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  1. Guys my friend's Dad works for Intamin and they said they're gonna install a compressed air launch. 0-135 in 0.8 seconds. -2.5gs over the top hat.
  2. Smol update: My friend and I had a blast at Magic Mountain on Saturday - yes, it was unbelievably hot, but the crowds were minimal and every ride was a walk-on. In fact, the longest we waited was 15 minutes for X2 right at opening. (That was more due to slow operations, despite running two trains.) The best part of the day was getting my friend on X2 who was completely blind to the ride experience. We were assigned row 4 (no choice of row, kiddies) and received a surprisingly smooth ride. The first drop is incredible out of sheer virtue of its theatrics: it forces you to acknowledge your imminent doom in the most sadistic manner possible - an experience my friend learned for himself. We both loved it, and X2 remains our favorite ride in the park. My friend also ranked it above pretty much every ride he had ever ridden. See, my friend regarded Cedar Point the same way I regarded Six Flags Magic Mountain: a relic of childhood road trips past, with neither of us having visited the other's home park. (Perhaps next time I meet him at Cedar Point? ) Every ride was a new experience for him, and a few were completely new to me, as well. I last visited in 2012 and boy has the park changed. X2 and Tatsu were both lovely (the latter being far more graceful than the first) but that was only the beginning. I'll chalk it up to the 107 degree heat: everything was running super fast. West Coast Racers was a lovely 1st time experience: it was whippy, punchy, and offered a few great pops of air. I honestly felt undersold on the quality of this Premier coaster, and place it firmly in the #4 ranking of the day, with X2 at #1 and Tatsu at #5. Killer Gs in those helixes, by the way. Up next was Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, a wicked single-rail coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. I rode Railblazer (RIP) back in May and was thoroughly blown away by its intensity. Wonder Woman isn't quite that intense, but it came close. The back is obviously the best seat for airtime (the whip over the first drop is legendary) with its best moment being the hill immediately following the raven dive. Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like 4 seconds of sustained ejector airtime. #3 The greatest airtime of the day (and possibly the best we've ever experienced) arrived in the form of Twisted Colossus. I had the privilege of riding in both the front and back rows, and I'm honestly stumped on which I preferred. Yes, the airtime is world class in the back car, but the front offers a hell of a ride too. I think it ultimately comes down to what you want out of the first drop: do you want to dangle helplessly at 80 degrees for a few seconds, or do you want to get hulk-smashed to the ground? #2 We enjoyed a remarkably good run on Goliath next. The elongated bunny hill offered some gentle but pleasant floater air, and the helix is as grey-out inducing as ever. But damn, do those mid-course brakes suck. #7 Full Throttle exceeded my expectations as well, mainly due to the weird amount of flack it received at opening. Is it short? Yes. Is it still pretty freakin sweet? Yes. The launch rules, the hang time is other-worldly, and the bizarre reverse launch sequence is a lot of fun. #6 We ultimately left after marathoning those 7 rides for 5 hours in the park due to the unrelenting heat. (PSA: if you're going to Six Flags Magic Mountain at any time during the next week, it will be HOT. Remember your sunscreen and hydrate regularly - there were a few who experienced heat exhaustion, including my friend. He's totally okay, but remember that heat-related illness is no joke.) Final Rankings X2 Twisted Colossus Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage West Coast Racers Tatsu Full Throttle Goliath
  3. I'm going to Magic Mountain for the first time in over a decade! I'm extremely excited to ride Twisted Colossus, Wonder Woman, Crazanity, and West Coast Racers for the first time. I'll be there this coming Saturday, 9/3, so in anticipation of large crowds, I went ahead and invested in a platinum flash pass. Does anyone have experience with them? Are they worth it, or did I fall for a meme?
  4. James Wan's new horror film "Malignant" releases tomorrow in theaters and on HBO MAX. So stoked!
  5. Thank you, Premier. Your new trains turned The Migraine Machine 5000 into an absolute blast. There are even a few pops of air in the back car! It's still a little rough in a few places (ESPECIALLY the drop before the loop), but The Big Apple Coaster is definitely worth a ride.
  6. I've never ridden an RMC creation before, so I'm beyond thrilled to be getting one nearby!
  7. I just finished playing Outlast. It's honestly one of the most terrifying games I've ever played.
  8. A young man has a major, existential crisis in the middle of an apocalyptic war against an interstellar species.
  9. Autumn Sonata is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I re-watched it tonight, and it's still just as powerful as it was the first time I watched it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077711/?ref_=nv_sr_1
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