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  1. ^ Ive heard that as well. Still, we wouldn't mind more updated pictures, if you have the time to snap a few.
  2. I think we can all agree (except maybe Chicken) that the park handled this extremely well. I hope you get a much better experience on your next visit. Well done Cedar Point! I imagine track work is going to slow once they catch up to the current point where the ledgers end. It will be interesting to watch them lift pieces up and over the structure.
  3. Ignorance is DEFINITELY not going to be solved with "haha guess so" remarks from the bartender... Maybe some people can't just laugh it off so easily. It sucks to feel criticized and made fun of, especially in public. Have some empathy Bringing up politics in a theme park forum is distasteful. 1. The bartender was likely just attempting to not escalate the situation. I wouldn't fault him at all. Even if he could have handled it better. 2. Give it a rest, chicken. -- Sucks that you had a bad experience gearbm95. There are some terrible people out there, even at Cedar Point. I don't think you overreacted, but I'm not sure what the park can do to rectify that situation.
  4. 43 and humid where I live. Both of those temps sound like the south to me.
  5. The third lap is going to be a low to the ground, through the structure, head chopper filled good time, by the looks of it. Hoping for a proper Goliath type stall eventually. That element is amazing. That said, they end the ride right now and it's still probably the best in the park.
  6. I will not be intimidated by you, for I am the Intimidator clan. Edit - But I'll drink to this rivalry, what's a beer between clans?
  7. What exactly would this plan include besides an additional parking lot for the water park?! Clearly the removal of Excalibur.. but also an addition to the water park?
  8. Don't worry. Millennium Force still exists. and GateKeeper!
  9. Two unaccounted for coasters in the Cedar Fair chain, and not even a peep of excitement in the Valleyfair thread. Oh how far we have fallen.
  10. I'm thinking the two unaccounted for coasters go to Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  11. Whizzer is shockingly good. Everyone I went to the park with loved it. Also got to converse with some kid that was on an insane coaster trip, rocking the same Maverick shirt as I was. That's my Whizzer story.
  12. It's easily better than Leviathan, but I put Millennium well below the other two.
  13. We call this hour Maverick time. You ride Maverick as many times as you can in the first 55 minutes, walk over to Dragster, and get a ride on it right as the park opens. That's about as good as it gets at an amusement park.
  14. Lou Malnati's is brilliant pizza, though. Hoping the next element on Mean Streak is some sort of stall, but I'll take even more airtime in all shapes and sizes.
  15. Same thoughts here. As long as it's better than The Joker, I'll be happy.
  16. They could end this ride after the third hill and it would already have more airtime than anything else in the park. I need more angles of this warlock. How tall was the third hill previously? Is this new hill built up at all, or similar in height?
  17. I'm hoping someone goes to battery park either this afternoon or tomorrow for an updated report on where they are at. I'm curious to see how TNaMS exits that outward airtime hill. The idea of a storm runner type drop sounds intriguing, but I'm good with this ride just packing in as much airtime as possible.
  18. What about a triple barrel roll? Eh. For me I think the double barrel roll is perfect. It's not to little and not to much. . . It's just right!! I think 3 in a row might start feeling a little repetitive. Like on the 10 inversion coasters. All the rolls near the end just seem so redundant and not that enjoyable. What about a double barrel roll?
  19. This could be the best in the park. Just looking at the coaster as we know it; pre drop bunnies, over 200 foot tall lift hill, Colossus like bunny hop, 150(?) foot airtime hill. It could end now and probably still be a top 3 ride in the park.
  20. I think most of us would be okay with a continuation of the current photos we've been getting. Sadly, with them moving towards other elements, I don't expect to keep getting photos of the progress every week.
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