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  1. The pics look amazing. I love the use of the restroom stalls for the building. Maybe reduce the amount of brown by adding some green or yellow?
  2. 10ryansmith: You don't need to merge. Just build the upward track, then delete the flat to sloped transition piece (and the one before it), build backwards from the sloped track, zero clearance and re-build the flat to sloped piece. If this doesn't work, PM me and i'll give it a try
  3. I'm sorry but I highly doubt that a small amusement park like this would be able to stay open after the death of four, let alone the ride that killed the people. Aside from that, I've really enjoyed watching the park progress and I can't wait to see the final update
  4. Looking very nice coasterfreak. Can't wait to see the park
  5. ^I think you should search first: http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2147/premier-amusement-park-v2/ I already have this park downloaded on my laptop, and I still enjoy it loads every time I view it (even if the scenery selecion is slightly outdated ). Also, BIG congrats on completing a park of this size, and considering it was made in '03, you did an excellent job
  6. This looks awesome. Very nice execution of the themes and lots of cool ideas. Great work.
  7. That's absolutely amazing. The idea to use hedges as queue line is simply brilliant. I'm also loving the foliage, excellent work.
  8. If you want to sink huts with SoB, you need the path to connect to the hut. If that's the problem, easy fix, but if you want the path to go to the ride station to make it look more realistic you can make huts invisible using a different method with 8cars. I've sent you a PM about it.
  9. That red coaster is looking really nice, good job! However I think you should change the land near the pond in the second screen to grass. The concrete doesn't look very realistic. But the rest looks really nice! Coming Soon...
  10. The log flume is amazing. Exceptional work on the surroundings and the screens are so full of life and atmosphere.
  11. Great update again, I'm loving the station for Virginia Vortex. I think the park would do well with a Log flume or other type of water ride.
  12. Looks brilliant, funkeymon! I'm loving the coaster and the queue covers look really nice
  13. Wow looks really nice jake, your park is turning out great!
  14. Thanks guys! I'll do my best to improve the layout
  15. Oh. Well then, discount me from the contest, please. I was unaware of the rule, sorry.
  16. The invert layout isn't bad, but I suggest tightening the turnaround in between the two corkscrews. I've made a (currently not working) layout of Speed: No Limits at Oakwood Theme Park, which I am going to eventually re-create.
  17. It's nice but it just doesn't have the charm that your work gives. I wouldn't really be able to recognise it as yours. I know you can do better, as is evident in your previous screens and I think that if you keep at it you can make this look fantastic.
  18. ^Forgot about that, thanks. I'll edit the post with it. ^^Thanks! I'm sure people will benifit with the ability to make stations thinner My next tutorial is undecided, but hopefully I'll have it by Sunday night. Thanks for everyone's support.
  19. ^I was thinking along those lines too. Nevertheless it looks really cool, good job.
  20. My entry has been uploaded to the exchange. http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2681 Everyone's entries look fantastic
  21. Soak City, Wildwater Kingdom and Oceans of Fun. What does the word Intamin stand for? Difficulty: 5
  22. ^Looks great! I really like the concept, good job A few screens of my coaster, Soar. The layout Some path interaction before the final brake run Entrance sign A little snippet of two other rides
  23. This looks amazing. All of those pictures are very atmospheric and detailed. I think my favourite is the Entrance. It's so clean and fresh, yet still able to keep it's charm without looking stale. Truly brilliant work here.
  24. Sounds great! I'm in. Hopefully I can pump out a good layout
  25. ---Rotating Ride Entrances and Exits--- Welcome to my second tutorial. This one is going to teach you how to rotate the Entrance and Exit huts on a rollercoaster. A few things to take note of: -As far as I'm aware, this tutorial works for all versions of Windows. I tried this tutorial on Windows 7 and it works, however I am unable to guarentee that it will work on Windows Vista, XP or earlier. I also cannot ensure it works on Mac. -This tutorial requires the Son of Beast (SoB) trainer. A download is provided at the bottom of the post. -This hack should work on all rides. -Make sure you open the SoB trainer after RCT2. -Make sure your layout is final, because if you edit the layout after doing this hack, you will be given an error trapper. 1) Build your layout, however do not place the Entrance or Exit huts yet. 2) Open the SoB trainer and click Landscaping > Begin Special Build Mode. 3) Back in RCT2, build the Entrance and Exit huts. 4) In SoB, click Landscaping > Execute Special Build Mode > Rotate Entrance/Exit Hut > North/East/South/West. 5) Back in RCT2 you can see which way the Hut has rotated. You can go back into SoB and change the direction if this isn't the one you intended. However, because there are two openings, you must place path on the smaller opening if you choose to do so. 6) Go back into SoB and click Landscaping > End Special Build Mode and you're done. Thanks for reading the tutorial and if you have any questions or problems, please ask SoB Trainer Download: Son fo Beast Trainer.rar
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