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  1. On my travels I have come accross quie a few parks where they will allow rerides. When it is quiet Oakwood will let you reride Megafobia (all day if you want) and Walibi World will let you reride Goliath. SFMM allowed me to reride a number of their coasters when it was quiet. Cosmos World also allowed rerides although somtimes it would be 15 mins or so between dispatch of the train.
  2. My best rides in the rain on a coaster would be on Megafobia. It flys in the rain. I would agree that Tonnere de Zeus is also excellent in the rain. I was also at Cedar point at this time and one of the rides on Millenium Force would have to go down as my most painful ride ever. at 90+mph those raindrops don't half sting. With no queue however it didn't stop me going round for another ride or two. Wasn't it great. Millenium Force was walk on and Dragster had a five minute queue.
  3. I think that Balder fully deserves its position at number one. When I rode it this year it was one amazing coaster with more airtime that I was expecting. However I am even more pleased to see that two UK coasters can still make it into the top twenty. Megafobia is still a class act but even better that the seventy year old Grand National can still manage to be ranked at nineteen. I think that Charlie Page would be pleased by this
  4. I would agree with this. Good fun and a nice long ride although a bit unusual to have an Amtrak liveried engine running round a part of Suffolk. Shame it didn't sound like the real thing. I also liked the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad with its real steam engines. Not only was it great fun and a good length but it was also a good place from which to take pictures of the drop on Millennium Force It's fun to become part of the pixi display eh. Anyone who has been to Tivoli at Christmas will know what I mean The worst park train would I have come accross would have to be the railway at Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Maxium speed is 7KPH and you can overtake it at a steady walking pace.
  5. Nice pictures Paul. I enjoyed looking at these as this is a park I plan to visit next year although I'm not sure I would like to be as quiet as in your pictures. It was certainly a shame that they got rid of their Schwarzkopf for an X Car. I know which I would prefer
  6. A great shame about the addition of seat belts to the Rollercoaster but it is no surprise given the over the top attitude of the H&SE in the UK and the spreading of the lets claim for damages culture. While I don't think that the seat belts will spoil the ride, I will certainly like it just as much as I always have, it was quite an experience to enjoy this coaster with no restraints. I think we will all be sad to see some of the old rides go, especially Vikingar, but if we get some fantastic new rides out of it then I'm sure most people will be happy. It's just a shame that a new home couldn't be found for Vikingar
  7. I have had a few breakdowns. 1st was on Nemesis Inferno when the train came to a stop at the top of the lift hill on a nice hot day. Got going again after about 10 - 15 minutes. The highlight of all this was reading coverage in the UK papers, some of whom claimed that 50 people had been stuck. Very good for a train that only has 28 seats. 2nd was on Kopermijn at Drievliet where we came to a stop on the first trim brakes for a good fifteen minutes. Wouldn't have been so bad if it had not started to rain. When we got going the ride was quite lively because none of the trim brakes were working properly. 3rd was also on Nemesis Inferno when the train again came to a stop on the lift hill. This time got an evacuation from the train.
  8. I'm added. Bath in the UK. Nearest decent coasters are Nemesis Inferno and Megafobia
  9. The parks I have visited so far are : Adventure Island Alton Towers American Adventure Attractiepark Slagharen Adventurepark Hellendoorn Barry Island Pleasure Park Blackgang Chine Blackpool Pleasure Beach Blackpool South Pier Botton's Pleasure Beach Brean Leisure Park Briddlington Experience Brighton Pier Camelot Theme Park Cedar Point Chessington World of Adventures Clacton Pier Cleethorpes Beach Coney Beach Pleasure Park Cosmo's World Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure Disneyland Resort Paris & Walt Disney Studios Park Drayton manor Park Dreamland Drievliet Family Park Dunes Leisure Efteling Fantasy Island First World Plaza Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo Fort Fun Amusement Park Funland Amusement Park Genting Theme Park Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Greenwood Forest Park Gullivers Matlock Bath Gullivers Warrington Holiday Park Jardin D'Acclimatation Joyland Amusement Park Knotts Berry Farm Kobe Portopialand Legoland Windsor Lightwater Valley Liseberg Mines Wonderland Oakwood Leisure Park Ocean Beach Amusement Park Parc Asterix Peter Pans Amusement Park Pleasure Island Family Theme Park Pleasureland Southport Pleasurewood Hills Rhyl Promenade Six Flags Magic Mountain Starlight Express Sunway Lagoon Thorpe Park Tivoli Gardens Toverland Walibi Belgium Walibi World Williams Amusements Wonderland Pleasure Park That's all of them till next year
  10. I'm glad to see that Oakwood are getting a new coaster and will look forward to riding it next year. It does look interesting. However I can't help thinking that I'll still be spending most of my time there on their world class woodie
  11. SLCs look good with a good layout but on the four I have ridden the ride has ranged from bumpy (Traumatizer at Pleasureland) to downright painful (El Condor at Walibi World). Vampire at Walibi Belgium wasn't so rough but can claim the prize for the smelliest coaster I have ever ridden.
  12. There are numerous coasters that are not worth a long wait but I would not consider waiting any longer than five to ten minutes for Colossus at Thorpe Park or Air at Alton Towers. When I visited Cedar Point back in September both Magnum XL and Millennium Force were running in heavy rain. It was quite an experience coming down the first drop on MF in the rain
  13. I have only ridden two B&M stand ups and would have to say that Riddlers Revenge at SFMM was the best. I found Mantis at Cedar Point quite painful and will not rush back to ride this one again
  14. I have only had the pleasure of riding 5 B&M inverters so far but would rank them thus:- 1 - Nemesis - Alton Towers 2 - Raptor - Cedar Point 3 - Batman - SFMM 4 - Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park 5 - Silver Bullet - Knotts Berry Farm
  15. Not in a million years. I enjoy coasters far to much to give up for a year
  16. I had my first chance to ride the Revolution at the end of last year and the OTSR's totally spoilt the ride for me. It was very painful with plenty of head banging. Having been on a few Schwarzkopfs with lap bars I can only imagine just how good this coaster must have been in pre OTSR days. If only they could reinstate the lap bars it would be fantastic
  17. For smooth comfortable airtime it would have to be Intamin Woodies or Intamin mega coasters, especially Goliath and Expedition GeForce. Other favourites for excessive airtime would have to be Megafobia and the Grand National
  18. My personal favourite would have to be the Flying Machines at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 101 years old and still going strong.
  19. Most definately yes. Lots of coasters have the same layout but they are still individual coasters in different parks and/or different locations. We'd all loose a lot of credits if the answer was no
  20. Thorpe Park would be my most visited park (40+ times) followed by Oakwood (20+ times)
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