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  1. Well, we like to see new places, and when we heard that EasyJet were starting a route to Tel Aviv we booked early, and got flights for £100! Plus, the weather, beach, gay scene etc just looked great. It was fabulous!


    We stayed in Sky Hostel, if you know where that is. It's right near an AM-PM supermarket. Haha.

  2. Me and my friend Kir got back at about 1am this morning, but because it was burdenous London Luton Airport we had to wait until about 5am to get the train home. After getting about 2 hours sleep the previous night, and a crap nights sleep on the beach the night before, we were absolutely exhausted!


    But, it was amazing, so it's fine


    In this TR i'm going to combine both of our photos, due to the fact that I covered Superland and my night photos came out a bit crappy.


    We didn't take pictures every day, so i'm going to split it into 3 sections;


    1 - Beach and Leisure

    2 - The Theme Parks

    3 - Night photos of the city


    So yeah... here is part 1!



    Gay times at Luton <3



    The room was basic to say the least... but for £12 a night i'm anyones!



    Suddenly we were in the sun! This was the view from our balcony.







    ...other direction




    Kir dancing with JESUS in the background...




    Close up of JESUS



    Lots of the locals were doing yoga and stuff, so we had a go at some acrobatics <3





    Me getting rid of my shorts-tan. We did actually go for a swim, but no photos l'obv!



    Group photo taken just before our SILENT DISCO on the beach!




    So... after a day of sun and sea, we got ready to have a night out on the gay scene for some SEXy gay Israeli men There aren't any photos in the club, mainly because we were too trashed, but there are a few that we don't really remember taking, and only found out about when scrolling through photos when we woke up on the BEACH the next day



    Before we left, post-bottle-of-vod













    Irresponsible ///3




    We're SUCH british louts.



    To be honest, it's all a bit of a blur... and I don't remember much between that and waking up on the beach. I remember V'ing, which is how I must've hemoraged a blood vessel in my eye. AMAZING NIGHT!


    Stay tuned for part 2!

  3. So, me and my friend richie are now back from a few days in north Africa, and for once I actually took some pictures!


    We arrived first in Marrakech, which was pretty overwhelming, due to the fact that our accomodation was in the Medina (old town) area.








    Our room was on top of the roof of the main hostel, and was almost like a shed!




    Although, we had our own little terrace/smoking area that was really cool.



    The view...



    Inside the room



    This one isn't turned, but CBA




    Now for some night photos, firstly from the market:





    ...and the Mosque, the tallest building in the city.




    We then got the train to Casablanca, which is 4 hours through the Sahara to the North coast. A first class ticket cost just £12!





    Random buildings in the middle of NOWHERE.




    More nothingness:




    Despite the laws, staff let passengers smoke in the areas between each car:




    When we arrived in Casablanca, I was amazed at how different it is to Marrakech. I knew it was bigger and more modern, but it was a busting cosmopolitan metropolis that felt like it was on a different continent to Marrakech, let alone just a few hours away. The view from our room, we were pretty much at the port:



    A slanted picture of the Mosque Hassan II, one of the largest mosques in the world, and the one with the tallest minaret (tower).



    Any ideas how tall this is?




    Well, for all you coaster geeks, it's taller than any coaster out there at a Whopping 689ft. So... not far off 1 Canada Square!


    The forecort reminded me of the Vatican, being open and spacious:







    After this we got a bit lost in the Ghetto, looking for the city centre. I don't have any photos of this place (as I was too scared to get the camera out!) but just imagine lots of trashed cars and dodgy people...


    We eventually found downtown Casablanca, and I took some urban photos...






    Pretty much every car in both cities was parked bumper to bumper!



    We then walked to the other side of downtown Casablanca, to see the Twin Center, a set of twin towers that I was interested in when looking at Casablanca online




    Standing between them was weird...




    Health and Safety pictures <3




    A complete set of the Dirham currency... £1 is 12DH.



    Daytime Casablanca!





    The city operates a two tiered taxi service, petit taxi's for travel within the city, and grande taxis for intercity travel. You can see a petit taxi in this photo...



    We popped into McMurder, coz I always have to try new things, they had these fit 'steakhouse' chips:



    And 'McArabia', which was like sex in my mouth!




