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  1. ^Is jealous Down: Can't find the "down arrow" button on his keyboard
  2. Barefeet/ Sneakers I'm too lazy to find and wear.
  3. Never. Martial arts for the wiiiinnnn When was the last time you rode a donkey?
  4. BEST SIX FLAGS EVER! I would totally pay those price tickets (I live in CA) to go there! I wish the game xchange worked for me . You might wanto submit this to New Element, but its upto you!
  5. Resort looks abit empty, but I love your parks! I like how you don't go fully for realism but still create awesome parks.
  6. VERY VERY nice woodie! It's so original and I love how it twirls around the pond and queue line! I think this will be your best park ever, BAB
  7. Nice supporting. I seriously think a top hat would go better though.
  8. I like Reverend Park! Thanks! Thank you, I actually didn't use lots of custom scenery, but still, thanks! You're welcome! EDIT: Just noticed that a reverend is a sort of ministerish thingy, so you are welcome to change the name.
  9. Looks great! I hope to see more pictures! For the names, I suggest: Phoenix Point, Twisty Thrills, Reverend Park, Veridium Valley, Magical Hills, and Serium Lake. Yah, I'm better at naming coasters.
  10. Heres a small one I'm almost done with. Its not as good as the first one. SCR5.BMP Small update. Come on guys, is itr really that bad?
  11. Wide paths in RCT2 look nice, that's the way to make it look realistic. If you have a two (whatever they are called) square-filled paths then it's pretty unrealistic. Nice work on everything really, RD! Those buildings are square and quaint, I like them like that! Umm, I meant it in the fort area. Where its like 5 wide.
  12. Nice, good to see you're using realistically-wide paths, and that B&M minetrain looks awesomesausictasticalness. Or simply this:
  13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey guys, its Dylan Irvings here, and I'm asking: should I keep this intamin? Sorry about the guests, I got bored and opened the park. SCR3.BMP Should I keep it or not?
  14. I love EVERYTHING about this park except for that random square cillf that juts out and the LIM spirals around it. Maybe make it a gigantic lighthouse?
  15. That semi-unrealistic B&M minetrain is awesome! But change that train color, its an eyesore. I love your hotel also, but you might wanto slant that roof. Other than that, looking great!
  16. Lately, a man named Thomas D. Inwheeler has opened a new company called TDI, Thrill Designs Incorporated. The new company is creating a chain of (NCSO) family parks and that begins in Tulip Thrills Amusement Park, Inwheeler's first real park after a few funfairs and small parks. Tulip Thrills will have four main areas based on Rome, China, France, and Egypt, all squashed into an 80x80 scenario. After this park is done, Inwheeler will work on a MUCH bigger park (190x190), but the name has not been chosen. Inwheeler has hired a company called the Snack Stop to cover most of the eating/restroom facilities and I must say, their burgers are good!I'm Dylan Irvings, his reporter that will cover the park and hopefully more to come. (Sorry for the lack of screens, I'll have some up more soon. ) Phew. now that's over with, lets get onto the pictures. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pre-Open Construction SCR1.BMP A view of the breathtaking forest, we actually found a hobo that set up camp here while we cleared some away. SCR2.BMP The turn styles have been placed (Don't worry, that's the pathway for Rome now) and the first Snack Stop is ready to serve. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget your daily C&C, TPR! I will have another update today or tomorrow.
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