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  1. Dollywood has posted a brand new "Egg to Eagle" update!




    This has been an exciting week to kick off the new year! 2012 is going to be epic - a season at Dollywood that you do not want to miss.


    The announcement this week of North America’s Largest Steel Eagle has created quite a bit of excitement. I think we should stop (just for a split second) and think about it…


    A huge structure, the biggest of its kind in North America is being custom built to live at Dollywood and welcome guests to North America’s First ever steel wing coaster. Not to mention that the wing coasters manufacturer is non-other than B & M. (Epic seems like a good choice of words!)


    As we continue to get closer to earning our wings – take a look at how Wild Eagle’s load station is progressing. Just another milestone in Dollywood Wild Eagle history…


    “Fly on the Edge”


    ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and edited the post to include the story and photos that accompany this. Feel free to do the same in the future!







  2. I'm glad we finally have a color version of that diagram. Defiantly looking at what's going to be on the 2012 brochure, and map. The colors are also beautiful.

    In other news, today was a very blustery day. So I don't expect much more of the lift was worked on today. I suspect today's work was mainly station work; since they can tear the temp fence in the Hollow down now that the Park is done with Candylane. Or today's work probably could of been focused on finishing the few remaining footers, or electrical work around the lift(which they have been working on days like today)

    All-American Thrills will have an update posted Thursday and Saturday(or Sunday) also. So keep tuned for that.

    EDIT: Sorry this reply posted twice, not sure why. I deleted the second one.

  3. I have a new Skyrush Construction Update posted here


    MOD EDIT: Link deleted


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  4. I'm going to call it now. Once this opens, the general consensus will be that this is the best new coaster of 2012 anywhere in the world.


    Really? Leviathan, Verbolten, Wild Eagle, X-Flight? I think it will be good but only be like 3rd or 4th best. Leviathan and Wild Eagle FTW.

    As for as forces are going to go, Skyrush will defiantly win.. Skyrush has been so far a VERY under rated coaster for the 2012 season. Most people on here don't realize how small the construction site is, and with these speeds, we will get some mad airtime. I'm NOT saying Wild Eagle, Leviathan, ect won't be thrilling rides(they will be) But, NO way Skyrush ranks "3rd or 4th" More like, "2nd or likely 1st" If inversions is your thing, Wild Eagle MAY be your personal fav, but if you're into airtime and other forces, Skyrush DEFIANTLY tops them all. Just wait and see on May 26th.

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