    It was unusual that in Morocco, places like McDonalds and KFC were for middle-upper class people, and even in the day they had security. Weird.


    As we were flying back to Gatwick from Marrakech, we got the train back to spend another day and night there.


    Train station photos...




    Back through a tiny tiny tiny (4 hour) portion of the Sahara:






    Is that an Oasis?







    Our last evening / night in Marrakech!



    I love how that guy on the moped is literally squashed between both cars, haha:











    A street in the Medina at night:







    I stalked the cute waiter. I want him to be my aladdin <3





    My camera can't really take night photos




    So, that was the last night, and I got some photos on the last day before heading to the airport!


    Our hostel.








    Anyone remember habbo hotel?!?!!?



    Monkeys <3 <3





    A snake charmer... you can see the snake on the left. I didn't get too close, cus as soon as you take a picture they try and charge you for it.



    Random scene outside the taxi window. There are some camels in the far left, but you can't really see them!




    I'll finish this trip report with a woman who had a Moroccon 'boyfriend', even though they couldnt' speak a word together. He blates just wants a VISA, and to be honest, she's as rough as nails anyway, so why would you!??!? BTW, that's the 'smoking area' at the airport, and we were evesdropping




    I've been abroad many times now, but this was the first time I felt, at several moments, like a terrible person for taking the UK for granted... seeing the way people in a developing country like Morocco (more so Marrakech than Casablanca) struggle their way through life whilst we have a more hedonistic approach to things really opened my eyes, and I think everybody should experience it (or something like it).



    Thanks for reading!

  4. This was an awsome day. The little things the park did for us, like send in the characters to keep us entertained when we were waiting around, were awsome! Oh, and they gave us goodie bags too!


    My favourite Six Flags park so far. Even though the coaster selection isn't as great as SFMM and SFGadv, the park as a whole was gorgeous, and the staff were all really into it.


    V2 was fabulous, too! I applaud the people who complained about the height of a ride, for the first time ever (apart from Alton's coasters anyway).

  5. UK:


    Thorpe Park



    Brean Leisure Park

    Leisure Ranch

    Brighton Pier

    Teignmouth Pier

    Taylor's Fun Fair

    New Pleasureland Southport

    Clacton Pier

    The Milky Way


    (Not many UK parks this year, due to university. It's been more about credit whoring than re-visiting parks in the UK).




    Czech Republic:


    Luna Park






    Wiener Prater












    Pacific Park

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

    Gilroy Gardens

    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    California's Great America

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Universal Studios Hollywood


    SeaWorld San Diego

    Legoland California

    Castle Park

    Johns Incredible Pizza

    Knotts Berry Farm

    Adventure City


    Disney's California Adventure

    Sahara Nascar Cafe

    Buffalo Bills

    New York, New York


    Nascar Speed Park

    Stratosphere Tower














    Dream Park Cairo

    (Other parks in cairo that i'm not sure about).

  6. This is a collection of trip reports I posted on CoasterForce a while ago, which I thought you guys might like to see. They're all european parks, but there might be a couple of suprises too, depending on what I can dig up, haha.


    I thought i'd put them in one huge thread, instead of littering the place with loads of different ones...



    So yeah, last June my parents went to france/belgium for a booze/fag run day trip, and I tagged along and forced them to drop me off at the park for a few hours.



    Some of the photos are a bit dark, due to the crappy weather. Meh.


    Got up at 4:30am, straight into the car.


    A wide-awake me... yay for not having to drive!




    After about an hour and a half we went past Old Macdonalds farm on the M25, and saw the cred! (If you live anywhere near there and haven't been on that coaster you should be ashamed, deeply).


    The weather in Dover was fabulous, naturally.




    As was the weather in the channel.



    An hours drive from Calais and we were at the park, so le parents dropped me off and arranged to pick me up in about 2 hours.



    Le Entrance (and a road sweeper thing):




    There was a cute little castle thing...




    Then I got to the first coaster, Keverbaan, a tivoli large.


    Sorry Shockwave, the award for dingiest queueline has moved onto someone else!



    Whores on the train before me:




    This had a bigger queue than the Boomerang, at about 10mins. Actually, it was the only ride that wasn't walk on!


