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  1. Imagine the feeling of almost getting across the cobra roll and slowly rolling back. :S
  2. I was looking at Wicked at Lagoon (Made by Zierer) to see if it had a delay too. And unfortunately, it did. There was a welding problem and a launching problem. But it was a huge leap for Zierer, containing a zero g roll and overbanked curves with just a lap bar. But companies goals are to not make the same mistake twice, right? I assume BGW won't make the same mistake twice and will make sure there are no flaws. :S Anyway...why do you all think that BGW has been choosing small scale companies instead of the big names?
  3. ^ Don't think that's the same one as in the gift shop. The Gift Shop one was so poorly designed it only had that one immelmann loop and that was it because it slowed so much haha. This one looks way better. But it said it used to be on display, hmmm maybe I'm thinking of a different gift shop in the park.
  4. Anyone know if BGW will have that 'Clue Hunt (Put together the virtual pov)' thing for Verbolten like they did for Cheetah Hunt? (I kinda don't want one, I love surprises)
  5. Verbolten looks cool, still sad it's not Intamin but lets see what Zierer can bring.
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