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  1. Well, seeing as I couldn't live further from any British beach, our nearest beach is actually pretty much whichever we want to visit (hense all the credit trips).


    This wasn't actually a credit trip - more of a family beach day. However, there is a kiddie coaster in Hunstanton that I hadn't ridden, so thought I may as well divert a bit and ride it.







    Wow, once again Disney has been whitewashed when it comes to an entrance. I mean, Rainbow park just went MAD when they invested in this. OMG.





    They had the usual rubbish... Waltzers, Paratrooper, Twist, Miami, Slide...




    Oh, and a messed up claustrophobic ghetto air bomber thing.



    It looked horrid. Why would you? Just why?



    The Samaritans should open a branch next to this hunk o junk... why else would you be willing to pay the £2 it costs to ride?




    Oh forget it, everyone knows why i'm really in this hole:





    I don't know what's more crowd-pulling, the dull, depressing paint job or the seedy back entrance? They're right, it's the perfect family coaster!





    Fuqit, for £1.50 i'd ride anything





    Dragon Ride? Doesn't a sign about 6ft away say 'Sea Dragon'? Meh.


    Oh, and, you can always tell when a park is REALLY dodgy when they operate on cash rather than a token scheme (see Coney beach).



    A never before seen angle of a Nessi style coaster!





    I love it really.





    With that. I leave Rainbow park . Next years trip is being planned as we speak!




    I then got some culture.




    Laughed at some saddo (see the number plate...)





    Then went to find the family at the beach (which took about 3 hours LOLZ).






    Thanks for reading x

  2. (I'm in the green hoodie btw...)


    I found Baco quite rough in the outer seats, but still fantastic.


    However, on the inside seats it was absolutley brilliant - fast, intense and a true rush.


    The roughness on the outer seats was weird, it wasn't head banging or neck chopping, but that weird roughness brought about by intensity (where your brain bounces up and down... only some people seem to get it. Speed at Oakwood gave me the same headache inducing treatment too).


    Great weekend.

  3. Hey...


    I've been a member on the site since 2005, but haven't really posted much .


    I'm interested in the East Coast trip, and will be bringing a 17 year old friend.


    At the time of the trip, i'll be 18 and he'll be 17. Will I count as a 'guardian'?


    We've both been active memebers of 'Coasterforce' for years.


    Thanks, Jake.


    If your 17 you can go without a parent or guardian, but you have to be preapproved by TPR.


    Straight from the flyer...


    aged 16 – 17 will be allowed to travel on their own but must have a signed medical release and waiver from their

    parent or guardian as well as be personally approved by Theme Park Review.


    I read that... but wasn't sure.


    How do we / does he get this approvement?


    Jake x.

  4. Sorry for the lack of photo's, I always forget...




    Heres the train passing through the lift hill supports:


    The 180 turn half way down the first drop:


    The loop: (I always make my loops as fast and as powerfull as I can get away with, theres nothing more annoying than poorly paced loops!)


    The S bend airtime hill (and Zero G roll underneath):


    And an overview, if you shake your head backwards and forwards you might be able to see it a bit better :


    Thats all folk's.

  5. Here's one of my favorite projects, I made it a while ago but i've only just started posting.


    Its an intamin hyper track, but there are a three inversions (loop, zero g roll and an immelman).


    Theres also a top hat and an S bend hill...


    I think the ride is pretty smooth, but I guess you'll have to decide that.


    Without further faffing, I present Rose Of Sharyn.






    Rose Of Sharyn.nltrack

    RoS Download.

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