    It had a tunnel over the lift hill, a trend i've noticed on these models:




    It was a typical Tivoli large... loud, rattley and spoiled by the long trains. I much prefer the Medium ones.



    Everything was foreign, apart from this ever so generic sign:




    There was some cute theming!




    Oh poo, what's that I see in the background?



    Ugh, it's a Boomerang!




    Not any Boomerang... the oldest evar Boomerang ;(.




    Cobra roll of pain.




    Loop of pain.





    The lift hills are fab though, so much willy lift! Yay!



    Already disabled? Use the exit path!



    WANT to be disabled? Queue with everyone else!




    About to get some liftage of willy.




    They had a breakdance. Lolz.




    They had a topple tower.




    It towered.




    It toppled.





    It sucked.




    They had a log flume, but with the weather, and it being a log flume, cardiac arrest was more appealing.



    I wanted to go in the Zombie House, but it was halloween only .




    The walk to the other area of the park was a trekkkk




    This park reminded me of Efteling, but without the bad food.




    Ahh, I've found the tower ride! (seriously, I hadn't actually seen it until this point)



    This was pretty good - the launch took me by suprise and the turbo drop thing had quite a lot of airtime.




    They had a splashdown.




    It went down.




    It splashed.




    No thanks...



    They had slides!




    I didn't ride, as i'm happy being HIV negative.







    I then stumbled upon the rapids, which I rode because of the fab bendy boats <3.





    They bent.



    Bent some more.



    They then splashed.








    They were pretty poor rapids, but I always have to do them when a park has them, lol.



    Spite Flaminge-oland




    They had a madhouse!




    The preshow room was fantastic, with (I think) a good story and good theming. The effects were pretty cool too. I didn't really know what was going on though!


    Shame the ride bit let it down, with practically no theming whatsoever:




    I'll finish with a group photo.





  7. Might as well post the last little bit.



    Day 7 - last day



    Our flight wasn't untill the evening, so we had one last day to soak up some rays and chill out.




    We thought we should trek up the hill and see what was up there...








    As we got higher, more of the Hungarian capital became visible:




    Parliament zoomage!




    More cuteness:














    Myspace isn't dead!!!




    What was on the other side of the hill, pretty urban:




    And finally, me at the airport:



    Fabulus trip. Fabulus.





    That's all folks, thanks for reading!!!



  8. Day 6



    Again, there aren't many pics of the park, but apart from the woodie and a couple of spin&spews there wasn't much there anyway!




    Once we crossed the Hungarian border on our 3 hour train journey to Budapest, we saw some cool stuff from the train:







    Weird art thing...




    !!!Vidampark!!! (last park of the trip!)


    The park had a flying circus, which SUCKED:




    Yay for a side friction coaster that doesn't suck!




    It had actual airtime.






    They also had a big apple, which we rode, but have no pictures of 3



    They were supposed to have a Schwarzkopf looper and a powered coaster, but these were GONE! So only 2 credits for us 3.


    There were also a few spin&spews, standard.




    Just outside the park was a weird funfair that had like 4 rides, obv we didn't bother:




    Cool bike trick guy:











    We then walked down here, and saw someone actually die 3:




    More culture I guess:




    The hostel was cute!



    Although the scarecrows were creepy ;(




    We found a wine tasting thing <3:





    My glass took a tumble...




    Night photos...







    You can see Parliament on the left:









    Still to come:

    Day 7 - More Budapest.

  9. ^ Speed loop was OK, but I always sit in the front row of the back car and never have roughness on Pinfari loopers... try it!




    Day 5



    The train from Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia is a lot shorter than the others (about an hour and a half), which we got for about £12. We missed the train we wanted to get by about 2 seconds, so we had to wait for an hour... ah well.



    Kir by the train we ACTUALLY got:




    The Danube river from the train...




    Quaint little street:




    Apparently the movie 'hostel' outrages the Slovak population, because it makes Bratislava look like a small, quiet town, when it's actually a more vibrant, built up capital city:




    The entrance to Bratislava castle (the walk up the hill was death);




    Me pondering life at the top...





    Scaffolding spite!!!





    Old town in the foreground with the new city in the background:




    More of the same, but this time with a building with a *GIANT* euro on it (Slovakia started using the euro this january and seem very proud of it!)!




