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  1. Bingo. Weather will make or break an opening date, and they're calling for a brutal winter in that area IIRC. I have faith that they'll get it open on schedule, maybe even ahead with how fast coasters go up these days, but it all depends on the weather. and how the contractor works in that weather.
  2. i kinda want the one in the purple shirt. but thats just my taste....
  3. I think this may just be me, but since the park went to weekend only operation (and lost a lot of the seasonal staff), operations are faster, the park is cleaner and the staff is friendlier. Am I the only one that has noticed this? Also the dismantle crew is almost done on deja vu. They moved fast.
  4. kinda stoked for west coast bash now. Also, if you need a cheap decent hotel/motel, the choice suites on pico canyon/lyons canyon/old road is pretty cheap, and you get 10% off with AAA (or at least i did when we lost our keys at fright fest)
  5. might as well say it, can we get an Aquatrax?? My personal hope is a blitz coaster tho.
  6. the audio has been iffy for a while, and i still think its the lead acid batteries in the audio control unit. Also that last turn that hurts so bad prolly isnt good for the electronics on that either.
  7. damn, they did an awesome job with that park. Dare i say it, the minilands look better than CA's!
  8. Was at the park yesterday, have a few hints (and some tip of the hat, wag of the finger as well!) Tip of the hat goes to X2 and colossus backwards. X2 had 3 missed dispatches (dispatches that take longer at 1:45) the entire time i was in line (yes im a nerd and time from when one train hits the chain till the next hits the chain). Also the colossus backwards crew made a line outside the building less than 15 minutes. Wag of the finger goes to Ninja and Batman crews. 2:30 dispaches on ninja are unacceptable on the emptiest of days, def no good when the park is crowded as all hell. And batman, WARNING IT ONLY IS RUNNING 1 TRAIN, and the crew was moving slow even for just the 1 train. 2 min dispaches and 1 train operation makes for a slow moving line. But foggy nights its totally worth it. Caught a brief moment of the show outside DC universe, and if your scared of drag queens, it will definately be unsettling, but it looked mostly like a drag show. Also many of the scare zones left something to be desired.Like being scary. Overall though it was a very fun atmosphere, just too few scare actors in relation to the crowd and limited operational areas for them to be effective. But with alot of the rides with no running lights, Colossus backwards and foggy nights, who needs to drop the 10 bucks (8 for season pass holders) on a maze wristband.
  9. Went to the park yesterday, it looks like the show stadium by riddlers and the tidal wave queue are both being used as mazes. Also there is a scare zone underneath the lift on revolution. Thats all i caught tho.
  10. well lets consider. Starting this week untill Fright Fest, weekend only operation, then after fright fest its weekend only. And most of the post-christmas time is also weekend only So that gives time for groundwork without S:EFK operating. Also based on the design it looks like the lift motor and track could be installed rather quickly once the cranes are on site. Most of the brakes and stuff i would think could be installed with the ride operational. But its california so who the hell knows.
  11. SUPERNOVA, CLAM, ILLINOIS, STEEL, BOLT, "DESIRE", SUBMARINE, IVY AND LOGS. Supernova: The Hydraulic system also has a pneumatic section that expells super hot gas, just like a supernova Clam: it has wonderful clamtype lapbars Its made of steel Its had issues with bolts on the launching cable Many in the area "desire" to ride it Its painted yellow like a submarine The Queue is full of Ivy and Logs The parks nearest competition is in ILLINOIS Its Top Thrill Dragster.
  12. Another Guess: IVY, LOGS, ILLINOIS, STEEL, BOLT, and SUBMARINE. Ivy: Alot of the structure is covered in it Logs: Its structure is made of them Steel: Even though the structure is wood, the rails are steel Bolt: You can see and hear them on the ride and It has an underwater tunnel like a submarine And it desires to actually be the worlds first tubular steel coaster Its the Runaway Mine Train at SFOT
  13. Tidal Wave at CGA IVY, LOGS, ILLINOIS, STEEL, BOLT, and SUBMARINE. Ivy: the concrete is overgown on one side by Ivy Logs: (if i remember right) the station had a bunch of theming of logs like a pier Illionis: Great americas sister park was in Illinios (now six flags great america) Bolt: Its like other rides which have bolt like greased lightning, also there was a locking bolt onto the train from the catch car. Submarine/Clam: The ride is named after a giant ocean wave, come on! And its a schwarzie, which makes it a goodie, therefore desire
  14. ok so with that ill make an even outer of left field guess Son of Beast: The track is now overgrown with IVY Everyone had a "desire' to ride it, once. The loop had a STEEL structure the ride would actually sheer off BOLTS holding it together the wood of the ride could have been better used as either LOGS or a wooden SUBMARINE (ok so submarine is throwing me off, but if i can get closer i still win)
  15. NTAG: The sign and queue is full of IVY The ride was built with wood from LOGS from ILLINIOS the ride was modified with STEEL I-track with lots of BOLTS people thought would make a bad ride. Much of the grey steel on the ride is treated with the same paint SUBMARINES use inside to prevent corrosion (technically all 'untreated' structural steel is that way). *edit*And we all DESIREd to be Jake when he got to ride it early
  16. It was Lincoln with the Bolt in the Submarine with a STEELly look in his eye. Wait this isnt clue. Carry on!
  17. Ummm, VerBOLTen, cuz its got bolt in it. Or Kingda Ka, since it getting hit by a lighting BOLT was what caused one of its longest shutdowns as it burned shit up.
  18. becase the ride flexes from side to side a bit, which means the fins can hit the brakes if the conditions are right. Ill take a pic in 2 weeks when im there again to show yall what i mean
  19. When Robb bitched about the ride being trimmed to hell he wasnt kidding. If you look at the break fins now tho, they are chewed up from overtrimming, but yeah they put trims here, they are down to 1 trim before the first drop, 3 trims in the turn to the MCBR, it no longer stops on the MCBR, and the 5 trims here, and the 2 trims in the final turn before dickmove curve (the final flip and final brakes). and by loading 2 cars at once the line is getting better.
  20. If this was at the soda shack right by tatsu i think i saw you today, and we may have talked on Green Lantern. But yeah it was ungodly hot today and the staff at the drink refills were even hotter than we were, so i tend to cut them some slack when its really hot, remember in food service there is NO AC and NO FANS... its brutal in most of those stands. Riddler's Revenge can have a very long line or be near walk on depending on what time you visit. In the late afternoon to early evening it can back up to 20 to 40 minutes, but mostly will stay between 5 and 15 minutes. Scream will probably have an empty station no matter what time of day you visit. I cannot stress this enough. On riddler, Single Rider. Also something fun for those who follow it, definitive proof of trim removal on Green Lantern Proof of Trim Removal on green lantern
  21. I wouldnt say its back until new rides start moving around. IN 2 years if Green Lantern starts moving ill agree with you. But all of these moves make sense. With the land cleared for Mr Six(before it was RRE) Deja Vu no longer makes sense for the location, but a much larger ride could fit there. And with SFNE needing a new ride, this move makes sense. Moving rides from closed parks to operating parks while Six Flags re-structured was a move that made sense. Hyperbole is not becoming.
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