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  1. I could care less what some 17 year old ride OP thinks of me. Without me, he would be a taco technician. That said, I have not marathoned a coaster since I was 14, but if these old bones would let me I would. My old bones let me, and I do! Cycles of 9 or 10 at a time at least. 9x Skyrush this summer, 10x Diamondback a couple years ago, last year was Griffon... when the feeling hits us (and the line is short) it's go time. Never on an Arrow nowadays though
  2. Because what is the "coaster capital?" The park with the most coasters? The best coasters? With the best coaster operations? The most coasters with a 48" or over height restriction? There isn't any definition. So I think if Cedar Point wants to keep calling themselves the "Coaster Capital" I think they have every right to. From a few pages back, but excellent point. Remember that SFGAm still boasts that they are the "cleanest theme park in America" lololol
  3. See my recent "disagreed with" post in the Hersheypark thread re: Skyrush. Are you kidding me? It's elementary. this is also why stand-ups get such a bad rap. Sure they're painful, but can be learned. Nobody wants to give them a second chance to learn how to ride though. I am so-so on Mantis, no true hate. I can say that I actually enjoyed Green Lantern at SFGAd this summer, because Mantis tought me how.
  4. I hate this thread and I disagree with all opinions contained within
  5. Wow this is one hell of a thread resurrection. Yes, KI was a Paramount property.
  6. ^You have to learn how to ride it. I got it down by the 3rd ride, just anticipate the rotations with your upper body. Do this and you're in for a treat, Skyrush gives an incredible ride in every seat. We managed to cycle it 9x right before close on the last 11:00 night of the season. Night rides rock even harder.
  7. They may have jumped in front of you but these aren't the rude kids, they washed their grubby paws. Watch how many bypass the sinks entirely, then touch your lap bar, seat belt, hand rail, counter at every food window, change that you'll be given at those windows, every souvenir you've bought... these are the rude ones Please jump in front of me to wash your hands!
  8. We actually saw a couple teens get ejected for line jumping at Volcano last summer. Oh, the sweet satisfaction. The "lifeguard chair" was manned at the time, and a second security worker extracted them. At SFGAd three weeks ago, after being blatantly and forcefully pushed past many times, a couple clean looking kids earnestly asked to get by because their parents were "up there". I thought I'd be the good guy, since they asked so politely and seemed honest, so my group sidled to the rail to let them through. Once we got to the switchbacks where we could clearly see them ahead of us, how strange it was that their parents were their same ages. Frustrating. They had their game down pat. My list of peeves must include people who use strollers like icebreaker barges to blast their way through crowds then look at you like you're the dick when they shove their baby into your ankles.
  9. This year was my biggest increase with hitting SFGAm (for Goliath) then first-timing great Adventure, Dorney and Hershey. That gave me a total of 30, Skyrush was my #100!
  10. But it can't be said enough. I've witnessed this phenomenon at every park I've ever been to.
  11. Having visited Dorney a week ago, I must humbly retract any bitter comment I've ever made about MiA not getting the relocated Demon Drop. It hasn't aged well... at all. I'd love to see MiA eventually shape into something like Dorney though, what a pretty park with a fantastic layout.
  12. I wore a SFGAm shirt to KI once and was snarked by a girl filling our souvenir cups
  13. This right here. Also applies to concerts, do not dig up your old Motley Crue shirt to wear to the Motley Crue show. Worse yet is when a band member wears their own band's shirt on stage...
  14. Sorry that's a plantain. Rhymes with... new theming for Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train calling it now
  15. Agreed. I did however read the entire thing anyway. Thanks for the report, and I would LOVE to see something new done with the tired museum. Let's hope there is something to that!
  16. I actually really enjoyed LR. I'm not big on woodies usually, unless they are named El Toro or significant otherwise (Beast). But I found LR to have a really cool layout on both sides. In line there was a kid bellowing how "red always wins no matter what" and on my very first ride, my green train came in first
  17. Cedar Point suffered a power loss tonight: Cedar Point Loses Power
  18. You are correct, I misstated... it does indeed invert you but they are the controlled hanging inversions, what I meant was somersaults or flips. Every other Top Spin I've ridden spins you head over heels several times.
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