    Some statue tourists were creaming over, so we had to get a pic of just incase it was important haha:




    New residential areas of Bratislava city, on the other side of the Danube:




    We had cheap drink and food next to a stag do from the UK. Spot the groom!!!








    From behind...










    Look in amazement at the BRAM (half tram, half bus):





    Went out for a drink or two...




    Then went back to the Hostel basement bar because of the fab theme:




    No ideas? no horror films ever set in Bratislava?




    Actual bloodshed on walls.










    This guy REFUSED to pay in smaller change:




    And just incnase you were dumb enough to not realise it was themed after the Hostel movies, heres one more:







    Still to come:

    Day 6 - Budapest and Vidampark

    Day 7 - More Budapest.

  10. Day 4


    This was just a chillout day in Vienna, which was a good thing because it was a SCORCHER.



    Statue with tits:




    Breaking the law, probably...




    Cancer tram!





    Thought I could smell horse sh!t...





    Suck on this buckingham palace!





    Kir loving life:








    Rathaus <3















    Lucky Strike!




    Still to come:

    Day 5 - Bratislava

    Day 6 - Budapest and Vidampark

    Day 7 - More Budapest.

  11. Day 3.



    So, we had already booked our tickets to Vienna, Austria the day before, so we hopped straight on the train!




    The train was to take 4h30, so I bought two sandwiches!




    We nabbed a 6 seat 'room', so we could sleep. I think we got about 2 hours sleep in the end!




    When we arrived we went to Mcdonalds to pike their WiFi <3





    The arse end of the palace:




    People chillan...










    We then arrived in the main park - this was the road to Wiener Prater, where there was 10 coasters:




    Photos taken at the park are a bit scarce, because we couldn't be arsed haha. Rides missing from the TR:


    The main side friction woodie, which was really slow and uneventful, but fab because it was old.

    The Giant deathly Pinfari, which was death, but they're on RCDB so you can go look there.


    Two coasters were closed:

    The Galaxia thing, which looked horrid anyway

    The kiddie woodie, which adults aren't allowed to ride anyway.


    So yeah, I got my 8 credits in.


    Kir made it clear that he didn't want to ride the Wild Mouse, Spinning Mouse or kiddie coaster, due to the park being VERY expensive (it was a rip off).




    So firstly I rode these 3 on my own:








    Not much to say really, pretty standard stuff...




    We then rode the deathly pinfari, superbahn or whatever it's called.



    Oh, and this weird Vekoma full of helixes, which was actually awsome!




    They had this crazy flat ride (also note the mad rapids in the background!)



    And a screamin swing, which was dead:



    Then we went to ride the Volare, but it derailed:



    It took 10 men, a ladder and a plank of wood to get it back on the tracks again, LMAO!



    But alas, it opened, and we got a semi-night-ride. Of course, it hurt like hell.





    We then rode the old woodie, which was pretty dull. At least it's another side friction credit though. Again, no photos of this!




    They had a GANGSTA breakdance:





    And a cool booster...





    Last ride of the night, the Boomerang:





    Out of the 11 Boomerang's i've ridden, this is my favourite.


    The colours, the lights, and the LAP BARS made it actually fun to ride! No headbanging atall <3.



    A final photo of the sexy Prater skyline...




    Back to the hostel for a bedtime cig in the really cool basement kitchen with a window that screams 'we have no security!' haha:







    Powsh for a hostel?






    Still to come:

    Day 4 - More Vienna

    Day 5 - Bratislava

    Day 6 - Budapest and Vidampark

    Day 7 - More Budapest.

  12. Day 2



    Our hostel was pretty cool, we were allowed to smoke in the reception room and we met some Korean, Norweigian and French people who were staying in our room. I think we all came in late and woke eachother up at some point too!


    The aim of today was to head to Lunapark (which was only supposed to have a kiddie coaster and one old Pinfari), and get our train tickets to Vienna booked for the following day. Conveniently, the train station we were using for Vienna was just by the park.


    We arrived at the park early (the rides didn't open till 1), so we saw it as an oppertunity to grab a couple of photos and go and get some lunch.


    The park had this huge concert hall thing (excuse me for polluting the photo)




    Kir in a random street near the park haha...






