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  1. well, it was a mobius coaster at least
  2. you all left out a Mobius coaster! :shocked: MontaƱa Rusa at La Feria Chapultepec Magico http://rcdb.com/id354.htm now weather it counts as 2 coasters or not does not concern me because I've never ridden it...or...them however you count them. Zach "Wow, I feel like a big man now because I knew something about coasters nobody else knew" Lewis EDIT: apparently there is one more mobius coaster out there the Derby Racer at Euclid Beach http://rcdb.com/id1910.htm
  3. I'm in Illinois, in a small suburb of chicago so my homepark is SFGAm which is quite a good park IMO 8)
  4. I Like RCT2 the best even though RCT 1 is pretty good. RCT 3 is soooooo different. I think one of the main reasons that RCT 3 is so different is because Chris Sawyer had no involvement in the game whatsoever.
  5. All your ideas are freat but those features would only appeal to enthusiasts. and RCT is trying to be more appealing to the GP then to just enthusiasts. but those features would be great.
  6. here is a custom arrow 8 inversion coaster. Based on the Vortex at PKI. may have one red G spot (laugh it up you immiture cretens ) Arrow 8 looper 1.nltrack Brain Spin Double Corkscrews Double Loop
  7. This looks like a pretty good program, If it's up to No Limits quality then it should be pretty good. I hope you can make parks with coasters and flats.
  8. Hey Elissa, can I have "Insane Coaster Clown 4 life" please.
  9. and one last one of Shockwave (RIP) from 2002 before they started deconstruction Shockwave (RIP)
  10. here' one of TTD from 2003 TTD+world's fastest roller coaster sign
  11. my most overall is 20 on Raging Bull most in one day is 5 or 6 on Demon without leaving the station (then some moron came into the queue, arghhhh )
  12. I voted for B&M because I'm a B&M fanboy even though I love woodies and Intamin made some good coasters,
  13. heres the last coaster I rode tiger terror at Safari land and the last "big" roller coaster I rode Viper at SFGAm!! what a great woodie
  14. March-PKD and possibly BGW...Both scratched! April-SFGAm(opening day) May-PKI(IJ:ST Media day),SFKK,SFGAm June-CP(Coastermania),SFGAm July-SFGAm,Mt.Olympus,Little A-merrik-A(Coastercon XXVIII)possibly IB (b-day bash) and possibly MIA(Timbersfest) August-SFGAm October-SFGAm(Fright Fest) and possibly (if I can talk my parents into it) Knoebels (PPP) That is my 2005 tentitive schedule
  15. ^I love the whizzer @ SFGAm. anyway I'm 16 (just turned it 2 weeks ago) and the first coaster I remember riding is ether BTMR at WDW in 1995 or Viper at SFGAm in 1995 (I was 6 and I was terrified)
  16. I always was fascinated but terrified of coasters. In 2002 when my school took a trip to SFGAm I decided to be "brave" and travel on the Viper once again (I went once before in 1995 and was mortified) after Viper my friends talked me onto the Demon and from then on I was obsessed with Roller Coasters!
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