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  1. Let's give respect where respect is due. Tommy Tutone totall rocks! John "I enjoy having sex....that's it nothing else, just enjoy having sex" Vasquez
  2. Well back here in California it's freezing! It might hit 55 degrees tonight! Great report Cameron. Remember if you ever come out to Sunny SoCal to give me a call.
  3. So wait, if Lou is The Hulk and The Hulk sucks then that means Lou must suck. This puts all sorts of images in my head. Love you Lou!
  4. So Elissa, when you guys finally get around to doing a TPR trip to CHINA, will this be on the itinerary? Food and a coaster? At the same time? YOu know Robb is going to be all over this. Okay, I'm not far behind either.
  5. I miss being on a cruise! I hope you guys are having fun, have an extra dessert for me!
  6. Hey Tom. I got a driver since I was limited in time and I didn't feel like risking my life in Mexico City with a rental car. (They drive like crazy there!) It was the same price as a couple of taxi fares and I didn't have to wait around wasting time. As far as checking the parks out. It's a three hour flight from LA to Mexico City and as you can see, I pretty much conquered both parks in about 5 hours and that was with the horrendous traffic they have there. I'm glas I got to do the parks, but I wouldn't make a special trip just for them.
  7. So one of the perks from my job is that sometimes I do shows near parks. I was down in Mexico City doing a job, and after 4 days of about 16 hours each I deceided to move my flight back and credit whore myself around Mexico City in about 5 hours. First up was Six Flags Mexico. I wasn't expecting much and was actually pleasently surprised. The park was clean and fun. Typical Six Flags operations though with only one train running on each coaster, so I was only able to get one ride on each. They also had a good variety of flats and a couple of dark rides as well. If I'm ever in Mexico City again, I'll be sure to make a visit. La Feria Chapultepec Magico is a little park that sits at the top of a hill. I only had about 45 minutes in the park so it was just the coasters there, but if I ever return, I'll be sure to check out some of the other stuff they have there. Enough rambling, let's get to the pictures! Goodbye to La Feria and Mexico, I'm heading home to L.A. Hmm, I wonder which park this used to be in? Of course, now that I've taken all these pictures it may never open. I was told they still had some testing to do and they hope to have it open by the new year. I didn't break it. Let's get one thing straight, It's not done yet. I didn't break it. Hey look, it another Schwarzkopf! Joe, are you jelous yet? I actually go my driver to take a picture of me while I was riding. Do I make you horny, Derek? Next up was Cascabel, a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. They held all the cars in the station and dispatched them all at once when they were loaded. Weird. It was your typical spinning wild mouse. Elissa would have loved it. Mandatory lift hill shot. Next up was Raton Loco. It was a fun ride, with a moment of ejector air that I wasn't expecting. Home of Montana Rusa, my third mobius woodie. About 35 minutes away is La Feia Chapultec Magico. Good bye Six Flags Mexico, enjoy your 45th anniversary! One of the few things that Vekoma actually does really well! Another Vekoma. This should be called Vekomaland south. Last credit in the park, Roller. They couldn't afford the skater part. Bummer, no Medusa for me. I'll just have to settle for torturing some goats. Bahh, ole! It's not my fault! It was closed when I got there! I only took one picture! Wait a minute, why is the door to the station closed? What's that sign? Next up Medusa, I was really looking forward to this CCI woodie. Their frontier land actually looks like a old western town. I found Elvis! Sure he's got a bird on his head and he's in Polynesian land, but he's alive! The only vertical loop in the whole park. Hope you enjoy it Derek! After the hang and bang, one ride on the boomerang was more than enough! Next up, Boomerang. Another Vekoma classic. Oh, who are we kidding, it's the crappiest ride on the planet! The screams are of joy and happiness not pain and tourture. As it rises majestically into the air? Doesn't it look graceful? What the...? No B&M in Mexico, here's it's a Vekoma SLC. Next up was Batman The Ride. Time for some B&M goodness! There were LOTS of school groups in the park, I think I was the oldest person in the park. Now I know how Jeff Johnson feels everyday. You Bet! Cha-ching! Hmm, a Zierer family coaster. Am I that much of a credit whore? Because I had more coasters to get to. There was a SpongeBob dark ride too, but I didn't have time to do it. "Ay...Mis Hijos!" This apparently excites some people. (See wall for example.) La Llorona is some scary Mexican legend about a woman doomed to walk the earth lamenting the loss of her children. Cheesy dark ride? I'm so there! There was a Discovery Channel crew there who picked me to do a quick interview after my ride. There must be something about me that screams weird coaster enthusiast. Bye Superman, until we meet again. Had I known what the rest of the day would be like, I would've just marathoned this. It's a great ride. Nice first drop and some good moments of floater air. Mmmm...floater air.... Superman is mostly on the side of the park so you can't get any really good pictures. One train operation. Now THIS is more like the Six Flags I know. Line jumpers beware: we have rabid chiuahahs that will eat you over the course of 100 years. (Loosely translated) Is this really a Six Flags? In Mexico? Here are Lois, Jimmy, and Clark's offices. It's actually themed. This is the que? To the Morgan Hyper of course! I've only got 2 1/2 hours here, where to first? Hey, it looks pretty deserted, that's a good sign. This would be the only time that I saw live characters in the park. I got there in time for the opening parade, dance thingy. Sweet, my US annual pass works south of the boarder! Ahh, Six Flags Mexico. It's gotta be better than SFMM, right? Enough with work! On to the parks! I can even make the Millennium Falcon on my phone go into hyperspace. I'm such a dork. Here's the Set and Lighting Design I was working with.