    So we go back to the park, and see this:


    (Bonus not-on-RCDB-cred-1)


    This was called 'Amazing Drive' and wasn't bad for a kiddie coaster, it had a weird backwards section and we got about 10 circuts. There was a weird launch section in the station too!




    And this, which is not-on-rcdb-cred-2:



    It's called 'Explosion Speed', which sounds like a load of rubbish but it's actually true! This thing was INSANE for a kiddie coaster, due to all the flywheels being cranked up to almost launch speed (seriously, it comes out of the station and up the lift hill at like 30mph). It was brutal!



    Theres also a Pinfari looper, which isn't on RCDB either:




    So yeah, the park opened, so we got a few credits and rode the stayflyer, which was one of the tallest i've been on!




    The ride op was FIT. Shame we never got a photo. He was a FILF (Foreigner Id like to...), which became a running joke for the holiday (same with FF, meaning fit foreigner), haha.



    From the star flyer we saw this little beast, also not on RCDB:



    So we rode it.



    That's 4 coasters now that we didn't expect to come across, and we still had the 2 that we actually expected to ride!


    Which were:


    Horska Draka, or whatever it's called:





    And Jurassic park, a weird circular coaster with one long train (before you scream at me, it IS on rcdb so ner ner):




    So yeah, we had now done our 6 credits, after which we rode the fab portable rapids (which we never took a photo of).


    They also had a Topscan, and a slingshot, which re rode because neither of us had done one before...






    There were also a few other flats, like a Booster. This pic shows the park once it got busier, and you can also see the enterprise and moveit/powersurge thing too:




    So that was it for Lunapark. We headed back to the hostel to freshen up because it was SO hot we were sweating like pigs.




    Kir bought some Caffine loaded Coca Cola...





    After freshening up we headed up the hill to prague castle, which was a KILLER. God knows what i'm doing here:





    The more out of breath we became, the more of the city we were starting to look down on!




    And the view from the top:





    We purchased fab Czech hot dogs:






    Night fell and we went back to our bar <3 <3. We couldn't be arsed to get someone to take a pic of us (cus they always cock it up) so we just did them seperately.




    Beer with a straw <3.



    Oh and Indoor smoking was such a novelty we just HAD to:







    Thanks for reading peeps!




    Still to come:

    Day 3 - Vienna and Weiner Prater

    Day 4 - More Vienna

    Day 5 - Bratislava

    Day 6 - Budapest and Vidampark

    Day 7 - More Budapest.

  13. Hey!


    Right... so me and Kir have just got back from our easter trip, which was made up of:



    Prague, Czech Republic

    Vienna, Austria

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Budapest, Hungary



    Pretty much all of the photos are by Kir, seeing as when I tried to take my first photo in Prague I realised I'd forgotten a memory card... duh!



    On the train to Birmingham airport...







    On the fab Intamin monorail thing from Birmingham International station to the airport terminals <3.






    Final cig before going through security!!!




    Our (Ryanair 3) plane!




    Onboard staring-at-camera...




    Kir doing the same.





    The guy behind Kir on the other side of the aisle had the most PUTRID body odour EVARZ:








    After epic confusion and getting on a random bus, which got us to a random metro station, we finally made it to the city centre and saw this weird building:









    Even more pwetty....





    Prague old town with the castle in the distance:










    The 'main' bridge, I forget the name...




    Kir got all arty and took some pics of our favourite bar....




    Random culture






    This was just before some random americans asked us to take a photo of them and we pretended to be related to the queen, oh, and some african guy offering us some charlie, LOL!





    View from our fav bar, Prague castle...





    Grainy shot of us at the bar:




    That's it for day 1, as we didn't get into the city untill about 5pm.



    Thanks for reading!



    Still to come:

    Day 2 - Lunapark and more Prague

    Day 3 - Vienna and Weiner Prater

    Day 4 - More Vienna

    Day 5 - Bratislava

    Day 6 - Budapest and Vidampark

    Day 7 - More Budapest.

  14. Dunno if anyones still interested, but I grabbed a few photos whilst I was there on Boxing day just incase...










    Cute Seals just inside!






