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  1. I believe it’s about getting current on passes isn’t it? They already charged KI passholders. Now they will collect revenue for Carowinds and KD. It was mentioned on the conference call about expecting $10 million in passholder revenue in Q4.
  2. Nope not at all it sounds like. It was mentioned today on the earnings announcement.
  3. ^ They are already going to weekend only ops in a couple of weeks, and no fastlane for sale, so if you want to go mid week, you need to do that now.
  4. Grand Carnivale was definitely already scrapped for 2020. They (Cedar Fair) canceled all those events at all parks right when the shut downs first started. As I recall, I thought something was said that if seasonal parks can't open by July 15, they will not open in 2020, as they needed a certain amount of operating days to be worth their while.
  5. Also, I would suggest reviewing what is open before you plan....the original park, I think the part that uses the river water, is closed until further notice, so only part of the New Braunfels park is operational this summer. July lists TBD. Depending on how far you are traveling, this may affect you going.
  6. You can use your Platinum Pass, but the system has not yet been converted over to Cedar Fair's. Here is from their website: I have a Platinum Pass from another Cedar Fair Park - how do I make a reservation at Schlitterbahn? We are excited to host Platinum Passholders from one of our fellow Cedar Fair Parks. At Schlitterbahn our redemption process is a little different. When reservations are available, please fill out this form and we will help secure your reservation. Our team will work with you to try and accommodate your schedule, but will be based on reservation availability.
  7. I didn't have luck either, but I did read on their page somewhere that their systems have not been converted so you have to call or contact them. We were going to stay at the resort, and since they are only allowing one visit from pass holders, it seemed a way around it, if you are staying on site and willing to pay, is to pay a little more for the stay and play package that guarantees tickets each day you are in the resort, starting with the next day of the overnight stay (ie. Tuesday if you check in Monday.). In principal it doesn't seem we should have to pay, but on the other hand, to come
  8. Several of the items are brand new, meant to be launched at this year's 2020 festival. The Cake Batter Cookies, the type of Beef Jerky chips, the hot sauce, salad dressing and licorice, are some of the brand new items. And I hear more is still to come on-line, so keep checking back.
  9. Knott’s on-line marketplace reopened today with several of the items that were intended to debut at the Boysenberry Festival.
  10. It's not the same Huss. That is a new company formed after the bankruptcy, I believe.
  11. It is generally crowded when schools are out of session. This week, many local high schools and the CSU system have the week off.
  12. I would recommend staying at the WOF Village at a cabin or cottage. That makes all the difference to me. I've been several times this season, and like you, as a Platinum Passholder (with the dining plan), it makes it very affordable. The new Cottom Blossom and new food offerings are very good. They have an entrance on the Oceans of Fun side, which, depending on when you were last there, is now one big park instead of separate ones. I find it very nice to just leave the car parked and walk to the Oceans entrance from the Village and walk back at the end of the night. In my opinion, W
  13. Also Gary, to my recollection, the CapEx numbers revealed have always been for the attraction type announcement and large projects such as hotels, in the 20 years following the company. It's never included other improvements, such as what you are mentioning, and general infrastructure improvements such as new bathrooms, paving of the midways, etc. I don't know how that is budgeted for, but it seems to be accounted for separately. So if they were doing the berm for VF, it would most likely be separate. Didn't they say something on the call about this being a light cap ex year to get thei
  14. ^^^ You're forgetting they announced they were spending $15 to $20 million getting Schlitterbahn up to their "standards". Then there is the renovations at Sawmill Creek. And no figure was given for the KBF and CP celebrations and what that entails. Generally, the budget is allocated at 9% of revenue, but it's been a little higher in the past few years. You have to look (guess of course, because per park numbers are not available), as to how much revenue Valleyfair! brings in. We know that 50% of the company is CP and KBF, so it makes sense the most capital is allocated there. The
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