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  1. ^ Yeah, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of those older waitresses have been there for a long time too. It's always the place I stop and eat when I visit. Not the best food ever, but it satisfies. The wings are not too bad. And free drink refills for the same price you would get a single fill out in the rest of the park. You can't beat the atmosphere either. Especially out on the patio. Last time I was eating out there they had the Civil War reenactment team march by. Very cool
  2. ^^ Lets not forget that the Ghost Town peek-ins were recently renovated. That is, torn down and rebuilt. I'd say that's something worth while.
  3. Looks like you had fun at Silverwood! So I take it you didn't eat at the restaurant inside the park?
  4. ^ OMG, before watching the video, I thought this was one of those fake ads. You mean this is for real? WOW!
  5. Hey, you finally posted some pictures! Heh. Gosh, sure reminds me a lot of my drive through those parts of the country. But I do have to wonder- where are the Silverwood pics?
  6. Yeah, I was quite happy to hear this. Crazy because in every interview I ever heard with him he said with 100% certainty that they would not get back together. He said that Soundgarden was a phase of his life that he wanted to keep untouched. With them back together, I just hope this means they put together a quality album. As far as Audioslave and his solo work - I actually liked a good part of it. The first Audioslave album was solid throughout. The second and third not as much. His solo work also degraded with each album. Only exception is "You Know My Name." I really like that track. Oh, and his voice seems to be on point again. Anyone catch him on Conan last year when he performed a cover of "Imagine"? What a beautiful rendition.
  7. This could be a new theme for Batman:The Ride in Georgia!
  8. I didn't get the joke... possibly because nobody has used the word "ace" to describe something since the 1940's. At any rate, this Club TPR sounds like the bees' knees! HAHA! Bees' knees! Now that's something ... You are also talking to someone who likes to swing dance. Heh.
  9. ^ That was my second thought. I'm not around here enough to catch everything. I'll just pretend I got the joke and LMAO.
  10. Sounds like an ace name. And for those not getting the joke, "ace" is also an adjective meaning "excellent." That is, I like the name as well. Anyways, while I voted no because it isn't something I'd personally be interested in, I think this is a great idea for those who want to get a little more out of TPR. And based off other fan clubs and such, the price is certainly on point.
  11. Quote of the year Is there an inside joke that I am missing? I don't get what was funny. Anywho, I'd put Rattler (SFFT) to its death. What a POS.
  12. THIS Website has a lot of old pictures and history about SFMM Oh wow, that website is STILL around? Takes me back. But still a great source of information for historical information on Magic Mountain. While they are all black and white, pictures chronicling the first 25 years of Magic Mountain (1971-1996) can be found here: http://www.americacoasters.com/SFMMGuide/historicalphotos.php Yeah, I know ... another site that is STILL around.
  13. ^ Ah okay, thanks. Sounds like a regular rehab of the ride. Crazy to think it is still running after all these years.
  14. I went back though a bunch of pages and couldn't find anything. I know they are painting Batman, but what is going on with Atom Smasher?
  15. ^ I think that post should win for pure creativity.
  16. Quickly skimming through the lists of gifts, at first I thought you said you were hungover for x-mas. That wouldn't have been any fun! Anyways, on to my list - $275 $125 in Express gift cards 1MX button-down shirt from Express V-neck argyle sweater from Express Black leather jacket US $1 Coin Proof Set US Quarter Proof Set X-mas ornament
  17. ^^Yeah, Batman is just a tad smaller. But this cold weather isn't helping, I'm sure. Aside from people generally working slower in the cold, it will also take longer for the paint to dry. These are not exactly ideal conditions for painting anything. Depending on the weather, Batman could take just as long as Goliath, but I doubt it. ^ Clone or not, it is one of my favorite rides of all the coasters I have been on. It is my Haunted Mansion of Magic Mountain. One of those rides I try and hit every time I go.
  18. Being inspired by "cprocks22," I changed my desktop to something similar. I also changed my dock (even though it auto hides) and icons (like the hard drive ones) to make things match a little better. Still tweaking it, but looking good so far.
  19. ^ Well, that's good to know that is isn't just todays younger generation causing all the problems ...
  20. ^ What I wanna know is: how long has sticking gum on the track as you go up the first lift been a tradition?
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