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  1. I think they were just playing it safe with 48 inches. With DarKastle, they left it at 42 inches but added a warning about the ride sequence, and I'm sure people probably complained about it freaking out their kids and/or not seeing the sign, so BGW took it into their own hands and just upped the height requirement for Verbolten. That's just how I think of it though.
  2. I haven't seen a POV of the lightning show, is there one out there? If not, what's it like?
  3. Ryu's colors look a little muddy, maybe change out the black for some more green, something that doesn't counter the green and orange maybe. Everything else looks great! I'm very jealous of Joust.
  4. Isn't 2.0 negative Gs nearly pushing the limit for a coaster? (Not complaining, just asking).
  5. I always thought they were husband and wife...and I also thought he was going to be heavy. Great photos and report! Just wondering, did they say they were going to plant any trees near the Rhine Drop? Or do they want to keep things as it is?
  6. Your wild mouse is floating. Also, I'd suggest changing the Power Tower's colors so that each tower isn't just one color. Other than that, looks like a great start, can't wait to see more.
  7. ^ ...8, 9, 11, 10... It seems to me like BGW nailed their goal of "extreme family coaster", not too wimpy, but not too intense. Kudos to the park.
  8. Ahhh, the satisfaction of watching the whole train duck when a train goes under a headchopper.
  9. It's even more sad that there are Zierer workers watching over the site, BGW could've just asked them!
  10. What made me think that they were painted was that if you look at the roof, the green suddenly stops after the second set of roof overhangs. But maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me.
  11. Why did they paint vines on the bridge roof? It looks really cheesy. On a serious note, I could see some floater air on the bridge drop, but only in the back.
  12. If there were to be steering wheels, I'd expect them to put one on each car of the train. What's the point if only 2 people can see it? Also, the idea seems sort of useless- if the event building is supposed to be dark, why would they bother spinning the wheel when no one can see it? (Also, if it spins wildly, couldn't it potentially be a safety hazard?)
  13. Disregarding the fact that this is TPR, does it have anything to do with a roller coaster?
  14. Great TR! I never realized how pretty and scenic the park was. I'm wondering, is it a multilingual park, or is it mostly a spanish-speaking park?
  15. Thanks everyone! ^ We were planning on going on the Coaster Tour in the morning, and does anyone know if the "Front of the line access for all four major coasters" means Quick Queue or something different? And also, June 30th would really be as bad as July 1st-3rd?
  16. Just wondering, out of July 1st-3rd, which one if any would be the best day (least crowds)to go to BGW? There's a small chance I could go the 30th of June, but would the crowds be a lot lighter than the 1st-3rd?
  17. The chain sped up a lot at the end of the lift, although it slowed down before the train completed the crest. I wonder if they're going to try to speed up the lift at the end. It does look very slow even for a B&M, but it'll probably be broken in as the season progresses.
  18. TWO Gyro Drops in one park?! I feel like this isn't the new 2014 attraction, and it isn't a "first of its kind (for Germany)" unless they did something really fancy.
  19. Interesting. I liked the music, it just added something else and made it different from other drop towers, but I could care less about the vibration. It was just weird, and I could easily time the drop- suspense is key for drop towers IMO, and Mach just didn't have any.
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