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  1. Yep, Ted's app makes the poll much easier, but you should vote no matter what!!
  2. I'll second what Dave said; Don't Drop Out! I've done a trip every year since 2006 and have not regretted any of them. If I could afford more I would do all of them! These really are the best trips on the planet for coaster/themepark enthusiasts. John "Waiting for that lottery ticket to hit" Vasquez
  3. So for anyone who wants a Lost fix, sign up for classes now! http://lostuniversity.org/
  4. Hey be nice to Jeff Johnson! Afterall, if you hang out with him on trips, he let's you push his wheelchair around and you can get to the front of the line that much faster!
  5. From what I've heard, they've actually plotted out the first 5 seasons of the show. So although we'll find out what happened to cause the blackouts there will still be plenty of questions as to why and who. I really hope this show does well, not only because I really enjoyed it, but also because it will show that planning a show that far in advance allows for complicated story lines that evolve over time. Thanks Lost, for showing that a compelling, complex show CAN work on TV.
  6. Fried macaroni and cheese bites. They are a must. Also, the waffle ice cream sandwiches are incredible!
  7. Big Mike, you're getting very tricky this year! I'm going to go with 4! Keep up the great trip reports, I just wish you would let more people know about your thread.
  8. ^That's why you have to go on a TPR trip! Great job Robb, love re-living the memories!
  9. Hi all, my wife and I are going to New Zealand next month and I was wondering if anyone here has some info on Rainbow's End in Auckland. Specifically, what's the best mode of transportation from Sky City to Rainbow's End? We won't have a car and will need to rely on public transportation or a Taxi. How much time do you think it would take to "do" the park? Would it be busy on a Wednesday? Thanks for any help!
  10. Thoughts on "He's Our You" So let me start off by saying I don’t think Ben is dead. Nope, not even close. Not only that but I think that older Ben actually pushed Sayid into shooting younger Ben. Think back on the episode. Though out the entire thing Ben was manipulating Sayid and honing him on his killing skills. He even tells him “That’s who you are, you’re a killer.” I don’t think that Sayid particularly wants to be a killer. He just happens to be good at it, but if he really had his way he would never kill again. Enter Ben. First he “recruits” him to exact revenge for the murder of his wife and then when all the killing is complete, he kicks him to the dirty Russian curb without even so much as a goodbye kiss. Then when it seems like he’s started a new life, here’s Ben again to put Sayid back on the killing bandwagon. Why push Sayid’s buttons so hard? Why manipulate such a dangerous man and make him hate you? The only reason is that he wanted to make sure that Sayid hated him so much, that when given the chance he would shoot Ben. Even if he was just an innocent kid at the time. Besides, Ben knew that he would survive, so it was all good. So why would anyone want to make sure they got shot in the past? Because it already happened and whatever happened, happened. Ben was always shot by an escaped “other”. No matter what Ben or any of the losties do they CANNOT change what has happened. So yes, Kate, Jack, Hurley, etc. were always part of the Dharma Initiative. Ben always knew them as he was growing up, that’s why he knew so much about them when they crashed on the island in the first place. None of them can do anything in the past that will influence the future. So if they can’t change anything in the past, then why did the barracks look so different for Sun and Frank when they had their chat with Ghost Dad, Christian Sheppard? Why did it seem like there was no purge and the others never took over the “town”? Because there is one person who CAN change the past and influence the future; Desmond. I think at some point this season we’re going to see our rogue Scottsman come back to the island and, due to something he does, makes it so that the purge never happens and the D.I. stay in control of Dharmatown. Wow, I didn’t think that would be as long as it turned out. As for the rest of the episode, it was just; meh. I think they could have condesed the entire episode to the last 5 minutes and it would have been equally satisfying. Nothing that happened in the first 50 minutes really mattered to the story that much. It feels like they’ve been ramping up for the last couple of episodes but I’m still waiting for a big payoff. Although I think that at the end of this season we will all be just in the dark about what’s really going on. All the really good explanations are going to have to wait until next year. And yes, I do really believe that they have it all worked out and that just about everything will be answered. They may not be the answers we want or like, but I think they have an endgame in mind and have been building towards it. Until next week.