  8. Jeff also counts it as a different credit if you ride during the day or at night.
  9. I never thought I'd be jelous of a Yeti Ball. Lou, you're breaking hearts all over TPR! But of course it makes sense that Lou would choose Yeti Ball over anyone else here, afterall YB isn't a crazed coaster enthusiast....or is he? Hmmm...
  10. You think you're in trouble? i've been married over 6 years and no kids. Does this mean when we have kids we're going to have triplets? How exactly does the intrest on kids compound?
  11. Yes, it's really gaining momentum now and I can't wait for the next episode. And hey, let's face it; "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" should just be everyone's mantra.
  12. Wow, I always thought that Robb would get pregnant before Elissa! Congrats guys, you are going to be wonderful parents!
  13. Okay, after last night's episode I just have to say something. What the hell is going on with the writing this year?! Last night's episode was terrible. Absolutely nothing in the episode developed any of the existing storylines. It felt like filler. I was bored. That's the first time in the series that an episode really disappointed me. I get the feeling that they're trying to streach out the main story line as much as possible so the show can be on the air and be a money maker for as long as possible. It's almost too bad that Lost is a big a hit as it is, I'm sure ABC is forcing the producers to keep this going as long as possible even if it means throwing some episodes in like last nights. I would much rather have an excellent series that lasts only 4 or 5 seasons, than one that starts off as promising as this one and devolves into crap so that they can be around for 7 or 8 seasons. (See X-files as a prime example.) Tell the story. When it's done it's done. End Rant.
  14. New Episode tonight. Can't wait, this is rapidly becoming my 2nd favorite show, right behind "Lost".
  15. I'll admit that last nights episode was just okay for me. (Of course I kinda felt that way last season too) But I think it's more my frustration at not knowing where things are going and the questions I want answered not being even touched upon. Watching last seasons opener again on DVD, I enjoyed it much more. I have a feeling I'll look back on this episode the same way. I was a little disappointed on the whole "Island of Dr. Moreu" feel that the Others camp seems to have. Although I'm hoping this is a distraction to make us forget their actual "home" we saw at the very begining. We'll see what happens next week. It looks like we go back to see what's become of everyone else. Can't wait.
  16. Elissa, do you need me to let Robb borrow seasons 1 and 2 so he can catch up? Otherwise you could just duct tape his mouth shut for an hour or maybe distract him with something shiny like a Big Blue Hotel pencil wrapped in foil!
  17. Wow, Lou shows up and all of a sudden this thread becomes X-Rated. Shame on you. Shame on all of you! Now I'll have to spank you Lou. It's for your own good, so no use complianing. You'll just have to travel thoughout Spain with a red bottom!
  18. Okay so episode two was on last night and I'm really starting to warm up to this show. Like "Lost" it's building up it's mythology slowly and actually developing it's characters. It's great that TV has finally let some shows be nice and complicated with a larger casts and epic storylines. So now we have (maybe) a date for whatever it is that's supposed to happen in New York. (Nov. 8) Also it look like not all the "super powered" people are good and there might be a super powered psycho out there. Well everyone has to have their Lex Luthor. PS. One more day unitl "Lost" AKA Best show on TV.
  19. It has a promising start, but the preview for next week seems to have the show moving over to Lost territory (Everyone is interconnected and there is something or someone pulling the strings). I'll give it a few more episodes before I see if I'm really addicted or not. This is one of only two show which has caught my attention beyond one episode, the other is Studio 60. All the other new shows I've watched have just kind of left me cold. There is only one show I'm really waiting for. Why, oh why is it not Oct. 4th yet!
  20. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but if (and that's a big IF) one of these were ever to be actually built, do you really think it would be in the US? No way, never happen. People are to stupid and too litigeous here.
  21. Hmm, own one of the scariest and roughest woodies in the world? Sure, count me in! I think they may be asking for a "little" more than it's worth. Maybe we can lowball them.
  22. Happy Birthday to both of you! Go ahead have another beer!
  23. I have to admit I'm a King fan. Like Chris (Rollermonkey) I've read just about everything the man has written. Some of it is great (The Stand, It, The Dark Tower Series) and some of it "sucks like an Electrolux" but all of it is entertaining. And in the end isn't that what we're looking for when we read a piece of fiction? I keep meaning to check out Terry Prachett. Which should I start with?
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