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  1. I have also. I think it was a couple days after it reopened, and honestly I didn't feel that much of a difference. That may be because I almost always sit in the very last car, but I dont know. I did notice that the brake wasn't as strong and barely there before the OMFG drop.
  2. That was actually a really good commercial. They made the dubstep work, which I didnt think they would at first. It was a smart move, too, dubstep is becoming more and more popular with their target audience. I like it!
  3. Just got back from the park. I was looking to see the facades for the different Haunt mazes, but they seem to be doing a great job of hiding everything Haunt related. I honestly couldn't tell what any of the mazes were except for Trapped. Ghostrider is up and running, and it feels better I guess. I've always liked it, even with the roughness, so I dont really notice. From what I could remember, it does feel smoother immediately after the first drop and most notably to the turn before the turnaround and brakes. Which, by the way, don't stop you completely! They were running both towers on Supreme Scream, and on a day like today, meant rerides! Its funny because on days way more crowded, they have only the one tower open.
  4. There were about 5 helicopters there around 6:30, they got it down between 7:00 to 8:00, not exactly sure when though. My mom officially hates me going on that ride now, but I told her it would be kinda cool to be stuck up there, just not for 3 hours.
  5. Driving (not actually me driving, just in the car, haha) past PP the last couple of days, I'm pretty sure they have started to take it down. There have been industrial spotlights on it the last couple nights, and there was a bulldozer or something like that there today that you could see from the outside. Also, the gate that opens up to the street in between Xcelerator and PP has been open too.
  6. That Elementary school (Walter Knott, I think) has been shut down for around 2 years now, just an FYI. I don't think space is a HUGE concern, they can make it happen if they wanted to. That being said, I would love to see a 300+ foot coaster at Knotts, but I wouldn't be that disappointed if they didn't get one.
  7. I also just got back an hour ago. Pretty light crowds, X2 was about a 45 minute wait, which was the longest.
  8. ^Thats actually really cool, glad that it isn't just rotting away. Hey guys, I need some help planning a trip to the Mountain on Feb 25. I was originally planning to go on the 26th, but it worked out better if I went the 25th. (which is also my birthday ) Do you think it will be crowded enough for the four in our group to get Flash Passes? And if so, which ones? We don't really want to buy them if we don't have to, but we would rather pay the extra money than only get half of the park done. I know its hard to tell crowds, so anything is helpful. Thanks!
  9. I had an amazing time at WCB 2012. It was my first event, and while I only went to Knotts, it was seriously one of the most fun things I have ever done. The people, (LOL, I'm Jake for anyone I was with), were great and made me feel welcome in a not so familiar atmosphere. You could really tell Knotts management REALLY went out of their way with this event. Special touches like an actual photographer were cool. I had a blast, and I'm looking forward to both days of next years event. Monty night ERT was OMGAMAZING. Even though I had a headache the rest of he night, I would ride Monte 10 times in a row again in a heartbeat. A great way to end an AMAZING event.
  10. This is kinda a noob question, but I was looking at the aqua loops, and was thinking, wouldn't the water all collect at he depression of the loop?
  11. This will be my first TPR event EVAR, and I'm pretty excited! Though, I can only make it to KBF, and not Magic Mountain. Hoping to do both next year with my sister.
  12. I just purchased my tickets for Knotts WCB, super excited! I'm not bringing anybody though, so I'll see how that works out.
  13. I kind of agree that it's a little bit disappointing knowing that they aren't actually robots, but it doesn't change the game at all so I'm playing all that I can.
  14. I think that was me that just stood there. Sorry. Haha. I went to go put something away, and I came back and my turn was over. At least it doesn't have 8 hour waits.
  15. I'm very curious as well... I'll be going on my birthday (Feb. 25th). That's my birthday too, lol. I was hoping to go on the 25, but sports got in the way.
  16. Nice TR, I'm was kind of worried that X2 would be closed for longer, but it looks like they got it up and running, albeit 1 train. Hopefully it will be this empty when I go on Feb 26. Is it usually crowded in February?
  17. Wait, WHAT happened? I rode that ride at the OC fair too. Pretty trippy and disorienting.
  18. ^I think if it were on iOS, then it would get more attention, rather than being on android.
  19. I saw this park a while ago, and kind of forgot how cool it was! Everything is really neat and planned out. I like the green outfield wall, reminds me of a real one.
  20. I have been wanting a RCT-esque app ever since I got the iPad 2. I would be willing to pay up to 15 bucks for an app that is remotely close to the RCT style games. While there is a couple Theme Park and Roller Coaster game apps, I want to be able to build a roller coaster, the way RCT does it. None of the apps out there do it yet (Aircoaster is too unrealistic, or something, too me).
  21. ^Someone probably knows more about this than I do, but from what I know, the city of Aneheim would not let Walt Disney build something (Matterhorn) that big, unless it was a sports complex or arena. To get around this, Walt built a half court basketball court inside the mountain.
  22. Well, my Christmas was pretty light on spending, but was one of the best (gifts and seeing family-wise). Let's see, here's what I got: -Rainbows Sandals (Rainbows is the company, lol) -clothes -Steve Jobs Magazine -candy -Target gift card -iTunes Gift Card -CASH! (gonna buy an white iPod touch ) -annddd... my family and I are leaving for Vegas in an hour. Hoping to get as many credits, even though there's only like four.
  23. Should be going to the park on Friday, maybe I'll snap a few pictures. Hopefully it isn't too crowded, but Im kind of expecting it. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but does anyone know why Riptide never has the fountains on so they actually get you wet? For the first few years, you used to get soaked, but now, they aren't even on all of the time. I get it during the "off season", but even during the hot summer days, I haven't seen them soaking the riders. I rode it ONCE while it used to soak you, but I was at the furthest seat to the right, facing Perilous Plunge, and the fountains didn't reach that far. It kinda made the ride more worth getting on, because it isnt a guy-friendly ride.
  24. Yah, I thought the car would roll a couple times. It was really cool, but why SFMM's parking lot? Did they promote it?
  25. Oh yah, I never thought of that! I wonder how they would incorporate it into a 'game' per say. Whatever it is, I'm excited for it!
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