  11. So I’m going to try something here. I’m going to try and post my thoughts to the best show on TV right now the day or two after new episodes air. I’ll post my thoughts and please feel free to trash or agree with anything I do here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The ability of Lost to stimulate conversation on everything from Love to Time Travel to Morals is what makes this show so great. So please, feel free to add anything, especially if you disagree. Now be warned, there are spoilers for the episode ahead. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know what happens then stop reading NOW! Okay, first off can I just say that Frank rocks? He is by far my favorite of the new characters introduced last year and I’m really glad that he’s back and it looks like he might be in for the final haul through season six. Since Frank was supposed to be the original pilot for Oceanic 815, I think it’s safe to assume that he “belongs” on the island. And the way that he handled the plane going kablooie was perfect. Speaking of which, did anyone else notice that it went from night to day all of a sudden? Now everyone was thinking that Ajiri 316 is in 2008 (the present) but after last night (and that sudden transition) I think that maybe they are actually in the future. They are actually in 2010 to be exact. This would put them in the right timeframe to be “current” when the show ends next year. The runway. Remember waaaaay back in Season 3 when Kate and Sawyer were building the runway? Now we know it wasn’t for aliens landing. It was for Ben’s return to the island. How much of what is happening now, did Ben really know about? I think it’s safe to say that everything that’s happening is not happening for the first time. This isn’t the first time the record has skipped. The real question is; how many people remember the previous skips? And is it really true that whatever happened happened? I don’t think so, at least not anymore. Not since Desmond imploded the Swan. He’s been the game changer ever since. So Sun and Frank make their way from the small island to the main island (after Sun plays whack a mole with Ben’s head, Go Sun!) and find Othersville to be deserted. Well except for Christian Sheppard! So the debate continues, is Christian a ghost. If he is, how did he turn on the lights and hand a picture over to Sun and Frank. It seems like Christian is as real and tangible as they are. Did he need some time to transform from Ghost Christian to previously-dead-but-now-alive Christian? I’m not sure on this one yet. He also tells Sun she had a big journey ahead of her. Does that mean that he’s going to send her to 1977 with the rest of our Losties? If so, can time be controlled that precisely? Or does he mean that in the next loop she will be sent to 1977? Come to think of it why didn’t Sun get zapped with Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sayid? Has she done something in the past three years which has made the island not deem her worthy now? Is the fact that she gave birth to a child mark her as different now? Or is it because she abandoned Ji-Yeon that she was not allowed to return? Did Widmore do something to her? I like that idea. While I don’t think that Widmore is the complete bad guy that Ben’s paints him to be, I don’t think he’s the good guy either. It think he might have done something to her to prevent her from finding the island without him. Doesn’t seem to have quite worked out for ol’ Charles. Back in 1977 Sawyer, with Juliet’s help, is able to get Kate, Jack and Hurley into the Dharma Initiative. (Love the repeat reaction Jack had to being assigned a “Workman”, it’s the same as Ben’s father had.) But Sayid is captured as a “hostile”. Luckily Sawyer was able to keep Radzinsky from killing the renegade Iraqi and instead puts him in the Dharma prison. Where he meets up with a pre-pubescent Ben. So the old philosophical question comes up. If you could go back in time and met a young Austrian artist named Adolph Hitler, what would you do? Do you kill the boy before he becomes the monster? Here’s a crazy thought, what if by trying to kill Ben something goes wrong and Annie is the one who gets killed instead? (You remember Annie, she’s Ben little girlfriend that we were introduced to back in Season 3?) This is what starts Ben down the path he’s on today which has brought nothing but grief to our Losties. (Not to mention quite a few people in graves.) So our Losties are the ones to blame for creating Ben the monster. So now we have all our Losties back on the island (okay they’re separated by 30 years but that’s a minor detail). I think the rest of the season will be trying to get everyone back to the same time period. I have a feeling that Daniel is going to be a big part of that and that the fabled “incident” will be season finale. Speaking of Daniel, it seems our resident professor has been disenfranchised by the D.I. since Sawyer said something like he was there and now he’s not. Does that mean that he’s been hooking up with the Others and Richard? So that’s it for now, I think I’ve rambled on long enough. See you next week!
