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  1. With this loopscrew coaster, called Montana Rusa. Which several

    of us found funny, as an earlier coaster we'd ridden, at La Feria park

    in Mexico City ~ a mobius wooden coaster ~ was also named

    Montana Rusa. Huh.

    Montana Rusa is Roller Coaster in Spanish, and has many cognates in other languages.

  2. Sorry to tell, but I think this game is not gonna work. Too much details, but the quality of the coasters ( Alot of bumps ) is horrible. Last 2 coastergames didn't work because they had the same problem. Unfinished gameplay.


    Sorry for my bad English


    Pantera, prove me wrong! Waiting for the release .

    Sadly, I slightly agree with this. Some of these videos that I have seen make RCT3 coasters look smooth, and I am a No Limits guy...

  3. Say what you want about Kingda Ka, but that launch is pretty breathtaking. Also, the first few times you ride El Toro, you are not at all expecting the speed of the lift. But no SFGAdv fanboys list would be complete without these:

    -The First Drop on El Toro

    -Nitro's first dive in a seat to the far left of the train

    -The view from the Kingda Ka top hat

    -The second wingover on B:TR, on all versions (especially the SFOG model)

    -The ridiculous airtime WTF hill on El Toro, that goes over Rolling Thunder

    -Bizarro's zero-G roll, and Corkscrews


    Other Parks:

    -Incredible Hulks Launch

    -Every part of Skyrush

    -Stormrunner, Launch and Flying Snake Dive

    -Lightning Racers "Side Time"

    -Goliaths helix at SFOG

    -Mindbenders airtime going into the ditch


    And on the side, non coaster related, there is Log Jammer's drop, where the boat actually lifts off the water. Even the boat gets airtime.

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