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  1. I havent posted on SFGAm thread in a while, let alone any thread on tpr But everyones very excited about the new 2013 attraction. Recently, about two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet two PR employees at six flags great america and ask them questions. Their names are Brandon Bruce and Katy Enrique. If you've been looking at the teasers Katys actually the lady with the blonde hair in the videos and the video is below. Watch the video for yourself and you decide! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlPCXakspjs
  2. Awesome! My dad told me that the lady who invited us (I always forget her name) said that news stations will want to put kids on air about the show. Look for a blonde hair blue eyes kid named Tom on the news if youre in the chicago area.
  3. X Flight media day was just announced for May 10th I'm going, is anyone else?
  5. I don't have a facebook either so PLEASE DO! And if you can post it in the sfgamworld thread please
  6. Hey I started that topic dinn Anyway I will post stuff DAILY! These 2 weeks will be VERY hectic.
  7. I lol'd at the planking picture Just a random question, how many roller coasters are there named Goliath? Let me think... Goliath at SFMM Goliath at SFOG Goliath at SFFT Goliath at Walabi World Goliath at at La Ronde Goliath comes at a pretty high spot for over used coaster names. Matches close to Cyclone
  8. Makes me a bit peeved that CW gets a giga coaster, when over HERE at SFGAm, we're still bitting our nails for the announcment. HURRY UP SEPTEMBER 1st!
  9. I bet the announcment will be leaked before the day six flags annoucnes it.
  10. I bet everyone is upset that it wasent a new roller coaster.... In the words of chicago cubs fans....MAYBE NEXT YEAR!
  11. Im going to the park monday, (with a certain someone on these fourms) and I'm gonna ride AE backwards and then do some investigating on IW. Can't wait
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