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  1. Because when they're Pegasus at Europa Park, they're awesome!
  2. 1. Apollo's Chariot during fireworks. Not only is everything better at night, and everything better during fireworks, but the water makes the bottom of the drops cold, but the crests of the hills are warm. Sensory overload! 2. Me, front row, Blue Fire, MCBR. Nothing more needs to be said.
  3. 2011: 1. Nitro 2. Apollo's Chariot 3. El Toro 4. Griffon 5. Batman: The Dark Knight 6. Bizarro (SFNE) 7. S:UF (B&M) 8. Millenium Force 9. Alpengeist 10. Loch Ness Monster 2012: 1. Apollo's Chariot 2. Nitro 3. Blue Fire 4. El Toro 5. Griffon 6. Verbolten 7. Silver Star 8. Alpengeist 9. Batman: The Dark Knight 10. Bizarro
  4. ^^ They've got stuff for everyone. Although people usually think coasters such as Pegasus and Alpenexpress look boring, they're quite exhilarating for family coasters. That being said, they still have five pretty decent thrilling coasters: Blue Fire, Wodan, Silver Star, Eurosat, and Euro-Mir. The only thing is, they do seem to lack in thrilling flats. Other than that, quite a well-rounded park, tied with BGW as favorite park.
  5. ^ It would be impossible, it's eternally burnt into my mind. Nothing could ever undo the damage done.
  6. National laws needed for America to progress: 1. Censorship of the the third Star Wars trilogy.
  7. Apollo's Chariot. Took my coaster enthusiasm to a whole other level.
  8. ^ EuroSat has Strobes, lasers, and techno music. I thought the ride was actually quite fun, it was quite out of control, especially in the back, not to mention the lift hill is in complete darkness.
  9. After riding Blue Fire, I have high expectations for this ride, and I'm sure Mack will meet them.
  10. Looks like a huge waste of momentum, but other than that, seems pretty cool. The only thing I truely hate is how the ride ends right after the top hat. A helix or something would've been cool. At least people can stop complaining about "No airtime".
  11. The heartbeat-like "BoomBoom ChickaChick" B&M hyper-trains make when they enter the station. Edit: ^ This
  12. ^^^ I don't think you should complain about a Wingrider being "forceless" unless you want it to turn out like Baco.
  13. Hello, I plan to go to Europa Park on either Thursday or Friday for the first time, and I'm not sure what to expect, and what the most efficient plan is. I've heard the most efficient plan to hitting all the major rides is heading to Wodan and Blue Fire first, and working my way back to Silver Star and Euro-Sat, would this be a good plan of attack? Also, I was wondering what the crowds are like this time of year. I know this is a high capacity park and that all the rides are extremely efficient and the lines move fast, but I haven't heard anything about the actual crowds and how big the lines actually are. Thanks in advance, and any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Schotcher
  14. I'm sure the trees that were destroyed for SOB's planks are pretty pissed right now.
  15. Is there a big difference between crowds Saturday Vs. Sunday?
  16. Face it, the park just bought random beams from a random manufacturer and layed them out in plain sight so that someone would find them and start speculating as to what it could be. Well played, well played.
  17. Have you even ridden it? Anyways, seems like "Full Throttle" (if everything is true) is a test to see if launch coasters are well-received/are a good investment, and then they'll dish out more launchers to other parks. I remember reading that a SFGadv poll asked what they'd like to see in the park, and one of the options was a 70+ mph launch coaster, and SFNE also asked if guests would like to see a launcher too. (Though seeing as it's SFNE I couldn't see them getting anymore than a clone of S:UF ) From all that, I'd say a launcher is possible for 2014 and beyond.
  18. SFMM's 2013 plans. Pancakes or Waffles?
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