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  1. Those "hands" in the last picture! Haha! Thunderbird is looking amazing. Can't wait to ride it this summer!
  2. ^Thank you! Yes Star Tours was a very fun ride and should not be missed or skipped!
  3. PART 2! Disney's Hollywood Studios Ride Reviews: 1) Tower of Terror! 10/10 This is BAE. This is probably my favorite Disney ride ever! Our ride cycle was so amazing and probably the best one I have ever been on! It was so incredibly fun! I wish I could ride this over and over again! It was so much fun! Ahh…best ride!!! 2) Rockin’ Roller Coaster 9/10 I absolutely love the Aerosmith music on the ride, the whole theme, the indoor elements, THE LAUNCH, the trains…it is just after the launch…the ride is a little bit boring. I was in the front row for this ride and loved the experience; it’s just that it is a little boring after the launch. I wish it did more. It is a lot of fun though! 3) Beauty and the Beast Show 8/10 This show has not changed a single bit since I last saw it. It is a good show but it gets a little old after having seeing it so many times. 4) Star Tours 10/10 Loved the update of this ride! We did it twice and got completely different rides! Love this variety! This was a lot of fun! Great update to this ride. Hope to see a galaxy far, far, away come to Hollywood Studios soon! Now I don't have as many pictures at this park as I didn't do as much...and then my battery died...but here ya go! Hello Hollywood Studios! Did you know California Adventure copied your entrance??? Something doesn't seem right about this picture...and I'm not talking about the lady in the pink shirt... Is something broken? I'll get back to you later as I have a Fastpass+ reservation at..... BAE!!! The Tower of Terror is probably my favorite ride at Disney World. It is just beautiful...but scary...but flattering...but frightening...and BAE! Getting Closer!!! AND WE ARE HERE! Waittime was 60 minutes but not with Fastpass+! We literally waited only 5 minutes to ride! YES!! Through the tree...err...dead tree...sort of Here we are! Service Elevator. These take you to the 5th Dimension and the Twilight Zone! This ride has gotten a lot better since I last rode it. It seemed that there were a lot more drops than usual. I think there were like 6 drops on my sequence! And it was amazing!!! Exiting the Tower! I wish I could have rode it again...but there were no Fastpass+ and the line jumped to 75 minutes. We still had 2 more rides to get to with the Fastpass! Such as... ROCKIN' ROLLER COASTER! I don't think anyone has taken this picture before...looks like I'm the first! Starring Aerosmith! YASSS!!! Through the fence! Right before the launch 5.....4.....3.....2.....1....LAUNCH! Green Light! Can't believe I got this shot with the flash from the picture! I absolutely love this shot! "Make it a superstretch." These Coaster Trains are amazing! We rode the Front Row of course. Fun Ride! We were jammin' to Dude Looks Like a Lady! Love the loops and theme of this. Such a unique experience. Just wish there was a little bit more. Onto Beauty and the Beast show! We arrived at 2:35. They opened the area at 2:30...and this is where we were sitting. The whole left side was dedicated to Fastpass+ which ended up completely filled! Belle! Kick! Kick! Kick! Be Our Guest was really well done. Ta-Da! And applause... Gaston going to "kill the beast." "...I love you..." This yellow dress was certainly different from the last time I saw it. But everything else was the EXACT same haha. Kiss! Back over here....what is wrong with the Hat? Backlot Express Restaurant. Will this area change soon? #starwars Speaking of #starwars...Star Tours! I haven't been on it since the last update...it wasn't quite our Fastpass time and the wait was only 15 minutes considering there were all of these people were here. So we planned on doing it twice. IT WAS AMAZING! The second time we had a completely different experience!!! Well done! Enjoyed this very much! A little blurry...but ya C3PO! He is now on the journey with you instead of the other one from last time. And that ends our trip! I will hopefully be at Disney again later on this year in April or May so I will make Trip Reports of Animal Kingdom and Epcot then! Overall, Hollywood Studios is a wonderful place. However, it seems to lack and things just don't connect. With all of the new rumors about this park...I'm very excited to see what the future holds for this park! It has a lot of potential considering of all of the great attractions that are already there! Until then...
