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  1. I wouldn’t read too much into that. That Feld Entertainment was a package deal for the smaller parks and if I remember correctly, it just rolled over due to Covid. It was never intended as a long term thing. Also the other CF parks who also hosted this event as part of a tour, are also not hosting it in 2023.
  2. Well, I can't recall if it was last year, or 2021, but for a while the Planet Snoopy rides were open half for 30 minutes, then the ride op moved over to another attraction and those were open 30 minutes, then back again. I assumed this was due to staffing, but also could have been due to demand and less than normal traffic post COVID. I don't ride the Planet Snoopy rides, so it was of little consequence to me, I just noted it.
  3. ^ Good to know. It was off the map as a food location, but perhaps the concept is just changing, or an oversight. Let Them Eat Cake! is the location in Europa also not listed on the map. I had forgotten the name. But I have not seen that open since 2019 or so.
  4. Also it appears Gold Rush Pizza is closed this year, with nothing to replace it (I assume the Gateway Pizza at the entrance replaces it.). Arcade was moved from Zinger exit area to where the old arcade was in Americana that was used as a dressing room the past few years. Also, I forget the name, but the Cake place in Europa (used to be pizza) is off the map too. That appeared closed since Covid anyhow. No replacement there. So there's a new coaster but a net loss with so many removals.
  5. Not like Knott’s. More like the other Winterfest events. Maybe Gold striker and Railblazer open only coaster wise and lots of kiddie rides and a Planet Snoopy.
  6. I think it's all in the eye of the beholder. I thought the city proper has less than 200 K, and the overall area is less than 2.5 million. I understand they draw some people from Nebraska, Oklahoma and surrounding states but to me less than three million is small, and explains why the park only draws less than 1 million annually. I think it's a great park, it just can't draw like larger areas like in California, Florida, etc., unless something changes to make the area a big growth area (like what happened in Charlotte), OR more of a tourism market.
  7. I think if you cut down on the Winterfest characters, it could be a viable return to WOF and a new addition to VF. I hope so anyways.
  8. I think too you have to look at it as they were looking at regional markets to grow in, and MSP fit the bill, as did Charlotte. The most likely additions, I think, at VF are a return of ValleyScare someday, a hotel or campground to drive incremental revenue, and trying to extend the season with some type of Winter event, since its working great in Toronto/Vaughn.
  9. Interesting, Gary. I can tell you a few things: they are already back on a "something new for every park every year" kick, so that changed. You can see that in the latest Investor reports just out. Also, a few months back they said they were looking at a Winterfest-lite for the other parks, which presumably means a return to WOF, and VF, something at the CP hotels, possibly Schlitterbahn, since every other park has something already. Leaving Mia off the list since they don't even have Halloween....
  10. ^^ I don't recall that at all. I recall at one time they were trying to sell off WoF and VF, but there were no takers. Carowinds is completely different. The investment, as I recall, was between KD and CAR and the city (Charlotte) gave some sort of tax incentives for CAR so that sealed the deal. That is why all the investment in Carowinds, so you can't really compare the two. Also, Charlotte as a city and surrounding area, such as Fort Mill, SC, have exploded in development in recent years, so I am sure that also helped. VF, WOF and MiA are the smaller tier properties, in attendance. Also, VF is lacking accommodations. It makes sense to invest in properties that have other growth vehicles, such as accommodations and other out of park revenue, or more year round ops. The fact that there is no Winterfest at WOF anymore, nor VF, says a lot I think. (And don't get me started on MiA, which doesn't even have a Haunt event.). Don't get me wrong, I love VF, but I think they need more ways to get revenue from guests, and a new ride is not going to be it. Also, for the record, they have long said they invest about 9% of revenue back in the park. If the park makes a lot of money, they have more 9% to invest in new attractions quicker, than a smaller park with a shorter season, and little ancillary revenue outlets.
  11. ^^ I don’t think that’s true anymore. About 2019, they started making announcements as part of a Cedar Fair press release all on the same day. That release came out yesterday. Knott’s used to notoriously wait until well last Labor Day, sometimes even into Haunt, to announce their next year plans, but they announced yesterday. It appears nothing of any consequence for Valleyfair! Next year.
  12. Personally, I always now stay in a cabin at Camp Wilderness Resort. They have a free shuttle. It's fairly quiet apart from the freight train at night, and the rooms usually are prices near what a hotel costs. I too used to stay at the Best Western in the parking lot, but far prefer the cabins at Camp Wilderness. Don't overlook this as its only on the other side of the park past where Volcano used to be.
  13. Looks like it’s over. https://s1.q4cdn.com/392447382/files/doc_news/SEAWORLD-ENTERTAINMENT-INC.-MAKES-STATEMENT-CONCERNING-CEDAR-FAIR-2022.pdf https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/seaworld-entertainment-inc-makes-statement-concerning-cedar-fair-301483201.html?fbclid=IwAR2SR8M6lnKTC9AG7H2BblMBIsGvMFRgBHxqMBAoIhNEkRIQEYh-k1mbECc
  14. That was a kitchen added for the picnic area back there. I believe they used to wheel chicken, etc. under the tunnel from the main central production area, and this eliminated that need.
  15. The hotel has actually been under renovation since the pandemic, much like the two Cedar Point properties. During the food festivals, you could see large dumpsters as they were throwing stuff out. So I think this is just a completion of that remodel. Also the lobby area was just redone in the last two years. I would love to be wrong and see them add on or something, but I fear this is more marketing than anything of the completion of something previously begun before the pandemic set in.
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