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  1. ok just a few notes. saw the videos and i will admit that the effects are awesome specially the giant screen. however I feel its a little to dull and bland. Fantasmic in california is the best fantastic. I think its because its kept kinda simple. good vs evil. The one in florida tries to improve on that but where it gets ugly is 1st from what i hear its the seating, its kinda of a small place. this is what i read and hear i have not personally been there, second, and i think this is whats killing a lot of the new shows, is the music. It seem like its just a montage of music and videos clips, like world of color. I really enjoyed world of color, but the music didn't do it for me. This new fantastic music also didn't do it for me. It felt like they were trying to cramp as much as possible into the show and it all sound to me like a big mush of music. The fantastic in california has such amazing music and it all flows together, one after the other in perfect harmony. The music of world of color, fantastic in florida, and fantastic in tokyo doesn't. its really sad. well i had more to write about but its late and i forgot it so imam go to sleep, good night theme park reviewers.

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