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  1. I'm not sure how I missed this topic, being that most people who know me are well aware of the bizarre dreams I tend to have. In honor of Superman reopening at SFMM, I'll share a couple of dreams I've had about that ride. In the first one, I was standing near the base of the tower and heard a car approaching. It went up the tower faster than usual but didn't slow down. There was a few seconds of silence, then a big crash. Apparently, the car went right off the tower and ended up in the parking long (probably about where Goliath is now). In that dream, I remember thinking, "Oh no! " about it and wondered how the people in the car were, but never went to check it out. That's when I woke up. In the other Superman dream, the cars went up to the top of the tower and stopped. Riders could step out and go into a small snack bar up there for a drink or snack. Whenever they were ready, they could catch the next car down. I stayed up there for awhile because I was enjoying the view, but finally decided to head back down. There was a ladder between the two tracks with wide steps to stand on while boarding. Once the car was loaded, it simply dropped back to the station. I had both of these dreams about the time Superman was announced for SFMM, early 1996 or so. There are a few other dreams, but nothing noteworthy. Eric
  2. Is it me or does that ice cream look like it has some letters on it...secret code perhaps? Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharing. Eric
  3. ^^ I totally forgot about Mac Tonite. Maybe because he was...forgettable? Just looking at that picture of Robb sitting with the OTSR restraint pulled down made me realize how closely they fit over your neck. I had no problem using them when I rode, and thought these would be nice for other rides. Eric
  4. You would definitely need to wash those nerdy hands of yours. What do you think would happen if everyone began speaking in reverse; that is, saying, "Going you are where?" instead of "Where are you going?"
  5. ^ You want a McDonald's? Is your back yard big enough for one? And remember that you need room for the drive-thru... Speaking of which, back in 1985 or so, we went through a McDonald's drive-thru on a genuine English Routemaster double deck bus. You have never seen so many WTF?!? looks in one place at one time... Eric
  6. The secret plan is to get everyone hooked on it, then tax it every time someone plays it. What do stores do with the coupons you turn in?
  7. Not on purpose... Do you think there should be an East Coast Bash?
  8. This is for cooksta77: Did they annex your town to Rancho Cucamonga? I have family there and recently got a wedding invitation (their son's wedding, March 19, so I can't attend West Coast Bash), and their return address had Rancho Cucamonga on it instead of Alta Loma like it has for years. Did Alta Loma just...vanish? Eric
  9. It's kind of funny how I've only ridden S:EFK at night. I'm sure next time will be during the day so I can get a good idea of what the park looks like from way up the tower. Yes, what a green room that was. Kinda caught me by surprise, actually. I forgot to mention the positive G forces on the way back down the tower while going through the radius from vertical to horizontal. Not blackout force or anything, but some good forces. Eric
  10. ^ I had a feeling that what we saw this weekend won't be the final theme. They say that they can't race the cars because of the power draw, although they did race them for at least one Discovery Channel shoot. I know that because I've ridden it with both cars racing for one shoot that I did in early 1998. (Riddler's Revenge was under construction at the time, and you could see the lift hill in various stages of completion during that show.) Eric
  11. ^^^ Sorry I didn't meet you today, but not having ever met you, I didn't know what you looked like. When SFMM ran their season passholder preview back in December 1996, it rained on the day I went, but operated anyway. This time, they kept saying that they had to dry the track, and then ended up not being able to get the right track to run. So they switched over to the left one for the runs they did tonight. As I said, they only ran the ride three or four times with people aboard because less than 15 people were there when it finally opened. As for changes to the Fortress itself, the outside still looks the same, but they did paint the side facing the tower and put a Superman logo on it. Inside, it's still dark until the room where the lines split off. Where it was once dark, it's all done up now in green. It was brightly lit tonight, but I don't know if that will be the final theming. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow, so if any of you with passes/invitations are planning to go, it would be a good idea to give it a shot. Eric
  12. ^ Hmmm...I thought you did "other" things with hookahs... Eric
  13. This is easy---they buy the chunky peanut butter instead of the smooth kind. What happens if you re-use a cup from Wendy's that originally had Coke in it by filling it with Pepsi?
