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  1. Nah nah nah, Sledgehammer is the First Flat ride giving me as much good time as a coaster. A bit short maybe but I think it is really fun. Topple Tower is something I really don't know what to think about, I'll have an answer in the following weeks I guess.
  2. There's one (well... actualy 10) at Legoland Germany, It is a very interesting and fun ride. After the neverending queue, you receive a magnetic card, you put it into a computer and you decide the ride you'll experience. Yep, that is the fun part, there are 4 or 5 different intensity levels, all of them proposing several figures. You can chose up to about 5 figures, from different intensity levels (Am I clear ? think not... ) The worst part is... it is too short, the good part is that the art is incredibly smooth, no headbangin whatsoever, unbeleivable, even experiencing the most daring figures. Very soft, end very intense, not B&M soft, better than that, zero vibration, none, nothing, nada ! Only pure intensity. The ride can take you upside-down with an incredible power without even a notch. Technicaly, it is superb. The quality of the ride yet depends greatly of the choice of your figures, that could be a problem, cgi animations are not that explicit on the programing console. Let's say I was lucky doing some catapult-like movements, my friends looked stuck on barrel rolls things. The lenght of the queue prevented us to make another ride, too bad because it is *that* good. btw the company is expert in building robots used in assembly lines in automobile industry, this would explain the high quality of the ride. I am waiting for more from Kuka, just try one.
  3. Schwartzkopf. Father of modern steels, was the master of W. Stengel, Absolute legend. btw you forgot "Gerstlauer"
  4. gisco's right, the new flat ride will rightfully replace 'sismic panic'.
  5. I agree with Peis: Most powerful air-time on Expedition Ge-Force, 2nd hill (almost painfull ) Longest air-time: Colossos, Heide Park (note: *NOT* when the trains are cold, wait for afternoon)
  6. Eraser at Warner Bros Germany. Painfull. Yep, some SLC's are even worst than others !
  7. I prefer Klotti, but G'sente Sau still is a fantastic example of "small yet great". Can't wait to ride both again. 3 Gerstlauer's are enough to make a fan of this builder...
  8. You already visited this one, and it has not changed much since, one new "soak-your-buddies-on-a-boat-ride" yet nothing *that* great, why not try 2 small parks, Toverland and his motorbike coaster, not very far from Bobbejaanland, and "pick another one in the area". WBW Germany is big enough to spend 1 day, especially when crowded. (imho) As said previously, plus you'll start to be tired A whole day to Klotten might be a lot, there is nothing much in the park but the coaster and the new flume for 2005. DO NOT MISS THIS PARK but 1/2 day is enough. I say Tripsdrill Tripsdrill Tripsdrill ! (check distance between them) If you can, add a German fair, beleive me Olympia Looping, Eurostar, Alpina Bahn must be seen, just for the "here for one week only" factor. Last weeks of june generaly mean "schools'out". Beware. A bit sooner would be perfect (may->1st week of june). www.mappy.com and www.viamichelin.fr Just a few hours from Heide to Fort Fun, don't know more specificaly, I did the reverse itinary in 2003 and it was fine. Fort Fun is an interesting small park, with flat rides unexpectably pushed to the limit, yet nothing really *that" original. Small but fun park. Almost died in the bobsleid ride ! 5 hours is short, especially considering the high quality of the major rides there (River Quest has the longest queue, 1 hour is frequent, Mystery Castle, Winja's -first Force then Fear-, Colorado Adventure -forget BTM-, when 1 of this kind of 1st class ride is in a regular park, we are happy, here, there are 4 of them, some 2nd rate rides could be skipped though: Galaxy -simulator-, the mad house, the feary dark ride) I spend a plain day in there, and I visit the park twice a year. You said it. "Packed" holiday inn, try the accord group (www.ibishotel.com) I have no date as of today, but Dusseldorf might be somewhere around july 15th, 1 week to 10 days, I think Dusseldorf and Oktoberfest @ Munchen are the 2 biggest German fairs. Deinitely not to be missed. There is Anakirmes somewhere in July near the Belgian Border, not too bad, includes Olympia Looping, but 5 cars/train in stead of 7 (Munchen). Difference is noticeable I don't know much but what I know I told you. Hope you'll make it !
  9. Hi Elissa (Oh ! Godess amongst the coaster-fans ! - If I may -). Thanks to Master Robb to let us comunicate on your forum about our 3rd edition of the UETPA (yeah we call them like that... we think that sounds weird enough to be cool) I am a friend of Francois, I have an unpronouncable first name ('Ambroise',just try it, so call me Amby) and I am implied in this project since 2nd edition. This year my title ranks as "general coordinator" yet it would be too selfish to consider that I deserve half the credit for these awards, the people behind them are actualy great and the job they do is incredible. Let's just consider me as part of the team. I can't beleive you of all people consider "you haven't been to too many European parks". Honestly, having seen the pictures of your trip back in 2001 (or was it 2002? Sorry haven't bought the DVD yet... a shame I know) I can assure you that a lot of European voters would love to have your experience (and only the European part of it) Next to what you may have ridden, there is all you have heard about. And I am sure a lot of members of this forum have at least heard a bit of what's going on in Europe. Here the laws generaly implies height and noise restriction, but I think the old continent has mastered the "smaller and funnier" part of this industry. These awards are not only about novelties so nobody should hesitate to register and vote, even if one cannot fill all the boxes. Every vote counts and avery ride is to be considered. (Just to show off a bit I'd add that we have a better coaster-per square mile ration here in Europe than you have in the US Okay you have come record breakers but guess who built them ? Aha ! 8) ) And don't even consider visiting Belgium without contacting us first Cheers! Amby
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