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  1. I'd expect some type of coaster to be in for the "Biggest" part of the announcement. What I'm thinking is, unfortunately, the takedown of Bizarro (they will ship it out to another park) to make room to access a re-themed, remodeled safari section of the park. I expect Six Flags GA's first wing-coaster, which I expect to go through animal enclosures (similar to Cheetah Hunt down in BG Tampa). I also could see walking paths being added to view these amazing animals (should be part of park admission). I also find the drop tower idea added to Kingda Ka as a very intruiging thought, maybe something that could be added for 2013 or the near future. Either way, I'm expecting a wing-coaster for 2013. If not that, all's hoping for a nice drop tower that beats Lex Luthor over at SFMM.

    Yo do realize that If it were a coaster getting put in, especially in Bizarro's spot, we already would have seen some demolition. They started taking down GASM in July. Also, I'm really hoping that one of the announcements is putting in paths that connect the zig-zag pattern that is SFGAdv.

  2. Almost all of the B:TR's started out with great theming. I especially liked the SFGAdv one. I think the best themed B:TR is in Six Flags Over Georgia. I certainly wouldn't enjoy Batman The Ride as much as I do without the theming. Now that I think about it, Six Flags Great Adventure's Gotham area started out with some great theming, but I think it was around 2007 when they started taking it out. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/BTR.htm

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