  12. I think Jack says something along the lines of "He came and visited me" when he and Kate were talking in that scene discussing why she didn't go to the funeral. Thanks a lot Larry, nowI think I'm going to have to go and rewatch that scene again!
  13. New Episode tonight!! "This Place is Death" is the name of tonight episode. Hopefully the O6 are getting close to getting back to the island since their stories compared to what's happening back on the island are just not that interesting. I'm also hoping we get more of Roussou's story tonight. One more thing I wanted to point out. A lot of people think that Sun is after Ben and he's the one she blames for Jin's death. But that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. How would she know that Ben is the one who killed Keamy and thus set off the bomb on the freighter? Ben himself wouldn't be the one to tell her, so the only other possiblility would be Locke. Would HE tell her? I don't think so. What I do think is that Sun blames Jack for Jin's death. Jack was the one who pulled Kate back when she was on her way to get Jin. If he hadn't of done that, then...well then Kate would probably be on the presumed dead list along with Jin. So I think the gun she got at the bottom of that crazy cracker jack box of chocolates is actually intended for shooting Jack. Or, and here's a crazy thought that just popped into my head. She intends to shoot Kate and Aaron in front of Jack so that he can watch his "family" die the way she watched Jin "die". Anyways, happy Lost Day Everybody!
  14. New episode tonight!! Something I noticed when I was watching last weeks episode. I think that Desmond isn't the only one we'll see "mind" time tripping. This occurred to me when Ellie says to Daniel when she first meets him, "you just couldn't stay away could you?" Why would someone you've just met say that? Unless, at that moment, she wasn't 1954 Ellie. At that moment she was, mentally at least, Eloise Hawking from 200?. And she was commenting on her son not listening to her, even though she warned him to stay away from the island. Then her future mind left and she was back to being Ellie from 1954. If Daniel was experimenting on people wouldn't it make sense that one of his subjects would be his mother who seems to know an awful lot about physics as well? This also explains why he would know that you need to have a constant. This could also explain why Daniel was crying the first time we saw him. He was mind tripping at the time and his mental state from the time he began the trip followed him back into the past. Why was he sad and crying, I think it's because seeing the plane on TV reminds him that he just lost the woman he loves and he's not going to be able to do a thing to change it. That's right, I think we're going to see Charlotte die sometime in the next few episodes and I think that pretty soon after that, we're going to see Daniel try to make himself mind trip so that he can alter the situation. But like he said, Whatever happened, happened, so he won't be able to change anything.
  15. ^^IF they do run into Ben, then that would explain how he knows so much about our castaways and exactly how to push their buttons.
  16. Wow, just wow. After playing around the edges with time travel for the last four seasons they just dove right in this time! It's so nice to have a show that actually gives credit to the audience for having brains and the will to use them instead of putting on mindless drivel for the masses. hmmm...Does that sound a little elitist? I think that anyone who stumbles across Lost for the first time this season is going to be completely turned off by it. On the other hand, for those of us who have been watching since the beginning it's starting to pay off. I think this season will be very challenging to watch (I mean that in a good way), it's going to make us think of things (such as time) and how relative it really can be. It's going to challenge (even more than it already has) how a story is structured, and in what order it's told. Here's how I understand what's happening: The island has always (because of the "exotic" properties on it) been able to move the PEOPLE on it through time. It's normal state is to be slightly out of sync with the outside world. The island was stabilized to stay in one time by the SWAN station. That's why the button had to be pushed every 108 minutes. It was regrounding the anchor so that the Dharma Inititive would always know when it was and could get to it. Desmond doesn't push the button and our Losties get their plane all smashed up on the beach. He then manages to get the button pushed and the island once again is anchored. Locke doesn't push the button and smashes the computer so that no one can push it. Desmond activates failsafe and hatch blows up. Island is no longer anchored. It begins to drift a little into the past and a little into the future. Think of a series of airtime hills where the crest is the future and the valley is the past. The island is slowly ping-ponging between the two. That's why Faraday's rocket was 30 minutes slow to arrive (the island was 30 minutes in the past.) and then why the doctor washed up on shore before he was killed (The island was then