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  1. I'm suprised more people don't cast/stream to their chromecast or appleTV. It's so easy and it's the primary way I watch youtube videos. I can just add a bunch to a queue and just cast em over. So easy and I can sit in my big chair and watch on my big TV! I hate sitting crouched over a desktop screen or a hot laptop on my legs having to see..... comments


    EDIT: Just wanted to add that often if I see a video on TPR I'll usually check it out on my desktop and add it to my "watch later" or when i get home I'll go down to my subscriptions and look for whoever's page then look for new videos. Usually if it's something I really enjoyed I'll hit the share button and put it on facebook or twitter.

  2. I guess I haven't used Quick Queue in a while, but usually, there are different spots for quick queue on each ride. On Verbolten you can pick which seat. it just empties into the main queuing area. On AC, they put you in the 2nd row. On Alpengeist they put you in the 2nd row. on Griffon and LNM I don't believe there are designated seats, you just come in the exit and wait to load when the train empties.


    That's not to say for AC or Alpengeist you can't ask the ride attendant to sit in a different row. They may not accommodate you though.

  3. I'm trying to decide whether I'm better off purchasing a season pass rather than a single day ticket when I visit BGW later this year (will use parking, tour discount and 50% off at SWSD benefits).


    One of the perks is a "Discount on single-day tickets for friends and relatives during regular operating season" - anyone know how much of a discount this is?


    The discounted tickets (10-15% i think) aren't much cheaper if at all than using one of the $10-15 off coupons you can find. I think a pass now is ~$120. and a single day ticket is ~$70. parking is $13. but you can use the pass for 1 year from the purchase date.

  4. Bonzai Pipelines is pretty much Vanish Point with six drop slides, instead of two, right? I'm assuming it's the same manufacturer. On Vanish Point it just seems like the water is hitting you in the face the whole time and almost everyone gets off the ride with a big red scratch on their back. I hope they can get that fixed. Those slides are fun as hell though. Six is a good amount to have. Vanish Point has one of the longest lines at Water Country.


    Also speaking of spelling things wrong for no reason... Bonzai isn't really a word. Banzai (charge) or Bonsai (tree) are words. That'll get your Drenaline pumping.

  5. ^ I am.


    I will be attending Hall-o-scream on the 29th of this month and my group is looking at doing the private VIP tour. Has anyone done it before? Would like to know if its worth it.


    We did it last year. Totally worth it. We got to get on all the rides we wanted, do all the houses as many times as we wanted to, met with the guy in charge of the event, stopped at zombie safe zones for the included beer/soft drinks, got dinner with midnight hour and reserved seating at Fiends. Ended up getting some back to back rides on Cheetah Hunt at the end of the night with our tour guide. We probably wont do it this year, but maybe next year. It was a lot of fun.

  6. Rebel Yell isnt the one that needs a renovation. Its racer at KI that thing is PAINFUL!


    Rebel yell is running pretty smoothly this year.


    I rode it last weekend and if that's smooth, I'm glad I didn't ride it when it was rough. It was just painful and not fun the whole time. I felt like my spine was being compacted at least once a second the whole ride.


    Now, Grizzly is a different story. I very much enjoyed that one.

  7. We did the evening safari tour that included a couple beers and NO KIDS!! that was fun. Haven't done the coaster tour in Tampa yet. I know last year they had two different kinds of coaster tours. A shorter tour, then another tour that wasn't advertised as much(didn't even see it on the site or at the park), but was more like the awesome tour in Williamsburg, except you don't go to the top of Shiekra. I'd call and see exactly which tours they have now.

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