  4. On the live stream now...it appears the piece has been removed...
  5. I haven't been to Disney World in about 5 to 6 years and all I can say is that a lot has changed...and a lot has not We arrived and parked at Disney's Polynesian Resort to have breakfast at Ohana's before we went to Magic Kingdom for the day. We had a reservation at 7:30am and man...that was some really good food. I got some pictures of some of the new construction there as well. We finished our delicious breakfast by 8:30 and went straight to the monorail to go to Magic Kingdom. Once we got off, we managed to get all the way to the front! Once they opened the park (around 8:50), we were first at the rope and were headed straight for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! We were the first people of the day for the ride and we chose the Back Row! We did a lot more rides and left by 1:00 to go to Hollywood Studios so we can make our Fastpass+ times. We scheduled one for the Tower of Terror, the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, and Star Tours…(had to choose between Toy Story Mania and Rockin’ Roller Coaster so I wasn’t able to do Toy Story Mania). Overall it was an amazing day at Disney…as it always is! Disney’s Magic Kingdom Ride Reviews: 1) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 8/10 I guess I had really high expectations going into this…it was pretty short. However, being in the Back Row made up a lot of it as it seemed to rock more in the Back Row. The animatronics were amazing though! I had to remind myself that the height restriction is 38” and aimed for families. Overall, I thought this was an excellent addition to the park and overall a very fun ride. Since we were the first riders of the day, when we got off the ride…it was up to 45 minutes already! 2) Space Mountain 9/10 This is always fun! It was a walk-on since everyone was at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We rode the back car and love the little drops on the ride. This ride just never gets old. It is a very fun ride and very enjoyable. I forgot how dark the ride was too! 3) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 9/10 Another ride that just never gets old! We ended up getting the back row on this as well! It looked better than ever and it just brings back so many memories! Very fun coaster! 4) Splash Mountain CLOSED! Our plan was to go to here next after Thunder Mountain but it was closed!!! 5) Haunted Mansion 9/10 This was the first ride we waited for. About 10 minutes to get to the show room. This is another ride that is just plain fun. Very amusing. Love all of the effects! 6) Be Our Guest Restaurant!!! 10/10 We arrived around 10:10 to go in at 10:30 for lunch. We were one of the first groups in and WOW! When you first go in, you are directed to the right where there I think 10 stations where you place your order. Then you either scan your magic band or get a magic rose and then you get to choose where you want to sit. Of course we chose the main dining hall. We did check out the other rooms too! We had to get our own drinks and silverware and then they magically find you where you sat with your food! I had a Roast Beef Sandwich and wow was it good. Also, we ordered the Master’s Cupcake for Dessert as it had the Grey Stuff. It was almost $5 and it was a pretty small cupcake haha. It was ALL worth it though. Everything tasted amazing and the experience was extraordinary! 7) Journey of the Little Mermaid 9/10 This was a fun little show thing (idk what you call these attractions). We waited about 15 minutes for this. A lot of the animatronics and effects are a lot better than the Haunted Mansion but HM is a lot older than this one lol. The theming on this ride was amazing and very detailed. Well done! 8) Mickey’s Philharmagic 10/10 Always a fun show. No wait for it either! Note: All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Last time I was here, the sign was pink. Don't know how long ago that was...but blue does look a lot better! Arriving at the Polynesian for Breakfast at 7:30! Some of the Construction from the Ohana's Breakfast! If you look closely, there is a waterslide hidden in that mountain. Hint: Look towards the bottom of the mountain. First ones in for the day! Of course there's Stitch! And Mickey! Beautiful Hotel! Left at 8:15 to go to Magic Kingdom! Here comes the Monorail! Good Morning! Park opened at 8:50ish and we were first in line. Tried to get that Castle shot with the least amount of people around as possible! The giant crane...ugh! I believe they were taking the lights off the castle. Just ruin the shot! LOL Tried to get the big giant crane out of the picture! First on the Seven Dwarfs for the Day in the Back Row! When we got off...it was already 45 minutes! Passing by the Mad Tea Party to go to Space Mountain. I don't understand some people...park just opened and you run to the Tea Cups? Oh well...less people I have to worry about. Tomorrowland! Hello Space Mountain! Even though there was a sign where it said Standby Entrance...the lady looking at me was kind enough to direct me in the direction to go to ride. Leaving Tomorrowland for a long trek to Thunder Mountain! It was really crowded by Seven Dwarfs. It was 9:10 and the wait was now 55 minutes. Old Fantasyland! Stupid Crane... We will be back! Peter Pan was at 40 minutes already...no thank you! It was quiet over here Give me 5 min Haunted Mansion...I have to go to Big Thunder first Nice Area Splash Mountain through the trees! Oooo Pretty Still pretty quiet over here I see Thunder!!! Splash Mountain was a little dry today... Not planning to go here today...and I don't care Finally Arrived!! It says 10 minute wait...it was a walk-on and they didn't even fill our train so we got to choose the Back Row! Looking fancy... A big tour group was entering the ride at this time wearing light blue and their line stretched almost to the Country Bear Jamboree!! I'm glad I got to Big Thunder Mountain when I did! Bye Bye Still really quiet over this area Yes! This was the first thing we had to wait for. Only 10 minutes to get in the show room and then right onto the ride. The Tangled bathrooms were surely crowded! I guess everyone wants to "see the light"....from the bathrooms Crane... This area looked so incredibly good!!! We went straight in line for Be Our Guest which opens at 10:30. It was first-come, first-serve so we made sure we would get a table. The sun was just so bright and I wanted to get Seven Dwarfs Pictures! Pretty... Walking Inside! You are taken to this room first where you place your order and pay. Then you either get a magic rose (if you don't have magic bands) or scan your magic bands and then you are told to go find a table to eat. We chose the main dining hall. We got our own drinks and silverware...but they somehow found our table. I guess with the sensor in the magic rose? It was magical! Ta-Da! The West Wing Dining Area This is the area where we sat. It was snowing out those windows! Oooooo Mmmm Food. Roast Beef Sandwich. Master's Cupcake with the Grey Stuff! The Be Our Guest chocolate was pretty cool. The 3rd Dining Room. You can't tell...but they are dancing...like spinning. It had movie scenes hung on the walls all around the room with Belle and Beast in the middle. Gaston's Tavern! Onto Journey of the Little Mermaid! Only a 10 minute wait! We then went to Storybook Circus to check out the new area. Urghh...crane... One more Beauty and the Beast area picture. We went to Philharmagic after we went through the Storybook Circus area. We left after that. It was around 12:30 so we could go to Hollywood Studios to make our Fastpass+!!! Balloon Guy This was a 40 minute wait... HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!!! I will post some later that will be all of Hollywood Studios! STAY TUNED!