in the future). Well Ben, turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel last season was like putting a Intamin hydraulic launch in line. Now the island is very quickly moving between the past and the present, and the drifts, instead of being only a day or so, are getting bigger and bigger. The airtime hills are getting bigger and bigger. The island is moving further back in time and further into the future with each "skip". How far back can they go? Hmmm...wasn't everyone worried that Roussou's story was never going to be told because she was shot? Guess what? I think we're going to see it first hand and not in a flashback. Same thing with the question of how the Black Rock got there. This is why Ben only has 70 hours to get everyone together. Because in 70 hours the island in going to "catch up" the three years the O6 have been off and that's the only chance they're going to have to get back on. I think we're going to see in one of the upcoming episodes that Locke will get off the island during one of the forward skips and that's when he becomes Bentham and comes to talk with the O6. I also think that Desmond is THE game changer in this whole thing. Even thought Faraday says that the past can't be changed; isn't that what he did when he knocked on Desmond's door? Wouldn't Desmond have remembered Faraday as "that crazy guy who knocked on my door 2 years ago" when they met (again)? But he didn't, so Desmond (maybe because he was so close to the failsafe and was massively dosed with "exotic matter" radiation, hulk style) IS able to change the past. I think he is also the only one who will be able to re-anchor the island. Or maybe it needs to be a combination of Desmond and others (Walt maybe?) to do so. Please feel free to tell me I'm full of BS. I think the greatest power this show has is to stimulate conversation and speculation. So if you have an opinion or thought post it. It's all good!
  17. Thanks Robb! I knew that Park Espana was a good ways away but I didn't realize that the JR Line doesn't go there. Bummer. But it seems like the additional train fare isn't that expensive. Something to bring up with everyone else. We are already planning on going to Himeji Castle so Central Park is certainly a good possibility. So, one more question. If we ditch Park Espana for another park, would you recommend Universal, Hirakata or Central Park? Or is it even possible to do a couple of these parks in one day? I'm traveling with Rebecca, my brother-in-law, his wife and my mother-in-law. Everyone in the group enjoys coasters to some extent, but I think a park with plenty to do besides coasters would be more acceptable. Thanks!
  18. Hi all! I didn't want to start a whole new thread so I'm just going to tack onto this one. Rebecca and I are going to go to Japan in June! Yeah!! We're going to do the Disney Parks again when we're in Tokyo, but we're going to be going all the way to Osaka and I get to pick one park in the area. I don't want to do Universal since it looks too similar to it's US counterparts. I was thinking of Park Espana since it looks like it has a nice collection of rides and some really funky Japanese WTF stuff. What do you think? We're going to have JR passes so getting out to the park shouldn't be a problem. Or is there another park that I should check out instead?
  19. Okay we're only a week away and I thought I'd give this a bit of a bump. To everyone who wants to know where we are to this point check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpc60JyAnl4 New promos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7JfGf6HCNQ&feature=related And it's time to theorize: I think the island has moved back in time. Putting it back roughly when the Dharma Inititive was inhabiting the island. So could our Losties BE the OTHERS that Dharma was so worried about? It would be a cool idea. So come on, who else has a theory?
  20. Here's a crazy thought. Maybe it's being renamed to Lex Luthor so they can add a Superman coaster in '10? Maybe a B&M Flyer? The park doesn't have one of those. Maybe six flags in actually thinking ahead for once? Wait, what am I saying? This is six flags we're talking about, ummm...never mind!
  21. My vote's on wood are in and Boulder Dash is definitely #1. It's a shame to hear they might trim it in the coming years because the way it was running this year defines what a great wood coaster should be. Thanks for the link to Coasterfanatics helper and thanks Ted for creating it, it makes it so much easier to vote!
  22. Don't worry Hanno, I liked Boulder Dash better than El Toro also. While El Toro was a great ride, the airtime and speed of Boulder Dash that night was amazing and it is easily my #1 wood coaster now. (Don't worry El Toro fanboys, the bull comes in at #2. )
  23. First off, I'm really sorry you guys are having such a lousy time. Oh yeah, I hate you all for being there, while I'm stuck at work, you all suck and should all die! Okay, now that that's out of my system. Great update and I hope that you keep Joey drunk enough so that you get back you can say, "Hey Joey, remember when we were in China and we saw the Great Wall?" "What?! I was in China?"
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