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  1. Hi, it is possible to do each park in a day although fastpasses would make life easier. There are several options for getting from AT to London (the train shouldn't have been anywhere near that expensive - which website did you use??) As for getting to AT, you're probably stuck with a bus/taxi from Stoke train station


    Hope that helps

  2. Hi All,


    I went to Pleasurewood Hills today to experience Hobs Pit and I must say I was rather impressed. Having not experienced a ride like this before, I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it all seemed pretty good. I went through with two teenagers who were constantly being scared by the scare actors most of whom only jumped out at us, shouted or followed us, however I'm sure that given time they will develop more of a script to follow. The theming was very impressive, and not just impressive for PWH, as was the dark ride section. This uses exactly the same track and layout as the storybook ride that it replaces, albeit with the station moved round a little andwith totally rebuilt ride cars. Without giving too much away, it uses many of the features seen in dark rides all around the world (holograms, projection onto mannequins etc) and the result is highly effective, creating an experience full of screams. I did find it hard to link the storyline with the experience though in parts, however this again is something that will be developed in time. PWH have already said that this is the 'mark 1' version of the ride and that it will be developed in time.


    Overall, this is a very impressive ride and would be a great addition to pretty much any park. It is still new and the scare actors are still learning what works best but I'm sure that this will be sorted soon.


    As for the rest of the park, it looks like lots of money has been spent on paint over the winter and so the park is looking a lot nicer and the staff friendlier than in previous years. This has potential to be a great year for PWH.


    Sorry for the lack of pics - my camera has broken and my phone camera isn't very good


    Thanks for reading,



  3. In answer to your question about the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge, they have to be raised when the bridge is raised to allow clearance for ships so in your picture from London Bridge where the rings are up, it would be either because the bridge was then about to go up or because it had just come down and the rings hadn't yet been lowered back to their normal position


    I hope that helps



  4. UPDATE:

    Margate's Dreamland compulsory purchase order approved


    Thanet council has been given the go-ahead to purchase Margate's disused Dreamland theme park.


    The authority wants to turn the site into a £10m heritage park with historical rides and sideshows.


    The secretary of state for communities and local government gave approval for the compulsory purchase of Dreamland following a public inquiry.


    The current owners DreamlandLive objected to the sale, saying the council's plan was not affordable.


    DreamlandLive's plan involved building 400 homes, as well as restoring the Grade II*-listed Scenic Railway around a fun park and a digital media studio.


    The two competing visions of the site were aired during a public inquiry in January.


    Margate artist Tracey Emin said it was "the best news Margate could ever have - and about time".


    She added: "All of Margate has been campaigning for this. Now it's finally happening. Dreamland says it all."


    'National significance'


    Councillor Clive Hart, Labour leader of Thanet District Council, said: "I'm thrilled with today's announcement.


    "This is a key step to unlocking the regeneration of the Dreamland site and means we can start to move in the right direction, in partnership with the Dreamland Trust, to progress the future of the site, which has been vacant for a significant amount of time."


    The park will be run by the Dreamland Trust, which will be given the site by the council for a peppercorn rent once the title to the land has been secured.


    Nick Laister, who chairs the trust, said: "The Dreamland Trust is delighted that the secretary of state has backed our plans to reopen Dreamland as a major seaside visitor attraction of regional and national significance.


    "The residents and businesses of Thanet, and its many existing and future visitors, have waited far too long for work on this project to start.


    "The Dreamland Trust is ready to make a start on site and we hope to have stage one of the project fully open by easter 2014."


    Link:BBC News

  5. ^That actually is a piece out of the Merlin-submitted planning documents, though it looks more detailed (maybe some final plans?). At the least, it is from the SW7 layout provided.


    I think that was for the comparison - the picture on the right comes, as you quite rightly said, from the SW7 layout and the picture on the left was of the Maurer-Sohne booklet. The point he was making was how similar the SW7 design was to the Maurer one.

  6. Just found this on the BBC News website:


    Man rescued from Oblivion ride at Alton Towers


    The Oblivion ride at Alton Towers had to be closed after a man entered a prohibited area and needed rescuing.


    A spokesperson for the Staffordshire theme park said a young man managed to get into the ride's tunnel at about 14:20 BST.


    The ride was stopped and the surrounding area cordoned off while three fire crews rescued the man.


    He was safely removed and taken to University Hospital North Staffordshire as a precaution.


    The spokesperson said: "As with all our rides the area surrounding the Oblivion track is securely fenced off and ride operators reacted immediately in line with our well rehearsed safety procedures.


    "A full investigation will now be carried out."


    The Oblivion ride remained closed following the incident but is due to reopen again as normal on Wednesday.


    Source: BBC News

  7. I pretty much completely agree with Robb on all this. The only slight variation for me is that, in the case of a racing coaster (like Steeplechase at BPB), I would want to ride all 3 tracks in order to consider it 1 credit.


    I'm not really a credit whore, as I see no point in riding kiddy coasters simply for the credit. Sure, I want a high count, but I'd like most of those coasters to be GOOD coasters. So instead of having 500 credits from whoring Wacky Worms, I'd rather have, say, 100 from riding some good coasters.


    As someone said earlier in this thread, riding rollercoasters is meant to be fun. I'm sure you'll have seen reports from TPR trips where the kiddie coaster has often been the source of the greatest fun and so, in my mind, there's no reason why they shouldn't count.


    Everyone is different and everyone's counting criteria is different too. Ultimately the thing that matters is that you're doing something you enjoy, not how many you've been on.



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