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  1. I was there as well, had an AWESOME time and personally thought the Haunt at 2am was the best part of it! the family next to me... not so much, their daughter (10 yrs old maybe?) was terrified and refused to go back to sleep. Maybe my opinion would be different if I was a parent, but personally I think people should expect anything that is fair game at the park, and for Cedar Fair parks that means a Haunt theme in October (my closest park is Valley Fair which does Valley Scare). So if some people don't return next year, more odds of me being able to return Here's some photos my campsite Zone 2 campers myself (center) neighbor (sorry, didn't catch your name!, he's on the left) the big bad wolf and a couple cowboy zombies. zombies scaring the campers Respectfully submitted Rich Kenyon
  2. Another thing I would like to see is contrasting brain activity during the "anticipation" portion of the ride (the lift hill or the slow ride up a drop tower) vs. brain activity during what I call "the punch line", the big drop.
  3. Might be fun to test what exactly makes people vomit after certain rides; gross but compelling
  4. I'm sticking with my Sochi Park guess. Lots of these clues have Olympic overtones and the Sochi Park besides being immediately adjacent to the Olympic venues has working rides.While not every clue picture points that direction, Robb said that not every clue is "real"
  5. OK if the prior poster are correct and they are going to Frankfurt right now, which seems reasonable, then the next stop after that is Istanbul, Turkey followed by Sochi. Not just for the olympics though; they are building a theme park there slated for opening in May or June. If that's the case, Robb and Elissa could very well make this a "working" trip to make it tax deductible, whether they do some advertising for them or ride testing or some other type of consulting work. They then get to take in the Olympics as well, all while writing the entire trip off! Genius! Here's a link to the Sochi park: http://www.parkworld-online.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/2604/Why_Sochi_is_about_more_than_just_the_Olympics.html
  6. I was on the LeviaTHON tour last year and they incorporated a bash on the Canada Wonderland day which I think all involved really enjoyed, it was such a perfect day! I can't make the entire midwest tour, but if you had a bash day at Mt Olympus, which is my closest park, I would make the trip, regardless of the day of the week. So I vote for "The more bashes the better, and if some fall midweek, so be it"
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