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  1. I have been boycotting Six Flags Great America (while living in Chicago) for a few years now. With a new wooden coaster in place, and not having ridden X flight yet I am thinking that next year I may give the park a day and see if it wins me back. I rode GateKeeper and Wild Eagle in the last two weeks and think Wild Eagle is head and shoulders above GateKeeper and I have heard from others that GateKeeper is much better than X Flight. I am hoping that this new wooden coaster is not much different from ThunderHead in Dollywood. That ride was unbelievable and gave the most fun ride than anything SFGA offers now (Raging Bull and Whizzer aside)


    Clearly you hangout with Cedar Point fanboys. I haven't heard anyone say Gatekeeper is better than X-Flight.


    Kind of excited about this addition, but to be honest, the layout doesn't look all that exciting. Even with the Dive loop/immelman whatchamahoosie. Granted we know nothing about the rest of the ride....so pontificating about how awesome, or not awesome it will be is silly.

  2. Completely agree! I find it weird that most coaster enthusiasts who have ridden Raging Bull (if not all coaster enthusiasts) say the trim brakes should be removed since when it first came in usage, but SFGAm still hasn't done anything about removing them. I think the midcourse brakes are there as block brakes, but don't quote me on that.


    I've yet to see anyone provide any evidence that the trims were added later. We've asked numerous people at SFGAm at TPR events, Media Days, and construction tours about them, and they all say to a T that they've always been there, and that the trims are actuated by the trains weight, and always have been. The heavier the train is, the more the trims activate. The lighter, the less likely they'll turn on.


    We've discussed them ad nauseum in this thread soooo many times.

  3. And why has there even been comparisons on Dark Knight and Rock n Roller Coaster. RNR is a launched coaster with loops, speed, intensity, on-board audio by an amazing band, and good enough theme-ing. I mean, the whole plot is that you are driving to an Aerosmith concert on a highway. Audio-Animatronics would've been a blur and wouldn't have made any sense. The ride accomplishes what it needed to. DN did not.


    Because YOU brought up the comparison, about five pages back....

  4. Rock N Roller Coasters theming consists of flat signs that light up (at least here in the states, I like the Paris version more, but it is basically just stage lighting). Dark Knights theming is at least 3D.


    I can understand the disappointment if you were expecting Disney quality on this, but to be fair we all saw the budget beforehand. Disney level theming costs millions upon millions of dollars. DKC did not. For the price, I think it was pretty decent, really.


    This. I was going to say, how does Rock N Roller Coaster have more theming? It's plywood cutouts lit up?


    I recall trying to stay away from reading any of the Great Adventure previews before I did Dark Knights Media Day for TPR. I wasn't enamored with the placement, for two reasons 1) I'm old school and don't like seeing the park change from when I was a kid, and 2) I felt it was too close to BTR. I thought they did a pretty good job of making it fit, and the "box" is at least a bit farther back.


    As for the ride, everyone knew it was a mouse in a box. How you could expect anything very thrilling from that, you must be slightly delusional. I thought SF hit the nail on the head. A family coaster, that was well above any theming they'd done since BTR.

  5. Recently discovered Right Brain Brewery's Northern Hawkowl Amber Ale, and I must say it is extremely delicious. A very very good anytime beer; extremely refreshing with a taste of caramel. Highly recommended for anyone in Michigan, as Right Brain is a brewery located in Traverse City.


    Side note, the glass in the picture is from the Ayinger Brewery located in Aying, Germany. I recently went on a trip to Munich for a week in March and was fortunate enough to tour this brewery, which is home to some of the best beer I've ever had.


    Is that anywhere near I 94? I love the fact that there's like ten brewery's you can hit up along that route.

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