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  1. Other pictures I got from http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?s=8d7eb4a2a80a7e2e395ecc214a514e3b&t=1294339&page=22 Its official to open in June 17th , and will be live shown live on Local TV (trans TV and Trans 7)
  2. @ superman, Maybe u should do a report cuz i sorta lost my memory card , LOL anyway here are some pics of the coaster, I got them from Indonesian forum Source : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1294339&page=8
  3. @ superman im sorry i dont have any pic. As i know, the mini theme park didnt have a name,and i think it was demolished Anyway, where have u been in indonesia? Did u go to dunia fantasi ? im so sad that dunia fantasi is not listed in this park index
  4. @ superman the location is right, at Grand Mall Bekasi, but the coaster u lookin for is no longer available, it was a type of junior coaster, there was a mini theme park at the top level, and now they replaced it with a cinema
  5. hiii , i used to be a silent reader, now im trying to post a reply im from indonesia , im such a huge fan of roller coaster and thrill rides, so far i made myself to go to theme park nearby, and im a bit disappointed when i went to USS cause u know, the duelling coaster still broken, and now im trying to get there cause they just opened about month ago
  6. ur welcome , though i live in bekasi im going to update u soon according to local news, yes the park going to open in june and the developer just did topping off in April 8 rumousr said some contractors joined to enforce this project
  7. @ superman2, hi , im from indonesia, no, they build a new park named "trans studio" next to the shopping centre (Bandung supermall), and Kota Fantasi now has been closed for renovation, Anyway trans studio going to soft open arround June *sorry my bad english
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