he told StarBizWeek. On the back of that, Kong believes that Genting would be introducing new rides at its theme park, expected to be ready for the public in mid- to end-2015. Another analyst from a bank-backed brokerage said Genting Malaysia remained very tight-lipped about its plans and would likely “drop the bomb when they want to.” “Speaking to the investor relations, they said nothing had been finalised so far,” he added. Genting Malaysia had said it was planning an RM3bil facelift for the 42-year-old hilltop Genting Highlands casino resort last month. http://www.starproperty.my/index.php...-hurt-genting/
  13. Upgrade for Genting Malaysia theme park July 22, 2013 KUALA LUMPUR: US-owned Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp (Fox) and Genting Malaysia Bhd will announce a collaboration to breathe new life into the Genting theme park in Genting Highlands, Pahang, and bring it up to grade with its newer parks. Sources told The Malaysian Reserve the two companies are scheduled to announce the project later this week and that the new attraction will open for business by 2016. The scope and cost of the project was not disclosed. In April, a foreign media report speculated that Fox and another US entertainment company, Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, could be making plans to enter the Asian theme park scene as a way to promote their film and television shows. The report quoted consultancy AECOM’s global director for leisure and cultural service Chris Yoshii: “For some media companies it’s not just about the theme park but part of a whole series of efforts to promote films and TV shows…theme parks are a physical manifestation of this trend”. Last month, Genting Malaysia chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay announced that it is investing at least RM3 billion to renovate its Genting Highlands resort to compete with standards set at its newer operations in Singapore and the Philippines. It has been speculated that Genting Malaysia was securing foreign partnership to redevelop the resort operated by Resorts World Genting. Genting Malaysia’s profits suffered a decline of 1.8% last year to RM1.4 billion compared to RM1.43 billion in 2011, while revenue for last year showed 7.1% year-on-year decline to RM7.9 billion. For first-quarter 2013, Genting Malaysia recorded total revenue of RM1.87 billion compared to RM1.9 billion the preceding year. In Malaysia, its leisure and hospitality business recorded revenue of RM1.34 billion, a 3% increase from a year earlier, contributed mainly by higher volume of business and hold percentage in the premium players business. The theme parks recorded lower ticket sales last year — three million compared to 3.4 million in 2011. Lim said the idea to renovate the resort was to double the group’s profits, adding that while the company has been making substantial investments abroad, it is time attention be drawn back to its homegrown resort. Through the facelift, Genting Malaysia hopes to tap into the expanding regional gaming market, while it grows the international premium players business. The theme park’s outdoor and indoor attractions are part of Genting Highlands Resort’s key tourist highlights, aside from Casino de Genting. Genting Malaysia also owns six hotel properties at Resorts World Genting — Maxims Genting Highlands Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Resort Hotel, Awana Genting Highlands, Golf & Country Resort and the 6,118-room First World Hotel, touted as the world’s largest hotel in Guinness World Records. Aside from Resorts World Genting, Genting Malaysia owns Resorts World Casino New York City in the US and over 40 casinos in the UK. In Malaysia, Genting Malaysia also operates two seaside properties — Resorts World Kijal in Terengganu and Resorts World Langkawi. Fox’s previous venture with theme parks in the region is the Fox Backlot Studios cinema and television theme park in Sydney, featuring a Simpsons attraction and a Titanic ride among others which opened for operations in 1999. However, after two years, it closed its doors in October 2001. Elsewhere, it was reported that Fox is looking for a location for a theme park and speculators had predicted China to be fertile ground. This content is provided by FMT content partner The Malaysian Reserve. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/cat...ia-theme-park/
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