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  1. This opinion is so crazy you might as well be walkin on the sun. I'm interested in seeing the attendance, I don't think the park has done poorly this year. t's not like 2012 when the parking lot seemed pretty dead on a regular basis. I do think the park has done a great job spreading people around with recent additions. The beach, in particular, seems to have had substantial growth.
  2. You don't have to apologize for picking an inferior coaster to Maverick. That is on you. Definitely Cedar Point - Steel Vengeance and Maverick. This park wins even if one of those two didn't exist.
  3. I don't believe I've posted since I visit the park. Steel Vengeance is absolutely the best ride I've ever ridden. It's on another level entirely, especially in the back. Everyone says the second row is equally as good, and that's true for the first half of the coaster, but overall, the back is the way to go. I'm not even sure what my favorite elements are.. I love the first two airtime hills, I love the extra little turn out of the first inversion, the entire second inversion is great, the pop of airtime going into the brake run (especially in the front), the drop into the structure, the wave turn in the structure (especially at night). Cedar Point and RMC knocked it out of the park.
  4. Whatever it is, it's obviously going to go 150mph. Nothing is obvious in this crazy, messed up world. There were people that thought the RMC truck was photoshopped (Looking at you, Bill). And people that thought Steel Vengeance was going to be a new for 2017 (looking at you Mossed). But I'd venture a guess that you're probably right. If anything, underselling the speed a little.
  5. Oh god, not this debate again. But I think the 150th anniversary is huge in the parks eyes, and they will be making note of it with something big. They mentioned it like two years ago. That doesn't normally happen.
  6. whooping and hollering, clapping, or cheering when they come back to the station. They sound like awful people. I get what your saying, but this post comes off a bit condescending to me. These people are happy doing something they (and apparently you) love.
  7. I never thought of that option. I was just going to tuck my tee-shirt in. That's ridiculous. Steel Vengeance is taking clothes off people?! Reminds me of Top Thrill Dragster. Solid mammaries of that ride.
  8. Even without Steel Vengeance, the park has the greatest collection of coasters in the world. I understand the complaints, but any day where you can still ride that trio of Intamin coasters is a good day. And yes, I know the rides were down for part of the day, but it sounds like those that stuck it out got on most coasters.
  9. So Ohio people are clueless but out-of-state people who live nowhere near Cedar Point are well-informed and psyched for this ride. Why does that not surprise me? I was originally going to go this weekend but canceled my plans when I decided to go to the First Rider Benefit. I'll feel some type of way if the lines end up being not that bad and I turned down the chance to ride it again by not going this weekend, but I'll feel some sort of sick satisfaction if the lines end up being horrendous while I sit at home at my computer gawking at them. I've had people in Minnesota tag me in Cedar Point posts over this coaster. It appears this ride has a pretty wide reach.
  10. Really looking forward to my lunch break tomorrow when I can come on this site and (hopefully) read a nice ride breakdown.
  11. Probably has to do with the two feet of snow that is still falling.
  12. I really hope they get a larger Dive coaster than that.
  13. ^ I know you're excited chickenhead, but you might want to edit that post. Tony's review hyped me up even more. That guy is good at his job. Saying it's the "best coaster in the world" isn't really something that should come as a shock from a PR guy, but he made it sound so genuine that you can't help but believe what he says is true.
  14. If I was only 4 hours from Knoebels, I'd be there every other week. I could sit there riding Phoenix and the flyers for the entire day and it would be one of the all time great days at an amusement park.
  15. This park has been wasting no time turning itself into a destination. If all goes through, I will have to make a trip in 2020.
  16. Last time I was at Kings Dominion one of the employees told me that Fury 325 was supposed to go to Kings Dominion, and they were getting a giga coaster the next season. There aren't many people that know what's happening in 2021...
  17. You left me wanting more. What else did you like/dislike about it? How did it compare to Lightning Rod?!
  18. This pleases me! Can't wait to read where people put this in that 'rank the RMC' thread.
  19. You'll get it next time! All that motivation isn't a bad thing.
  20. I like the wooden light posts that have been added to the lift hill.
  21. Dorney is slightly better than Valleyfair Knoebels is better than everything else on the list combined.
  22. Just decided I'll be hitting this park. Which means I'll ride Wonder Woman. My younger self is jealous.
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