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  1. At some point I need to get around to posting the last few years of trips; hopefully I can add a couple more photos to the great ones that Robb and Elissa have taken here.
  2. I am heading out to Orlando for a week next month and found out that Mako is due to be opening while I am out there. As you obviously attend a lot of opening events I wondered if you could let me know how busy it is likely to be compared to a normal day? Thanks in advance
  3. I prefer option one as is looks like an evolved page whereas the massive picture in option 2 is quite distracting
  4. Confused about where the dodgems are going to sit. I can only think of two places given that this land will be smack bang in the middle of the park. The 4D movie will obviously go in the 4D theatre thats been sitting empty for 2yrs and with detonator backed up against Nemesis Inferno I can only think of indoor dodgems in the building with a shark in it or outside squeezed between the theatre and Tidal Wave...
  5. Saw this earlier which seems somewhat unlikely to happen in full but in part perhaps could be interesting.
  6. Hi. Having been to Chessington in the last fortnight I thought I would submit some of my Zufari photos and also the new facade for the burger restaurant which has replaced Burger King, new this year. Entrance by the medical centre Ride Entrance Pre-ride green screen photo hut Entrace to pre-ride video hut Pre-ride video hut Ride vehicle photos Animals from onride Rhino from onride New Burger Restaurant facade
  7. The point worth making about England is that Blackpool is some distance from London, etc and will likely cost you in excess of £100 to get from Blackpool to Thorpe. Coupled with the fact that Alton Towers is mid-distance between the two and harder to access without a car you might want to prioritise which area of England you plan to visit
  8. I would assume that like most businesses each park is given a budget and the park management is allowed to do what they will with it. The advantage a chain would have however is that the corporate management would be able to make a deal with a manufacturer to get multiple coasters, etc for a cheaper price; so, if 3 of the parks came back saying they planned to use budget on a new ride it could be coordinated to get a better deal for all of them.
  9. Can I assume that this is a new ride properly not an upcharge attraction like some of the other zoo tours are?
  10. As a non-US resident this seems like it would penalise non-US citizens. My thinking behind that comment is that data roaming charges on mobile/cell phones are far too high to leave on waiting for a fastpass update. Likewise, due to the cost of using cards abroad I would be skeptical about the payment method when I would have had to change money to Dollars for all my other spending. That said the idea as a whole seems neat in its ease for people who can easily link everything.
  11. PortAventura is usually visible flying into Reus airport and Heathrow is close enough the Thorpe, Chessington and Legoland in the UK that it wouldnt be surprising, albeit with that said Stealth is the only 'big' ride at any of those to look out for
  12. I noticed this but... they say this would be 4 times the size of the olympic park... that woody wraps itself happily around 50% of that picture... Seems unrealistically large. It certainly would be nice to have another park within 30min of me (Thorpe, Chessington and Legoland already) but I doubt this will progress.
  13. From TowerTimes. It would appear that they have sources that suggest the ride (SW7) would be going for a 'most inversions' record. As the track layout is mostly known and shows 8, people supposed that there may be some in the building but it was unlikely given the space. It now seems that there may be a section where the track itself inverts/rotates (an unknown number of times) so as to give the feeling of a heartline twist style inversion. See TT for more; I don't want to detract from anything they have reported; I just thought to liven up the discussion I would add this.
  14. These are 3 I grabbed from a recent trip to Brean in the UK; pretty hard to capture much more than this.
  15. Some of those Photos are really nice (some could do with a bit of WB adjustment), making me look forward to my trip at the end of the month even more.
  16. I was wondering if anybody could give me an answer to the following question. If I was to book a trip with a plan to stay in one of the PA Hotels but having not booked through PA or any of the traditional travel agents in the UK; would I still be eligible for free park entry? Has anybody done this before, how does it work? Do you get tickets/armband when you check-in?
  17. Great report so far. What is the 'King Kong' holding a train carriage? Looks like a really nicely themed ride.
  18. Ill be taking a trip to Thorpe by the end of April to try out the Swarm
  19. Seeing as that the discussion has moved to this topic I feel it would be a good time to ask. For those people from the UK. What is the best way to get to the park in your experience? I have been looking and certainly it appears that flying in: Switzerland, France and Germany are all viable in terms of distance. In terms of accommodation also, and this is for all; what is the cheapest and (bearing in mind student budgets) likely to be the most pleasant: a) Staying at the parks on-site camping (added complication therefore of bringing camping gear), b) Staying in Rust in a B+B (not sure what availability and pricing are like August/September), c) other.
  20. Yes, every single ride. Air, Rita, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Corkscrew... Unless you just mean the new rides. But to be honest I don't think that dark and moody is a bad thing. I generally think it makes the ride look more menacing... The rides you mention were not built by Merlin. Air, Rita, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno were all by Tussauds whilst Corkscrew was constructed when Alton Towers was in private ownership. And to be fair Merlin have since managed to repaint rita to match their favoured scheme But on a serious note. This will certainly see me up there come 2013, and probably more than my usual one annual trip.
  21. Hello again. So after my HDD crashing and a lengthy process of getting things back to normal, with a bit of necromancy and in an effort to join the Christmas spirit I bring a gift of pictures. Over the course of the week Ill bring you a complete update from the next park. But to get things rolling. And I mean literally, see... the station! Your sterotypical English station building.... [wishful thinking] And some significant circles which act as a warning to avoid London next year. And the final picture from the home soil; lets see who can be the first to correctly identify the target park. And to follow, more pictures as the update begins in earnest.
  22. Quite simply, has anybody got a good program, which I can legally and freely/cheaply download which will enable me to re-size photos to comply with the forum rules. I attempted a TR but in order to keep under 100k the photos will be pretty tiny whereas I notice with other peoples TR's, there are good sized photos. Essentially due to the kit I use my photos come in around 4000x3000 pixels and 4-7mb each, sizing them to 800x600 as per forum rules isn't a problem but the will still exceed the kb size. Is there a program that allows both criteria to be met? Many thanks to any help rendered and I hope I can repay your help with some quality photo reports.
  23. If you live in the UK get yourself over there. Over the course of a weekend Thorpe, Chessington and Legoland are within 30min drive of each other so you can have a good couple of days. Regarding the progress of the next park; Im looking for a program to resize my photos because they are a little on the small size I feel.
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