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  1. It's been a while since I've surfed these boards, but I wonder if the park will go ahead with the project once they have a clearer picture about what their season is going to look like. SFDK has the benefit of being a year-round operated park so I wonder if we could see a non-standard ride opening (e.g. in winter or early spring) to help encourage people to start coming back to the park? Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but at this point, anything is possible.


    Also, if any of you are interested in the animals, Captain Lee has been posting some really neat live videos on Facebook. I've seen some with the baby lions and the other day, he shared one from Alligator Isle with them feeding the gators and a GIANT snapping turtle. I always make a point to look at the gators but I don't think I've ever seen that turtle before. It's definitely been cool seeing some of the different views of the enclosures that you don't get as a regular guest.

    my wife use to take care of the animals at SFDK before we moved to texas, but a fun fact, the same of the turtle is BAT...Big A** Turtle

  2. ^ Actually, I thought he said the trip was "March-April" for 10-12 days.

    One month into the other, that meant to me.


    Meaning, it probably/possibly didn't happen, due to current obvious reasons.

    This is correct, trip got cancelled, all flights and hotels where refunded back to us, As you can imagine we are super bummed. One day we will finally maybe make it too Japan. Hopeful wishing that it's sooner than later.

  3. So my car history... At 16 got a Pontiac Sunfire which I drove for two or three years until I was in college. Bought a new 2008 Scion xB at the time in 2007, which I drove for 10 years basically (at 145K) when I got rear-ended and it was totaled. Super bummed, absolutely loved that car. No intention ever to get rid of it.


    Due to me needing a car, ended up with a 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE. Brother works at Toyota so it was easy enough, leased it for 3-year. Really nice, but not exactly what I would have gone with had I had time to really look and drive a ton of stuff. Thing is, not a fan of most cars the past few years. Styling (exterior or interior) or the suspensions/handling, among other things, often push me away from most. I'm a car guy of sorts, absolutely love to drive just for the enjoyment with nowhere to go. So while the Camry is super nice, it doesn't exactly get me excited to drive it. Granted, I actually went with the hybrid variant as it has more power/pep than the standard 4 cylinder or V6 due to the instantaneous torque by the electric motor. Not really to save on gas...


    Start looking around a few months ago to see what was out there that I'd potentially get, and well...


    Don't have it quite yet, but placed an order with my dealer for my new 2021 Camaro 2SS, 10-Speed AT. Black on black.


    Dual mode exhaust, magnetic ride control, front fascia extension and some other little things.


    I also checked out the Mustang GT and Challenger, but the Camaro just dominated on a few fronts for me. Handling was a huge thing, but the exhaust note and the "cockpit" cabin of the Camaro won me over. The 455HP just rips!


    Just absolutely fell in love with it. I originally planned on buying used, but literally not a single one in the country with the features I need (or did not want)... I didn't want a sunroof (I'm 6'6", so that takes up valuable head room, plus, I don't care for them anyway), and any of the Camaro's available with the options I was after all had sunroofs. So I basically was left to order one in to my spec.


    Will look like this at delivery in a few weeks!


    [attachment=0]camaro final 4.JPG[/attachment]

    [attachment=1]camaro final 2.JPG[/attachment]

    [attachment=2]camaro final 1.JPG[/attachment]

    [attachment=3]camaro final 3.JPG[/attachment]


    No hate hear because I use to love new gen camaros, But over time I have lost all interest in them mainly because everyone and there mother drives one here in Texas, They all look the same to me. Besides I love when I I'm minding my own business at a red light and some boomer or teenager thinking he's hot shit pulls up next to me in his camaro or corvette and starts raving on me and I am now forced to hand him the Gapplebees menu in my "ricer". its actually one of my favorite past times to hurt there feelings..lol

  4. A few quick questions to get us started in helping out...


    - Are you thinking of just staying in Tokyo on this trip? To be honest, 10 days with Disney and zoos and tourist stuff you could easily never leave Tokyo.


    - Are you comfortable taking trains?


    - If you'll be leaving the Tokyo area are you looking at day trips or are you willing to switch hotels?


    - Do you want to see Panda's?

    Thanks for the response. So we are up to travel around Japan and even change hotels. We spent 3 weeks in China last year traveling to Hong Kong, bejing, Shanghai and a few other places so we are comfortable moving around by any means of transportation. But we are also up for just staying in Tokyo and doing touristy stuff and seeing all the things and eating all of the foods. Since this is our first time to Japan we are up for what ever would be the best experience for first time visitors. And yes we LOVE pandas so that would be awesome to see them. Thanks

  5. Hello and thanks in advance for the the help. Me my wife and her parents are trying to plan a 10-12 day trip to japan in March/April, we would like to make the most out of our time without feeling rushed. We all lover coasters and theme parks, also with both me and my wife being zoo keepers we also really love zoos. We love Disney so we are defiantly going to visit there, but out side of that we are kind of for a loss of what to do and how to break up and spend our time. So I guess my question would be this, do you have some sort of quick itinerary that you have used in the past you could share with me, or what places we should visit and maybe where would be some good places to stay. Thanks again

  6. Barring a crazy big game from Kirk Cousins and Rob Kelley, I think my son will pull it off after all! Shame I didn't set it up based on divisions! Him and I likely (based on my projections for Cousins and Kelley) BOTH would have won this week, and played for the TItle! Oh well... Good luck next week!


    Interesting thing though... In another league I'm in with my son, he actually went 12-0-1 during the regular season, and had a 1st Round BYE in the playoffs. Then I played him this week, as a 6-5-2 team (I handed him his 1 tie), and have already beaten him, with Jamison Crowder and Greg Olsen still to play. He didn't do bad, as he scored over 200 points, but my team was off the chain! (My record in that league is deceiving, as I was the 3rd highest scoring team in the league, behind my son, and the guy I'll play next week in the Championship Game. It was a really unlucky season - I mean, 2 ties?!?! One is rare enough as it is, and mine came in consecutive weeks! )


    thanks im going to need it. its going to be a tough one to get the W against your son. But hey anything can happen.

  7. Ya, its alright. I dont really mind either way. Just im use to playing within my division for playoffs like the actuall nfl, afc vs nfc untill the superbowl. But top 4 is cool also. If you where top 4 you deserve to be in the playoffs i guess. And its looking like its going to be an upset against your son for you.

  8. That was the default setting, apparently, and now that we're here on the doorstep of the Playoffs, I think it's probably best to leave it as is. If this had been brought up to be changed a couple weeks ago even, I wouldn't have minded doing it, but now, I know Playoff mindset and prep for teams has begun. For next year? Absolutely, let's do it differently! (And get more members in the league, too!)

    Ya, i didnt catch it untill this week. Matchuo should be changed to. Top 2 teams in each devision should play eachother to go to the chamionship. Not by record.

  9. I posted a response to your inquiry in the league thread!


    I'm pretty happy with my team's performance this season, but I feel like it's irrelevant, because my son's team is a flat out beast, and will probably go unbeaten and win it all, barring injuries! Any time you're rostering the top 3 RBs in the league on one team, you're going to win a LOT more than you lose, in Fantasy Football! The suspension dropping Le'veon's value, and the severe undervaluing of DeMarco Murray coming into the season, really helped him out, as his QB and WRs are all great too! (Not to mention my ill-fated trade of David Johnson for Adrian Peterson! )



    are you going to leave the playoffs on the fantasy leagues how they are? ( 4 weeks total, 2 weeks per round) i think you should just extend the regular season by a game or 2 and then just have 2 weeks for the playoffs. one week per round. Also looks like its going to be husband and wife and father son playoffs.

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