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  1. As for as SoB, I was there on Friday and have seen no work at all. I live across the street and see it everyday I leave my hood. I will post if I see anything being torn down. Anyway that is a lame rumor. A 12 year kid could say that. Of course they are going to do something in that spot. You have a 50/50 chance to say it will be large. The original press release stated something like they were making room for future expansion. I am thinking they are going to wait until season over before taking it down.



    Love the picture of Beast in snow.

    Thats what I meant, I know it has been closed for four seasons!

  2. Reading through, I don't think anyone's brought this up yet. From the SDC2013 website's manufacturer section: "Known as ride experts, the folks at RMC have built, rebuilt or installed more than 50 new attractions in the last decade." What are they referring to here? All I know of is a few Topper Track mods, this, and NTAG. What am I missing?

    RMC did a lot of construction and repairs of different coasters. Such as Timber Terror and El Toro.

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