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  1. I think Gwazi could really benefit from it. I rode it a few days ago and forgot how long of a layout it is.I think Gwazi is the only coaster at BGT that is not up to par with the other great coasters there. BGT could advertise it as the first dueling hybrid coaster.

    Wouldn't Gemini be the first?

    I think that it would be interesting to se a simple out and back done with this. Cough *Rolling Thunder* Cough! Ugh, this cold is nasty.

  2. I'm really hoping for a Zierer Tower Launch coaster here, or something Cheetah Huntish.

    It would be so Wicked if they put in another big coaster already.

    It's probably something else tough, but another coaster is defiantly needed for the park, as they get some insane crowds in the summer.


    Time will tell.

    Haha, wicked, I see what you did there. Who has ridden a Zeirer launch coaster before? How are they? How do they compare to Intamin?

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