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  1. We also didn't get fast pass. I figured with volcano, dominator, and intimidator ert we could stand to wait in some lines. I haven't got any detail email either. Looks like they took them off of the store. Probably putting everything together right now.
  2. I don't think I'm going to enjoy all these 3D houses. I mean, isn't the thing already in 3D?
  3. First, TPR event. I'm assuming we'll get an email this week about meetup times and such? When do these things usually start?
  4. That was in the email today. I don't even know how KD does beer. I'm used to getting in line or going anywhere with my beer at Busch. I was thinking of staying in Richmond Friday night to get a little closer to the park.
  5. what? Downtime could be anything. Just because a ride is closed doesn't mean it is unsafe. Park operators could be overly cautious I guess (Mach Tower closing because some extra sensors weren't working), but general maintenance or any number of things can cause a ride to remain inoperable for a short period of time.
  6. Alpengeist after dark in the front row is one of the best experiences in that park.
  7. Just got the OK from the SO. will be our first TPR Bash. Only going to KD, as we're BG/SEAworld platinum pass holders. I haven't been to KD in forever, Robb sold us with the "beer" at lunch.
  8. Speaking of Mach Tower, if you want to ride it you better get there when they open. That thing breaks daily, usually before noon.
  9. I had the exact same feeling last year. Give me Busch gardens' nurses over universal's any day!
  10. Where do you put Rhino Rally at BGT? Dark Ride or Wendy's advertisement?
  11. I really like Festhaus Kafe, but I've really not ventured back in that building for fear of Entwined starting before I leave.
  12. We did the rush of fear pass last year. will probably do that again. What a steal! I may avoid friday and saturday nights though. Too many teenagers and the longest lines ever. When we went on the sunday, none of the houses had more than a 10-15 wait, and no tough guy 15 year olds!
  13. What does everybody think about the changes inside Das Festhaus? I sort of like the new stage and I hope the new show turns out to be good. Sucks that there is no more live band there. But I'll take that for a better show than the This is Oktoberfest.
  14. There might have also been some environmental reasons with the JCC why they didn't mess with the footers too much.
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