    For the 'lazy river', you could float round peacefully or take a detour to the lift hill, which took you down the 'Crazy River', and joined back onto the lazy river.





    ^ Top of lift.



    ^ The top section before the Crazy bit.





    And the crazy bit itsself. I think this is badly designed for the large inflatable rings that travel down it (even the 2 person ones are allowed!). I bashed my heels a few times on the rocks. Meh, It's good fun I guess!





    Your typical slides. At least these have the decency to use rings rather than be body slides though. They were actually really fast and intense too.




    Family slide using those boat things that resemble small paddling pools (with sides and a floor). We had 4 fully grown adults in ours so it was insane!



    We then wandered over to the beach, which had a pretty cool wave pool.










    ^ The beach from 'Tower of Terror', the parks Kamikazi style slide.



    Talking of Tower of Terror, here it is!




    I don't usually bother with these, due to them being more uncomfortable than enjoyable. However, this one had a cool underwater bit, where the tube turned to a fully enclosed one before shooting through an aquarium!





    Does anyone else thing this is a safety issue? The hole is tiny... what would happen if you sat up? I know they tell you not to, but surely some idiot is going to do it... I'm expecting an accident on this tbh.



    Meh, it's cool though!


    There is a large tube under the Tower of Terror one, which is part of the Lazy River that also travelles through the aquarium.



    ^ A reflection of me and mother, along with a blurred view of both tubes.




    This is unusual, as these slides usually end in a long tube, rather than a pool. It's funny watching people get up from the water, gasping for breath and looking completely rough. haha!




    The park also had funnels - two for capacity reasons. These were good as they used rings, rather than being a body slide (i've ridden the body slide variation of this and it's not very fun... you just get sprayed in the face).





    Typical racers...






    These stepping stones were a nice touch.





    Kiddie area...



    See thorpe, you don't need EVERYTHING to be teal!



    More kiddie stuff...





    The back view of my two favourite slides, Dragon and Vulcano. Both of which use the fab 4-people-rings. Vulcano is basically a giant funnel, but enclosed, and with airtime!



    Dragon has the better theming, though!




    It's actually HUGE.





    So. I'll finish this rushed trip report with my favourite picture of the day (well, the 20 minutes that I had the camera out of the locker!).







    Happy new year .



  15. Disney was awesome!


    What's weird is that I didn't feel like we were missing anything. We didn't really rush around too much, we got on everything that I was bothered about, and even had time to credit whore too.


    This might have been my favourite day actually... but it's hard to choose.


    Muchos gracias for Neil and his timekeeping/planning skills

  16. I can't believe it hasn't even been a week since I got home... It feels like months.




    So my flight from London landed a bit late, then it took ages to get off the plane and get my luggage. Customs was actually really quick!


    But Neil had been waiting an hour... bless him! If i hadn't just travelled for 12 hours I might have had some sympathy, lol!



    So we went to Boomers, which was probably one of the weirdest 'parks' i've ever visited... it was just, strange. weird. The coaster was a nice suprise though - it actually had some air time. I bet a full train would give a pretty crazy ride, especially after some rain! Oh, and, Scott. Mega <3 for meeting us. loveit. Crotchrot! hehe.



    We then had the long drive back to neils, which actually went quickly coz we caught up etc. I don't know how i managed to go out for a few drinks/cigarettes/food untill about midnight, seeing as it was actually 5am for my body clock (and i'd been up since 5)... I guess with the excitement too I was overtired.


    Oh yeah, I tried neils favourite mexican dish (i forget the name? lol) which was tasty. i want to move in for his dads food if nothing else <3.




    Busch Gardens!


    I'd heard bad things about this park (not the rides, but generally the atmosphere of the place) but I found it a lovely park. The animal areas seemed nice, the park was clean and they have some pretty fabulous coasters. Even Gwaz wasn't as bad as I expected (after the horror stories i'd heard, lol).


    Montu <3 <3 <3.


    The sandwich we had was fit aswell. yum.

    Oh and Scorpian was my 350th. Schwarz! <3.



    I'll write a quick universal report later, i've gotta go home and have dinner now (i'm just about to leave where I am now).


    Thanks for reading... not that anyone bothered due to the lack of photos I was too busy having fun, and neil was taking them anyway so why bother?! xxx

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