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  1. Side not, Holy cow, that front gate coaster looks awful - It looks like they ran out of time when they were making this up and just quickly scribbled something in. It looks super unrealistic compared to pretty much everything else in that pic.
  2. Pretty sure that's an Intamin ZacSpin, not a S&S. The layout and supports match Insane/Green Lantern pretty much identical, although who knows what they're actually going to do.
  3. No, thank you! That looks absolutely insanely nauseating. Just watching that video got me slightly dizzy, actually going on one of them would probably mean my lunch is going everywhere. I hope they keep a hose nearby when someone vomits every other cycle or so.
  4. It's not the insane ride that we hoped for but it looks like a solid family ride, I'd imagine the height requirement is going to be 46" like White Lightning.
  5. While I doubt anyone one this board has actually ridden it, I think the honor for Arrow's Worst Coaster should definitely go to The Bat. It was awfully engineered and designed (psh, who needs to bank turns). It lasted 3 seasons and was down basically all the time. Most of the rides mentioned here are all actually functional, even Drachen Fire looks like a reliable and well designed when compared to the Bat.
  6. After my visit Sunday, I think I'm going to have to join in on this Skull Mountain Back Row Party. I rode it with my friend who has around 100+ pounds on me which meant I had a pretty good sized gap between me and the lap bar, and holy crap - I thought I was actually going to get launched out of the train. It felt like I went down the hill standing up! I've never experienced airtime quite like that before.
  7. Not sure if this has been brought up anywhere else, but this thing has apparently had a recent paintjob according to rcdb photos. http://rcdb.com/1604.htm#p=67430 http://rcdb.com/1604.htm#p=67431
  8. ^ Either way, whoever is paying for it is going to definitely have a strong preference towards the panels in the woods if it is significantly cheaper than the parking lot, which all signs point to.
  9. Honestly, It's probably in Great Adventure's best interest to just come out and say how much doing this will cost. I think everyone is massively underestimating the cost AND feasibility covering the parking lot with solar panels. By my calculations, the total amount of land at Great Adventure that is parking lots is around 85.39 acres including the employee lot, overflow parking, and Hurricane Harbor lots. Now we have to remember that parking lot panels don't cover that whole area - if they went with the standard design of the panels like the ones below, you'd probably be getting maybe 50% of the lot covered in solar - or roughly 43 acres (I'm just gonna round up for simplicity). Which is significantly less than what they'd be able to get from the current plan. Rutgers covered 32 acres of parking lot in 2011 back for $40 million - if you adjust that for the drop in price for solar (since 2011, prices have gone down by half), you're looking at a price of $26.875 Million. You also have to add on the costs to renovate the parking lot to install the panels (which password121 mentioned being possibly around $10 million). That's going to end up at nearly $37 million for the cost of doing the parking lots that would probably only put out 2/3 the power of what they would get from the panels in the woods. Honestly, I'd also guess that my estimates are probably being quite generous and I wouldn't be shocked if the costs were even more, possibly up to the $40+ million range. Additionally, it seems like the going rate for standard solar is roughly $500 thousand per acre (Source 1,Source 2). For Six Flags, that would be $30 million for the 60 acres, which also gives you 33% more power output. For the equivalent amount of power, from the parking lot panels, they'd probably need to get up into the $50 to nearly $60 million dollar range. As much as I agree that doing the parking lot solar would make more sense, its just not a good financial option for Six Flags.
  10. Man, the layout of the first few elements is so nice and flowing. I'm really looking forward to hearing how it rides.
  11. Really? There's going to be very limited forces on the support structure (no laterals) and its practically on the ground so they don't need extra support structure.
  12. I would imagine that the track is probably reaching its breaking point, Hulk is one of the older B&M coasters and has been run pretty much non-stop since orlando pretty much has no offseason. I can't think of many other rides that have as much mileage on them as Hulk probably does. The only ones that probably come close are Kumba, Montu, and maybe Riddler.
  13. Not sure if it just me, but this sounds like an incredibly complicated ride system. I'd imagine lots of down time and mechanical issues for the first park to install this. I have a hard time seeing a park shelling out $15 million for something like this - it just seems like a HUGE risk if it doesn't work out. On the other hand, I would loved to be proven wrong because this sounds like a really fun experience.
  14. Not the best quality, but here's a video of some of the tracks being removed from Hulk.
  15. Of the wooden coasters I've been on, El Toro is head and shoulders above being head and shoulders superior to everything else I've been on. The way you get launched out of your seat is absolutely unreal!
  16. Is Superman the best ride ever? Of course not. Is it a fun ride? Absolutely Yes. Superman isn't one of the type of rides that we enthusiasts go crazy over, but the general public certainly does. I have several friends whose favorite ride in the park is Superman. It doesn't pull too many forces or is too extreme (with the exception of the pretzel loop) and isn't super intimidating which means it's enjoyable and accessible for most people, not to mention that the whole flying sensation is rather unique for most people.
  17. Wow, it seems like almost all of TPR was at the park yesterday. It was actually my first visit to the park yesterday so I figured I'd share my thoughts. The climb to the top of Zumanjaro was terrifying and seemed to go on forever, but the drop itself was kinda eh. I went into El Toro expecting one of the best rides I've ever been on, and it surpassed that. I was absolutely blown away by it, it's by far the best ride I've ever been on. I've never experienced airtime like that before. Just Wow! I was honestly kinda underwhelmed by Nitro, I think I'd give a slight edge to Apollo at BGW to it. To be fair, my opinion might be a bit biased since I rode it not long after El Toro The Dark Knight pleasantly surprised me for what it was. The top was unbraked and it seemed to just fly over the hills at the end. I was a little disappointed to skip Batman, but it looked like they were only running one train and cycling what seemed like every 10 minutes. El Toro's crew was absolutely flying and pumping out trains like crazy and very rarely stacked everything. On the other hand, the Bizarro crew was awful - it seemed like they double stacked every cycle.
  18. Is it just me or did the speed of the ride in the official animation look a bit off - It seemed to take everything almost too quick. I highly doubt it will have ejector airtime.
  19. Holy crap those clearances look insanely tight. The theming on this seems almost Disney levels.
  20. While I don't know for sure. I would HIGHLY doubt that there is anything happening while Shockwave is still there.
  21. Or the lady that sued McDonalds for not having a hot label on coffee cups. Then there's somebody who sued a fast food place for only getting one napkin with their meal. The list just goes on and on. If people just used some common sense and follow the rules, there wouldn't be so many restrictions and dollars wasted on safety warnings everywhere. I swear if I see the whole McDonald Coffee Lawsuit mentioned as being frivolous I'm gonna flip a table. These are the facts about this case... Ms. Liebeck (the person who spilled the coffee) received 3rd-degree burns over 6% of her body mostly in inner thighs, butt and groin areas. She was forced to spend $20,000 for medical treatment and spent 8 Days in the hospital. McDonald's kept their coffee at well above a temperature that coffee would normally be served at. There had been 700 reports of people suffering burns from their coffee over the past 10 years due to it's high temperature as well as numerous lawsuits and did nothing about the issue. Additionally, Liebeck only ended up receiving less than $600,000 even though the jury initially awarded $2.7 million in damages. The New York Times did a really nice report about the whole situation. Watch it Here -
  22. Yes, but there are very few details about it online. I'd give Hershey a call to see if they could tell you more. - http://www.hersheypark.com/rides/ride-upgrades.php
  23. It may not be the best ride, but its certainly one of the best looking ones.
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