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  1. Every last dollar you have in your wallet PLUS every cent you have left on your credit line. If X2 is a 4D coaster, why didn't they just call it "X4?"
  2. I noticed a couple of places on the track where the cars get very close to each other. Of course they're not going to hit, but depending on which way the riders are facing, it could be an unnerving sight. But that will just add to the thrill. It would be nice if all coasters with inversions could adapt the ZacSpin-type OTSRs. Eric
  3. Personally, I think they should hold off on adding Flash Pass to Green Lantern till it's been open awhile. Otherwise, if it's popular, there will be a lot of FP holders waiting to ride and the regular line will barely move, if at all. Eric
  4. ^^ After watching that, I think Green Lantern is going to be more popular than we can imagine. Eric
  5. No. Are you using a laptop computer to read TPR right now?
  6. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Green Lantern was finished by West Coast Bash? Not likely, but with all of the parts here and GL being a relatively small ride... Eric
  7. ^ If that is indeed the case, you're going to swell up to the size of a BIG, GIANT BUNNEH!!1! and not be allowed aboard an MTA bus. Then we'll see how far you get. Eric
  8. They will have to change all of the signage in the park to [insert language] so everyone can ignore them. Why does California have so many incompetent people running the state?
  9. Do any of Six Flags' mine trains in other parks have lower height limits than Gold Rusher? Eric
  10. ^ In 1990, they installed these weird seats that had you feeling like you were sitting in a bucket, but still only had lap bars. In 1991, they installed shoulder belts that were pretty much like the ones in your car. In 1992, the same year that Flashback arrived, the current OTSRs were added. Eric
  11. So was Revolution before the OTSRs. It had a 42" height requirement and I was able to take my then six-year-old nephew for his first ride on it. *SIGH* Those were the days. Eric
  12. And most of the ride ops refer to Revolution as "The One-Loop Wonder." That should be tacked onto its name as well. Eric
  13. If you like tending to sick animals, I'd say that's a wise career move. Why do most escalators only go between two different floors and not between, say, the first floor and the fifth floor?
  14. One thing I've worried about regarding the "museum pieces" is any vandalism. I can see people carving their initials into the various coaster parts and such. Whether that's happened, I can't say. I sure hope not for the sake of some of that stuff. As for ride names, I don't know what's wrong with a simple name. "Green Lantern." Good enough for me. Eric
  15. Perhapsibly carnivorous rodents might adventure past said wall against all nutrition factmentation. When do you think the world will really end?
  16. ^ From what I remember, it doesn't look like they put heavy duty carpeting in. So carpeting that's five years old and seen that much foot traffic may be in for replacement. They could also be painting, or maybe doing both. Keep in mind, this is only a guess... Eric
  17. Perhaps in order to put down new carpeting (which is needed now and then), they needed to remove the large items and display cases. That would be my guess. I may be at SFMM on Sunday, so if I see Brandon (which I do occasionally), I'll ask. But if this is true, then it is really a big step backwards. I know that people enjoy seeing the old TV commercials and looking at the various maps, models, and concept art. In fact, the last time I was there, I got into a conversation with a lady about the park's history and she mentioned that her daughter had chosen to do a report about the park and its history. We exchanged e-mail addresses and I've been sending her info about it to help her out. Eric
  18. You get a bowling ball that keeps rolling long after it hits the pins. Inserts a sponge...
  19. Exactly nine years ago today, I drove home a brand new car. Today, I'm still driving it. Eric
  20. I just paid a visit to a former employer to visit a former co-worker to buy Girl Scout cookies. Eric
  21. I don't now, but did at one time. Do you like what Disney is doing with DCA?
  22. Because you're fifteen and in a Fine Arts class. That's a lot of Fs, and they figured that one more wouldn't hurt you. Why do our eyes get bigger when we're scared?
  23. Percy's Railway might be a moderate thrill if it were sponsored by Amtrak. Eric
  24. I've been to Tijuana a few times and managed to get back alive. I was lucky. You may not be. Eric
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