  6. Hello all! I am planning a trip for this Sunday. It is a Park Hopper Pass and I definitely want to go to this park and Hollywood Studios. However, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which one I should do first. Also, I really want to do the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Is the lunch or dinner better? That may decide which park I go to first. EDIT: Never mind. Be Our Guest is all booked up for dinner for Sunday. I'll go to Magic Kingdom first then for the lunch
  7. I think a Dive Coaster would be perfect for Cedar Point! I would just hope that it would have a much longer layout than some of the current ones and have a different and really cool element as compared to the others. This would be so much fun!
  8. I was checking out the SeaWorld website today to note some of the changes for this year. One thing I did come across was their new park map. There are new established lands! You have the Port of Entry, Sea of Shallows, Sea of Legends, Sea of Ice, Sea of Delight, Sea of Mystery, Sea of Fun, and the Sea of Power. It is like the Seven Seas but SeaWorld's Seven Seas. Also, some of the pathways don't seem to connect and the Dolphin Cove area is covered. I'm assuming it is closed? Check it out for yourself...
  9. Wow all of this looks absolutely amazing! 2015 is going to be a good year at Carowinds! This is just so massive!
  10. ^When I go, I head over to Cheetah Hunt first, then Montu, and then head up the Nairobi area towards Pantopia. I'd ride Falcon's Fury then head to Kumba followed by Sheikra. Crowds shouldn't be too bad if you are there before the park opens.
  11. And a helicopter was sent out to catch footage of people being rescued inside an ENCLOSED building. Wonder how that footage turned out. It was on my local news station and they were like..."Good thing no one was injured. Very scary situation." Really?
  12. I thought they said that it wasn't going to be demolished YET because of money and because they have YET to develop future projects for the site. So...I doubt RMC would be coming since they haven't really developed future projects for Gwazi at all YET.
  13. A quick little update from my trip to the park this morning! -King Kong looks massive and amazing! It appears that they are already building the exterior facade of the attraction based on the way the steel beams are strange looking, crooked, etc. It looks so big! Can't wait for whatever kind of ride it is to open in the near future! -Lots of dirt moving around for the Sapphire Falls Hotel. -Lots of dirt moving around in the area between I-4 and Cabana Bay (Rumored to be a water park???) -You can tell that they are expecting big crowds as they set up an exterior queue for Diagon Alley and a much larger one for Transformers than they already have for it. -Hulk now has the same policy as Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit where there are tons of workers outside the entrance yelling at people to empty everything out of your pockets to put it in a locker. I was asked at the entrance, before going into the building, once more in the queue building, and then at the station. It is very annoying as they really seem to yell at people. -Mummy operations were kind of slow...they were running one side of the station which they usually do...but were loading really slowly. I waited about 10 minutes for about a 3 train wait.
  14. Goodbye Gwazi! I really wish that Busch was doing better financially...they could do so much to that area...if they had the money...I would like to see the entrance area to be redone (it is very small and can be very crowded) with new theming and a big giant ride where Gwazi is. It would be cool to see a really cool dark ride that like takes you through the different adventures in Africa and come face to face with giant animal animatronics...if only they had the money lol
  15. This looks absolutely amazing! Every day I get more and more excited for this. Last time I was at Carowinds was when Intimidator opened. Definitely going to have to make a trip here sometime soon.
  16. I love seeing the Sea of Trees in person. It is so neat to just look across the water at all of those trees! Also the shamu show is a definitely must see as that is probably one of the highlights of the event
  17. ^Wow Quantum of the Seas looks absolutely amazing! I'm not a big fan of the Bahamas as it was dirty and unpleasant for me. Also, I never noticed how NCL cruises don't put effort like RC does in their cruises. Like how all of the new features look to be apart of the ship while the slides at NCL just seemed plopped there. Just another reason to go for Royal Caribbean!
  18. I still don't understand BGW's choice for this coaster. I'm just hoping it turns out well for the park and that capacity won't be that bad. I kind of wish they would invest in a Family Ride similar to FireChaser Express as it seems they are lacking a really good family coaster...not another high thrill coaster. I'm hoping this same thing doesn't happen to BGT.
  19. Is Apocalypse really that faded or did they paint it white? It looks terrible...
  20. Is it like hot soda or more like a coffee/hot chocolate thing? Also, I heard the cream on top is cold still which seems like it will add a nice touch to it!
  21. This is the first coaster in which I am scared to go on...like that first outer bank, first loop and first drop...that is frightening
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