  14. ^ I don't know about an "official" definition, but to me the "front" is the leading end of the car, sort of like how the "front" on X2 is the row that leaves the station first. But you do make a good point. Eric
  15. I got out to SFMM today just after 11, and figured that by the time I made my way up to check in for Superman, it would be noon and they would start letting us in. Nope. Not ready yet, so I walked down the hill and rode Gold Rusher and Riddler's Revenge (back to two train operation, by the way ), then gave Gregg (Sir Clinksalot) a call. He and son Josh were waiting up at Superman. We met up and had lunch at Johnny Rockets before heading over to Goliath. The end of the line there was at the top of the stairs, so we were on in about three trains or so. After a ride on Orient Express back to the top of the hill, we checked back to see if Superman was running. It still wasn't, so we went to Sky Tower. The Magic of the Mountain museum had minimal displays because the tower will be undergoing some renovations (exactly what, we weren't told). Back down, we checked Superman again. Nope, still not running. We waited for quite some time, then Gregg and Josh decided to leave. I waited some more, then went to ride Ninja. Two-train operation, so it didn't take long for a ride in the front seat. I'd ridden about as much as I wanted to, so I just hung out at the Superman check-in and talked to the people there for awhile, in hopes of the ride opening. For a long time, it looked like it wouldn't open, but then we saw a car launch. Then another. Then another. After about a half dozen launches for testing, Neal Thurman came out to announce that we needed to have our season pass and the ticket issued to us in hand because...we're goin' in. It was about 6:45pm. The former waiting area (just before the doors to enter the launch chamber) has been redone in a bright color. Once inside, you're seated as before. I got one ride in the last row with three others, and I happened to be sitting next to the dreaded arm guard/restraint. It's a bit uncomfortable, but not terrible. Cars are launched with some force, but not what I was expecting (of course this was a technical rehearsal, so results may vary in the next month while they fine-tune it). By the time I took my first ride, it was already dark, but the tower does have some lighting on it. It was easy to see that we were well into the red section of the tower at the peak of our ride. Unfortunately, there's little or no more of the good floater airtime from before---perhaps because of the new position of the riders. Neal was on hand during our ride, and it only took about three launches to clear out everyone who was there. He told me that if we wanted to ride again, we could exit and go back in the front entrance of the Fortress. As mentioned, I took my first ride in the back, so for my second, I rode in the front. With only two seats, they aren't close enough to the walls of the tunnel to require the arm thingies, so the ride was a bit more comfortable in that respect. No one else rode in my row, so I was the only one in Row 1. SFMM did a nice job with this. You guys are going to enjoy it. Eric
  16. Funny thing...I've only seen pictures/video of the car on the left track. Are they running both tracks for this preview? Eric
  17. Gregg, if I go tomorrow, maybe we can hook up. Over 100 mph, huh? I don't think I've ever ridden it that fast. Hopefully they can keep it going like this. Eric
  18. ^ You would have loved watching a seagull steal my chili-cheese dog one time when I was at Wienerschnitzel. I stepped away from my table to pick up some trash that had blown away, and while I was a few feet from there, the bird swooped in and got a free lunch. At the time I was really mad, but in hindsight it's kind of funny, and I wish I had a picture of the bird inhaling the darned thing! Eric
  19. It's just after 11am as I post this...and the weather looks nice here near the coast, but I don't know how it is in Valencia. I don't know if I'll go over there today or hold off till tomorrow. It is tempting to go now, though... Eric
  20. I like it a lot, but haven't played in ages. Do you drive in the No. 1 lane on the freeway (far left, "fast lane")?
  21. With regard to the people on that other site, I'm really glad that I have a hobby... Eric
  22. ^ We did the Liberty Tree on our first visit (2002). Sorry to hear it's gone; it was actually kind of nice. I didn't mention it previously, but on that same visit, we really enjoyed dinner at the restaurant in Morocco in the World Showcase at Epcot. A little different, but in our opinion it was very good. Eric
  23. ^ That's tempting if getting to ride this weekend doesn't work out. Hopefully it won't rain on that day. I just might look into it. Eric
  24. After you go through the metal detectors, look straight ahead at the giant digital clock. The Will Call window is just to the right of it. Eric
  25. ^ Since I was a kid, we've always called them "crank" calls here in CA. Maybe it's like the "soda" vs. "pop" thing. I'll do some research and find all of this stuff. It sounds like it's a hoot to read. Eric
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