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  1. ^^ You could be the next Mantis Man. They will call you Loco Man!
  2. This is simply fantastic! I love the amount of vegetation in this park.
  3. Mad Mouse at Adventureland. I'll give my turn away to whomever posts the next photo.
  4. I don't know why, but I have looked many times into Green Lantern's maintenance shed, and it only has 2 trains inside. Maybe one has become a parts donor? I was under the impression that SFGAdv may have sent back the third train.
  5. I can tell it's Suzuka Circuit, but I don't see how this relates to everything. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  6. I voted FOR the Monday fun e-mails because I know that many threads that are noteworthy, become lost in the ever changing threads such as the SFGAm thread with Goliath updates. It really gives people the weekly update, and it lets them know about what they're missing.
  7. I passed by the entrance recently driving down Monmouth Road, and I didn't see any cranes or any thing orange colored on Kingda Ka's tower.
  8. Hey Paula, I just had a quick question about Holiday World! Has Holiday World ever considered having Google come out and map the entire park with their street view technology? Thanks!
  9. How about keyholing under El Toro's airtime hill? The one where El Toro crossed over Rolling Thunder. That is a perfect spot for a keyhole!
  10. Yes and no. Sometimes I think they just don't know and sometime to sell more Flash Pass.
  11. Ryan's Semi-Daily Diaries. I went to the park today for a few hours, the crowds were kind of heavy for a Monday. Skyscreamer had about a 40-45 minute wait all day long or at least until 4. The Ferris Wheel's line started at about 5 minutes, but by the time I left it had become a 20 minute wait. One thing that I noticed about the Skyscreamer queue line that I had never really seen, was that ever so often people would jump into the Flash Pass line and then meet up attempt to meet up with family or just to simply get on the ride quicker. I noticed Batman The Ride had about an hour or so line and Dark Knight seemed to have a 25 minute line. Rolling Thunder had a 25 minute line around 12:15. Safari had a long 2 hours and 30 minute wait, and then died down a little as the day went on. Also something that shocked me today, was how Skull Mountain had a 30 minute wait within a half an hour of opening! Thats very rare! Also, unfortunate news, El Toro is still closed.
  12. Yes they are valid for both parks, but I would consider waiting till the end of August to get one, as you could then get a 2014 Six Flags season pass and get Fright Fest included free! Great deal!
  13. I would possibly be a little bit cautious on the NJTransit bus back to NY. There are a lot of people that board the bus at closing. I always see a long line to get on, so maybe think of an earlier bus or just leaving the park a little early to make sure you have a good spot in line.
  14. Yes El Toro is still down for the count. I'm going to probably start a new sort of daily thing that ill do to give brief updates on the park! Ryan's Semi-Daily Diaries I went to the park yesterday, Saturday, and I picked up a Gold Flash Pass. It was quite crowded and I was only at the park for a few hours, so I was only able to ride 5 rides. Dark Knight x1 Nitro x2 Skull Mountain x1 Kingda Ka x1 I had a nice day considering that I was only there for 3 hours, but on a crowded day, in my opinion, that is quite a good selection of rides conquered.
  15. I rode it Saturday the 10th and again Sunday the 11th, so I really don't see how the ride could've been closed for a week or so.
  16. Six Flags Great Adventure- 7 minutes from my house. 0 minutes from work.
  17. I check the updates of Street View everyday, so if any new pop up, I throw them into the list!
  18. At Skull Mountain, the lapbar must now touch both riders! So now if a parent and a child want to ride, the bar must be touching both of them! Almost impossible!
  19. I spent a lot of time today staring at some B&M Inverted footers. Now these footers are very old(from '93), but I did happen to notice that those footers are square, not circular. Just thought I'd add that to the speculation.
  20. Hey guys! Time for a bump. I have just recently updated the full list with all of the water parks available on Street View. If any new come around I'll update accordingly. Enjoy!
  21. Do you plan on purchasing the Flash Pass at Six Flags? If so, you really only need one day. If not, you may only need one day. If it is too crowded for your liking you can always go buy the Regular option and upgrade later in the day, if you feel it is needed.
  22. ^Yes, there are special bag holders in HUGE racks, and dont worry about your stuff getting stolen. The lockers have a cover for each train, really neat!
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